July 19, 2024

Bathroom Cleaning: 7 Ways to Take the “Ick” Out

Bathroom cleaning is not an exciting task for anyone. In fact, it can be one of the most dreaded, most avoided, “ickiest” housecleaning tasks of all. However, you can improve your bathroom cleaning experience with just a few simple modifications to your routine.

  1. Wear Rubber Gloves

Cleaning with your bare hands not only exposes your skin to harsh chemicals, but it also forces you to touch the dirtiest areas you need to clean. A good pair of thick rubber gloves will keep your hands dry while protecting you from the dirt and grime you are trying to rid your bathroom of. Some manufacturers even make attractive and fashionable gloves in bright colors and patterns, with ruffles and bows at the wrists, to add a little fun to your dirty work.

  1. Don’t Skimp On The Cleaning Products

One big mistake you can make in your bathroom cleaning is not using enough of your cleaning products. You need to saturate whatever surface you are about to clean. In most cases, it’s also a good idea to let the product sit for a minute or two to take effect before wiping it off. For example, did you know that most streaks on windows and mirrors occur as a result of too little cleaning product, rather than too much? Though cleaning products are expensive, they are ineffective if not used properly. You can save money by purchasing concentrated product and diluting yourself in a plain plastic spray bottle.

  1. Use Effective Products For The Task At Hand

Have you ever gotten frustrated because your cleaning products don’t seem to work as advertised? You may be using the wrong product for the job at hand. Cleaning products are formulated for specific tasks. A product that will work to remove the mildew in your tub probably will not work to remove the soap scum. You can clean most surfaces in your bathroom with just three inexpensive solutions: bleach for mold and mildew, ammonia for glass and mirrors, and vinegar (yes, vinegar) for soap scum and hard water stains. Just be careful not to mix bleach and ammonia, as the fumes can be toxic.

  1. Use Disposable Paper Towels

If you really can’t stand cleaning your bathroom, paper towels will save you some grief. Using cloth rags requires you to use them, rinse them out, and use them again. Then you still have to deal with them after you have finished your bathroom cleaning task. With paper towels, you can clean all the grime and filth you need, and just toss them out. Since you are already wearing rubber gloves, you will never have to touch the yucky towels.

  1. Throw Your Towels Out Immediately

Another way to make cleaning your bathroom easier on yourself is to get a separate bag to throw your dirty paper towels in immediately. Don’t add them to your regular bathroom wastebasket. A paper grocery bag works best, since it stands upright on its own. As soon as you are done cleaning, take your bag full of dirty towels and put it in your outside trash can right away.

  1. Exercise Some Elbow Grease

Even when following all the tips for properly using your cleaning products and tools, you will still need to exercise a little elbow grease. Get on your hands and knees to scrub the floor, and get into those little cracks and crevices. This will prevent grime from building up to an intolerable level.

  1. Clean Your Bathroom More Often

And finally, the most important tip of all: clean your bathroom more often! Once a week is a good interval if you have two people using the bathroom. If you have more people sharing the bathroom, you may need to clean more often. Though you may not think your bathroom needs cleaning quite yet, do it anyway. That way your bathroom always stays sparkling clean, and you can prevent the truly yucky from invading your life again.

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