I’m Back — No Thanks to My Internet Service Provider

September 8, 2014 at 1:08 PM Leave a comment

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Sheesh.  I’m from the pre-Internet age but man-oh-man, have I ever become addicted to it.  I can tell because this weekend I made a fool of myself to myself because (as I now know) my modem died and I was practically distraught.

It all began Saturday morning when slowly but surely I couldn’t access sites and my mail was coming in in dribs and drabs.  By Sunday, nothin’.  I couldn’t access anything.  Insofar as both my desktop and my iPad were behaving the same way, I figured it had to be the modem.  But, after two long sessions on the phone with CenturyLink customer service reps, they assured me that no, my modem was working just fine thank you very much and the scope of my problem was “beyond their capabilities.”

It didn’t make sense.  Again, why would two computers behave exactly the same?

So, after 24 hours of feeling totally out of sorts I went to the CenturyLink store this morning and bought a new modem. Voila, that’s what it was.  Everything’s fine now.

Good thing I listened to my gut instead of the ahem, “customer service” people.

Oh, and last night after returning home from a late afternoon block party I decided to sit down and watch some junk on television.  You know, get flat brainwaves.  I was thinking maybe a nice show about bears or rivers in the Pacific Northwest or a cooking show about how to put together a yummy dish.  That kind of junk.  What I found was beyond junk.  Unbelievable how juvenile and cartoonish Sunday evening television is in this country.  It was embarrassing.  They think we’re idiots.

But oh yeah.  At one point (8:00 p.m. MDT) I had the choice of watching “Lockup – Tennessee Women’s Prison” on MSNBC or “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” on E!.  Both of them were about 20-somethings.  The women in prison had had shit lives with no breaks while the kids on Rich Kids had every break and benefit and advantage the world had to offer. Oh the irony that the shows were on at the same time and oh what a snapshot into the two extreme ends of life in the United States.  So sad in many ways.

Anyway, like I said, I’m back.


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