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Not the Smartest Taco in the Bag

Here’s my Tweet of the Day.  I would say something like yowzers but this is pretty much par for the course when it comes to how ahem, knowledgeable Tea Partyers are:

Tweet of the Day 9-11-13



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Scott Gessler, Colorado’s Secretary of State, is Having a Hard Time Finding “Illegal Voters”

Poor Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, he’s been watching too much Fox so-called news.  He’s just sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of “Illegal voters” out there — somewhere! — but gosh, golly, gee, he’s having a really hard time finding them.

Here’s the tale of the 17 he said were in Boulder County:

Scott Gessler image via

(Image via

Last month, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler gave Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett a list of 17 names, all suspected of voting in the November election despite being non-citizens.

Those names were among 155 people identified statewide as possible illegal voters.

But an investigation by Garnett’s office found that all 17 people were citizens and were able to easily verify their status, the district attorney said Wednesday.


“Local governments and county clerks do a really good job regulating the integrity of elections, and I’ll stand by that record any day of the week,” Garnett said. “We don’t need state officials sending us on wild goose chases for political reasons.”

Garnett said he believes that Gessler referred the names for prosecution because he made a big deal last summer about possible illegal voting in advance of the November election and had to produce results.


Garnett said he wasn’t sure how much it cost to investigate the alleged illegal voting in Boulder County, but he “certainly could have had that investigator work on other things.”


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Puppy Al Rips Up Obama 2012 Campaign Hat

My dear hubby gave Mr. Al the 2012 campaign hat he bought last year.

Al had fun tearing it up.

Al Tears Obama Hat 6:27-13

Kind of says it all as to how frustrated and disappointed we are with him (Obama, that is).

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Poor Mitt — He Just Can’t Seem to Get Over Losing

Undoubtedly, losing a presidential election exacts a huge emotional toll on a candidate but when that candidate can’t take his own advice about getting over it, it’s kind of creepy:

Mitt Romney looking confused via ABC News

(Image via ABC News)

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn’t through parsing over the final days of the 2012 election.

In addition to a slew of polling that, in hindsight, ended up heavily skewing towards his campaign, Mitt Romney pointed to comments made by a “leading Democrat” who thought the former Massachusetts governor defeated an incumbent president one week before the polls closed on November 6.

“I spoke with a leading Democrat, one of the top leaders of the Democratic party and he said, ‘I thought you had won, one week out,'” Romney told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Friday.


“But all total, you’re not going to spend your time going back and saying, what kind of events could have happened differently,” he added. “I made plenty of mistakes in the campaign. The president made mistakes. No one runs a perfect campaign. The end result was he won, I lost, and you get over that.”


So, Mitt, when are you going to stop spending “your time going back,” and when are you going to “get over” it?


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Mitt Romney in Birthday Hat and Eating a Cupcake

Uploaded to Instagram today by Mitt Romney’s son Tagg:

Mitt Romney birthday

(Image Tagg Romney via Instagram)

Just a regular guy.

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Republicans Were Against Medicare Cuts Before They Were For Them Before They Were Against Them Before They Were For Them

That title is no joke.  Read on:

Paul Ryan Looking Smug via Politico

(Image via Politico)

What Do You do When One Party is This Dishonest?

We’re still waiting for a full rollout of House Budget Chair Paul Ryan’s Republican budget, but there’s confirmation now that it will once again rely heavily on retaining the Medicare cuts passed in the Affordable Care Act (even as Ryan’s budget repeals the rest of the law).

[E]veryone is under-appreciating just how outrageous this is. For the second time in a row, Paul Ryan and the Republicans have run a national election campaign (the 2012 presidential election) in which the main theme was bashing the Democrats … for a policy which Republicans support — and indeed are making a key part of the most important policy blueprint that they will roll out this year.

This is no garden-variety flip-flop. It’s a fundamental decision to govern one way and campaign the exact opposite way.

This is one of those cases where it’s so audacious that reporters just don’t want to believe it.

I really can’t think of any comparably dishonest episode in recent American political history. To base not one but two campaigns on attacking the other party for a policy which, between elections, they support…it’s well beyond chutzpah. Oh, and that’s without even beginning to reckon with the fact that the House GOP’s larger Medicare plans call for much bigger long-term cuts than Obamacare made.


1)  This wouldn’t happen if Republicans knew, for sure, without a doubt, that the media would report this kind of bait and switch clearly and repeatedly.

2)  We’ve got to invent a new word.  Outrageous, audacious, dishonest and chutzpah don’t describe what the Republicans are doing now, and have been doing for years.  I guess the big takeway is that they’re willing to lie to the American people and tell them during campaigns they’ll do the exact opposite of what they intend to do if elected.

Way to corrode the democratic process guys.


They’re disgusting.

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Republicans Preparing Budget Bill Opposite of What They Campaigned on Last Year

What a difference four months makes:

Romney and Ryan via AP M. Spencer Green

(Image via M. Spencer Green / AP)

House Republicans will preserve Medicare cuts that their presidential nominee loudly denounced last year and accept tax increases they sternly opposed just months ago in a new tax-and-spending blueprint that would bring the federal budget into balance by 2023, senior Republicans said Wednesday.


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