UPDATE: Regarding the Texas Ag. Commissioner Who Flipped Out Over Meatless Monday

September 23, 2014 at 1:37 PM Leave a comment

Todd Staples via texasagriculture.gov

(Image via TexasAgriculture.gov)

On September 9 I posted about Todd Staples, Texas’s Agricultural Commissioner, who flipped out when schools in the little town of Dripping Springs decided to participate in the “Meatless Monday” movement.  You know, we’re talking Texas and beef! (it’s what’s for dinner) here.

Well, he resigned last Thursday:

Texas agriculture commissioner Todd Staples announced on September 18 that he will resign his office, an announcement that comes 10 days after he wrote an awkward editorial calling the Meatless Monday initiative a “carefully orchestrated campaign.”

According to his announcement, Staples will transition out of the position within the next two months, and will become president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association.


Following the controversy, a nutritional fact sheet on the Texas Department of Agriculture’s website, which gave equal credence to beans as a source of protein, mysteriously disappeared on or about September 14.


I guess implying it was a giant, sinister (no-doubt liberal) plot to encourage kids to eat beans one meal a week did kind of make him look like he was drinking some sort of secret sauce.  Now he can move on and make the Texas Oil and Gas Association look dumb too.


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