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Why House Democrats Are Retiring in Droves

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This spate of retirements (and who knows how many more there are to come in the next, well, hours) goes to show that Democrats have completely given up on retaking the House in this election or any election in the near future. And that’s perfectly rational, because they’re not going to!

In 2012, Democrats won a handsome victory of all votes cast for House members, on the tails of a reelected Democrat president, and still only managed to pick up a handful of seats—nowhere near what they needed to regain the majority. In 2014, by comparison, Democrats are expected to suck. And Republicans have drawn the map in their favor.

For Democrats to regain a majority, they basically need a good state-level election in a Census year by which they can redraw the map to something a little more in their favor…

But surely powerful figures in the minority can “get things done,” even little things, by working with the majority, right? Ha no. The most “action” that House Democrats have seen since they’ve been in the majority has been in helping to bail out John Boehner on things like debt ceiling hikes or funding agreements. There’s really no point to being even a veteran in the House minority at all anymore if there’s no chairmanship on the horizon. House Republicans will not bring up any bill of yours, because why would they? They’re trending more conservative, and House Democrats, at least rhetorically, are trending more liberal. Even if you’re a powerful member of the House minority, like [Jim] Moran [D-VA – 12 terms] or [George] Miller [D-CA – 20 terms], the best you can do is sit quietly during a hearing as a ranking member while the clown chairman berates some mid-level bureaucrat about creeping communism.


Sounds awful.

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Winger Iowa Secretary of State Spends $150,000 and 18 Months Looking for Voter Fraud — Finds None

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Here we have the latest example of a winger state official picking through the weeds looking for what he claimed was massive voter fraud in his state and again, not finding one single instance of it.

So, the next time Republicans and their buddies scream about all the voter fraud going on around here, can we please collectively laugh as loud as we can?

Thank you.

From the Des Moines Register:

The timing was perfect for Secretary of State Matt Schultz when he ran for office in 2010. The Republican was able to ride a national wave of trumped-up hysteria about hundreds of non-citizens supposedly voting illegally. Schultz made rooting out voter fraud the centerpiece of his campaign, and he won the election, unseating incumbent Michael Mauro.

After 18 months of scouring the state for voting scofflaws and spending $150,000 in tax money on the effort, what serious problems have been uncovered? None…



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Yo Republicans, What About Those Jobs?

During the 2010 mid-term election, Republicans jumped up and down about how the number one priority had to be — just had to be — JOBS! But this has been their obsession ever since:

OObama care via

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The Senate on Friday rejected an effort by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to repeal Obamacare, an outcome that was expected but is far from the last attempt by Republicans to dismantle President Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment.


Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) noted that Friday’s vote is the 36th time that Senate Republicans have tried — and failed — to repeal Obamacare.


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Poor Florida Seniors: Get Ready to Die

Apropos of this, there’s this:

rick Scott

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Fla. Medicaid Privatization Plans Moving Forward

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Federal health officials said Wednesday they expect to approve Florida’s request to privatize Medicaid statewide as long as the state resolves several outstanding issues, including hiring an independent entity to monitor the process and having a robust plan to measure the quality of patient care in the controversial program.

Rick Scott, Florida’s Tea Party Governor, the guy who’s moving this along should be in prison.  If you’ve got time, read this:  Rick Scott’s Dirtiest Deeds.

I predict Scott will privatize Medicaid in Florida right into the hands of his hospital chain / insurance company buddies and three, four years from now the “Medicare” system in Florida will be a corrupt mess. And people will have died as a result, including Tea Partiers who voted for this narcissistic monster.


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Buyer’s Remorse in Tea Party Florida

Voters in Florida are realizing that when Tea Party ideology is implemented in real life, it sucks:

Obamacare is a particular target of tea party wrath in Florida, but it’s hardly the only one in a state where the movement’s ideology has permeated every layer of government. In just one year, Scott and his conservative allies slashed state spending by $4 billion even as they cut corporate taxes. They’ve rejected billions in federal funds in one of the states hardest hit by the recession. They’ve axed everything from health care and public transportation initiatives to mosquito control and water supply programs. “Florida is where the rhetoric becomes the reality. It’s kind of the tea party on steroids,” says state Rep. Mark Pafford, a Democrat. “We’ve lost all navigation in terms of finding that middle ground.”


Now, the Sunshine State may be a harbinger of another realignment: Support for Scott and the GOP is plummeting as Floridians see anti-government governance at work. But it may be too late for buyer’s remorse. After two years at the helm, the tea party’s legacy is likely to far outlast the movement.


Here are “a few” of the federal grants Florida has turned down under its balance-the-budget-at-all-cost, Tea Party government.  Amazing.

Grants Florida Has Turned Down

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Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) Used a Dog Named Reagan as a Campaign Prop

This is sickening:

Reagan Rick Scott's dog via Tampa Bay .com

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Shortly after winning the GOP nomination in 2010, Rick Scott announced to the world through Facebook that his family had rescued a Labrador Retriever.

And, with help from his Facebook friends, Scott gave it a name: Reagan.

“The Scott family is proud to announce that the name (chosen by you) for their newly adopted pup is Reagan! Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun contest,” read Scott’s announcement on his Facebook page.

Commenters were ecstatic, congratulating Scott for getting a rescue dog instead of a pure bred like Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog President Barack Obama adopted in 2009. And friends saluted the dog’s name, an homage to former President Ronald Reagan.


Gawd.  How corny.  I already feel sorry for the dog.

But where is Reagan today?

The last time Reagan made the newspapers was the day before Scott was sworn in as governor in January 2011.


Asked last week what had happened to the dog, Scott’s current and former communications directors refused to answer.


Late Wednesday [last week], [Brian] Burgess [Scott’s campaign’s communications director] testily emailed that he was working on an answer and recognized “the potential for a PR nightmare if the Tampa Bay Times doesn’t receive a photo of Reagan next to today’s copy of the Tampa Bay Times. So take it to the bank I’m getting you every bit of info I can lay my hands on.”


A spokesman for the governor’s wife also declined to respond to questions about Reagan, saying only that they have one dog.

“Her name is Tallee and she is a 7-year-old rescue Lab,” said Jackie Schutz, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Scott.

Where Tallee came from and where Reagan went were still unknown.

On Monday, the Times asked the governor to clear up the mystery.

“He was a rescue dog,” Scott said, “and he couldn’t be around anybody that was carrying anything, and so he wouldn’t get better.”


So the Scotts gave the dog back to his prior owner, Scott said, about a month after the family moved to Tallahassee. The governor’s office on Monday told the Times it was trying to find Reagan and its new family.


After learning that Times reporters had talked to the governor, a spokeswoman called to say Reagan had been returned about a year ago to All Pets Grooming and Boarding, a business in Naples.


Rick Scott

Rick Scott image via WhatsUpJacksonville

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won the Republican nomination to run for governor in late August, 2010.  He won the election the following November 3rd and, as the above article says, he was sworn in on January, 2011.  But the last time anyone heard about ol’ Reagan was the day before Scott was sworn in.

Now we know Reagan was who-knows-where between January 2011 and January 2012, and he’s been at All Pets Grooming and Boarding for roughly the past year.

I’ve gotten so worked up putting this post together I don’t know what to say.  If Rick Scott was in front of me right now I’d probably do something I’d regret.

I mean, think about it: the whole fake compassionate conservative thing; the supposed love of Ronald Reagan.  Ugh.  This is just disgusting.

Kind of reminds me of George W. and his fake Crawford “ranch:”  Texas Town Adjusts to Life Without Bush.

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A Message For Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-ALEC)

Bravo to the Second City Network for this little ditty directed at Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman who introduced a bill ending equal pay for women (yes, ending equal pay for women).  (How do these guys sleep at night?)  The bill passed and was signed into law by another wholly-owned subsidiary of ALEC, pipsqueak Governor Scott Walker.

Per the Second City’s YouTube page:

Contact Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman:

Madison Office:
Room 10 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

(608) 266-7513 or
(800) 662-1227

(608) 282-3560


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