A Colorado Spring Day in the ICU

April 17, 2015 at 6:07 PM Leave a comment

My sweet hubby just spent two days in the ICU.  Wednesday morning he fell — for the third time — straight back and split his head open.  This time, for the first time, he had blood in his brain.  It’s a very bad situation but after a bazillion tests over the course of three hospitalizations, no one knows what’s causing the falls other than that he has dementia and his brain “isn’t working right” so maybe it’s kicking out for a second or two here and there.

He was discharged this morning with orders to use a walker and to wear a helmet (like this one, which I just ordered) “any time he isn’t walking on carpeting,” which is pretty much all the time.  (We’re going to “personalize” the helmet with decals to “make it his,” so hopefully he’ll wear it with pride (knock-on-wood — God I hope so!).)

Anyway, this is the view he had from his room:

View from Dan's Hospital Room 4:15

Not bad, huh?

No, the hospital isn’t in the middle of nowhere.  It’s smack dab in the middle of Boulder, Colorado (pop. just over 100,000), but it’s situated on land next to a wildlife area.  A stream runs underneath those Cottonwood trees and birds galore live in the area, as do coyotes.

It was a snowy day today and the Rocky Mountains are partially obscured by clouds but I still think it’s a view that would make me (and hopefully my dear one) be happy to be alive.  (Oh, and I love the contrasting brown of the dried grass from last year.)


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