On Using Palestinians to Make High Tech Weapons “Combat-Proven”

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Image via Wikipedia.org

(Image via Wikipedia.org)

This is one of the most chilling articles I’ve ever read.  To summarize it:  Hey, let’s kill some Palestinians to prove our weapons are so cool.

It’s about the global war/ killing industry that regards “skirmishes” and 6-day-type-wars, that kill hundreds if not thousands of human beings, as something like target practice with which to perfect their products. This is hard to cut and paste. All of it is grotesque but suffice it to say this is  a window into the way the “defense” industry thinks.

September 18, 2014:

Less than one month after killing more than 2,100 Palestinians in Gaza, including more than 500 children, Israel is hosting its annual drone conference.

Organized in partnership with the US embassy in Tel Aviv, “Israel Unmanned Systems 2014” offers Israeli military firms an opportunity to flaunt the performance of their products, many of which were tested on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip this summer.


Speaking to the German magazine Der Spiegel last month, Avner Benzaken, head of the Israeli army’s “technology and logistics” division — a unit “comprised largely of academics who also happen to be officers” — explained the benefits of this occupation.


“If I develop a product and want to test it in the field, I only have to go five or ten kilometers from my base and I can look and see what is happening with the equipment,” said Benzaken


Easy access to a captive population [the Palestinians] to experiment on allows Israeli weapons manufacturers to market their products as “combat-proven,” a coveted label that gives Israel a competitive edge in the international arms trade.

More bone chilling reality here






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