Why Corporate Media is Dying

October 24, 2014 at 7:44 PM Leave a comment

Stratosphere wikipedia

(The Space Shuttle in the Stratosphere via Wikipedia)

When the corporate media can’t break from its cycle of covering three “Breaking News” stories all day long (and week after week), one doesn’t hear about amazing stuff like this, which happened today:

A 57-Year-Old Computer Scientist Just Dove 135,000 Feet From The Stratosphere
Shattering Felix Baumgartner’s world record for freefall distance

When Feliz Baumgartner’s dove 24 miles from Earth’s upper atmosphere, he, along with his Red Bull sponsors, made sure millions of people would follow along. Today, Google vice president Alan Eustace dove from almost a mile higher—135,000+ feet above Roswell, New Mexico—with a fraction of the fanfare.

On his way up, Eustace dangled from a balloon that lifted him at about 1,000 feet per second minute, according to a release from the Paragon space exploration company. Unlike Baumgartner, who rode a pod to his jump site, Eustace was fixed directly to his balloon. He wore a space suit designed by Paragon to protect him from the inhospitable upper atmosphere.

After more than two hours of climbing, Eustace spent a half hour dangling and “experiencing” his astonishing altitude, according to Paragon. Once he dropped, early this morning, he breached the speed of sound in 90 seconds.


Imagine doing that.




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