Congress Returns From a Five-Week Break, Works for Eight Days and Adjourns Until Mid-November

September 19, 2014 at 8:42 PM Leave a comment

Grying Babies in Washington via David Perdue on Youtube

(Image via David Perdue on YouTube)

Man-oh-man, this is one tough work schedule:

One vote on war and Congress is apparently all tuckered out.

[Republican} House leaders announced Thursday that they were cutting their already abbreviated fall session short and sending lawmakers back home – and onto the campaign trail – more than a week early.


The House had initially been scheduled to remain in Washington on Friday and during the first week of October, but Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told members they could leave on Thursday afternoon and wouldn’t be called back until after the November congressional elections.


Including the five-week summer recess,  Congress will have been in session for a total of about eight days between the end of July and the middle of November.


So, they come back in November and then they break for Thanksgiving and then they break for Christmas.

Okaay.  The year is shot.

The next time you hear a Republican yelling about how we need to create jobs, think about this.  They might want to create their own jobs first.


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