The NFL in Frenzied PR Mode — Carolina Panthers Suspend Greg Hardy

September 14, 2014 at 2:46 PM Leave a comment

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Geezus.  Do the NFL and the Carolina Panthers really think this makes them look good somehow?  They didn’t suspend Panthers’ defensive end Greg Hardy immediately after he was convicted, yes, convicted (in July), of choking and threatening to kill his girlfriend?  They waited until today, under pressure because of the Ray Rice fiasco and only hours after the coach said he was fine with him playing?  Because supposedly they don’t tolerate such behavior?  Really?

Carolina Panthers Deactivate Greg Hardy Amid Domestic Violence Controversy

Greg Hardy, the Carolina Panthers defensive end who earned a jury conviction in July for choking and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend, has been deactivated by his team ahead of Sunday’s matchup against the Detroit Lions.


Hours before the decision was announced, head coach Ron Rivera said he was comfortable with Hardy playing, reports’s Ryan Wilson.

Despite his conviction, Hardy was never suspended by the NFL, but the league did take the time to let him know that his face paint violated the league’s uniform code.


The NFL looks like a bunch of kids walking backward on a beach swishing their hands on the sand trying to cover up their footprints.  They really don’t care if their players beat the shit out of their wives and/or girlfriends.


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