Pigs Are Flying in Kansas

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Flying Pigs via Durova via Wikipedia

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Geezus.  Republicans, who are supposedly against “government waste” (when it helps kids, the poor and the elderly), and “big government” programs — Medicaid in particular — are causing pigs to fly in Kansas, all in the name of, what appears to be, a big payout to three of their corporate minders:

Kansas Republicans blocked a proposal to create a special panel to investigate possible ethics violations in the operation of KanCare, the state’s $3 billion privatized Medicaid program.

Members of the KanCare Oversight Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to reject the appointment of a joint House and Senate committee that would be granted subpoena power to investigate the controversial KanCare program.


Gov. Sam Brownback (R), who won re-election in November despite prominent Republicans coming out against him, announced in 2011 that his administration would make sweeping changes to the state’s Medicaid program. The administration launched KanCare in January 2013, and the state’s traditional Medicaid program was phased out.

In its place the Brownback administration contracted three for-profit health insurance companies to coordinate health care for more than 360,000 low-income residents.

Since its inception, KanCare has come under scrutiny for possible pay-to-play corruption and complaints of long waits for benefits.

The FBI has reportedly conducted an investigation into the Brownback administration’s approval of the $3 billion in KanCare contracts. Former Brownback chief of staff David Kensinger is reportedly at the center of an FBI investigation, amid allegations that he received financial compensation from all three companies.


Ah yes, another way to transfer wealth to the top:  The money states are using to expand or “make sweeping changes” to their Medicaid programs comes from the federal government so when Brownback, et al., gives that money to his insurance buddies that’s our tax dollars we’re talkin’ about.

What a guy.  He probably goes to church on Sunday too.


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