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My House is as Big as the Living Room in Mitt Romney’s California Beach House

Per the Washington Post, this is the floor plan of the new house Mitt and Ann Romney are building in La Jolla, California.  You know, the one with the car elevator:

Romney house via wapo 1-28-15

(Image via


How does our 1,150 sq. ft., three bedroom, 1-1/2 bath house compare?  Here it is in blue, superimposed over the plans above.  Slide that blue square over to the right, into the living room of Mitt and Ann’s place, and it just about fits.  It might even be a tad smaller.

My house compared to Romneys via WaPo 1028-15

(Image via


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  No way.  We love our house and we feel lucky given the space we have.  So many people around the world live in much smaller places.  Much, much smaller.

My point here is that the ol’ Mittster’s thinking about running for president in 2016 as an anti-poverty/income disparity guy.  You know, as if he suddenly cares about the 47% he spat on the last time around.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think a man who’s building an 11,000 square foot home (one of many) can even begin to relate to someone like me whose whole house would fit in his living room.

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This, From a Guy Who Thinks He’s Qualified to Be President

Your?  Yo, Bobby, it’s you’re, as in you are.  Look it up.  Not only that, here in the U.S. we put the period inside the quotation marks.

Bobby Jindal "Your"

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Mike Huckabee Responds to the State of the Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union address begins at 9:00 p.m. EDT.  I’m posting this press release from Mike Huckabee’s office at 7:20 p.m. EDT, a little under two hours before the speech begins.

And Huckabee thinks he’s presidential material?  What a fool.


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Mitt’s Gonna Love This

Wow.  Check this out.   The Mittster’s gonna love it but look at Christie’s numbers.  Shazam:

POll via

(Image via


This is going to add fuel to Mitt’s fire but I agree with his “friends” who are telling him (1) he’s had his chance and wondering (2) how in the world he’s going to be different in a 2016 run than he was the last two times?

I saw footage of him giving a speech at a GOP meeting in San Diego last night and he looked as wooden as ever.

But, again, also striking are Christie’s numbers.  3%.  Wow.  He’s fallen off the planet.  It couldn’t happen to a more thoroughly corrupt guy.

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John McCain: A Tragic, Shakespearian Figure

John McCain via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

OMG.  Come to terms with reality John.  You’re never going to be president.  Let.  It. Go.

McCain Sets Meeting to Discuss Re-Election

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has scheduled a breakfast meeting for Nov. 6 in Arizona where he will discuss with supporters his “thoughts” on seeking re-election in 2016, the Arizona Republic reports.
Earlier this month, McCain told reporters that the odds of him running again in 2016 “are pretty good.”


Poor John.  At 78-years-old (he will be 80 in 2016), he’s still trying to impress, and be accepted by, his father and grandfather who were both four star admirals in the United States Navy.

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Marco Rubio Fails When Confronted by Four Brave DREAMers

Yesterday I posted about how the Republican War on Women may be taking a toll in the senate race in Georgia where Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn is up “about 20 points” among women voters when compared to the Republican candidate, David Perdue.

Now, enter Marco Rubio, who was (maybe he still is) supposed to be the answer to the Republicans’ “Latino problem.” Rubio was in South Carolina last night meeting with a bunch of conservatives when four gutsy DREAMers held up a banner and asked for Rubio’s support.  The crowd booed loudly, the kids were escorted out and Rubio said:

“We are a sovereign country that deserves to have immigration laws.  You’re doing harm to your own cause because you don’t have a right to illegally immigrate to the United States.”

Here’s video:


Pretty cold, but impressing angry white conservatives is evidently the most important thing to Republicans these days. I mean, surely Rubio knows that DREAMers are people who were, by and large, brought here as babies or toddlers and who didn’t make  a conscious decision to “illegally immigrate.”  This is the only country and culture they’ve ever known and if they were deported they’d be as lost in their native land as you or I would be if we were torn from our family and friends and plopped down in the middle of a county we knew nothing about.

Despite pleas by some in their party to reach out to the Latino population, I guess the Republican party is largely blowing off their vote.  Genuflecting to Tea Partiers is apparently more important which will make the next two years verrry interesting.  Remember “self-deportation?

Oh, and this video is a ready-made anti-Rubio campaign ad.



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Is it Payback Time for Republicans in Georgia?

GOP Dinasour

Remember that we’ve-got-to-reinvent-ourselves post-12012 election evaluation GOP Chairman Reince Priebus was screaming about early last year?

“The way we communicate our principles isn’t resonating widely enough,” he said. “Focus groups described our party as ‘narrow-minded,’ ‘out of touch,’ and ‘stuffy old men.’ The perception that we’re the party of the rich continues to grow.”


The party will make a concerted effort to elevate more women, Priebus said. He suggested that some “biologically stupid” remarks by Republican candidates turned off women voters. Female surrogates should be elevated, the report says, and women must be promoted within the RNC and included in messaging discussions ” to represent some of the unique concerns that female voters may have.”


And remember how the party ignored that report?

Conservatives Argue Abortion Can be a Winning Issue for Republicans

Senate Republicans Block Bill to Reverse Hobby Lobby Decision

Senate Republicans Reject Equal Pay Bill

Well, it might be payback time, at least in Georgia:

Democrat Michelle Nunn has a sizeable lead over Republican David Perdue in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race, a new poll found, thanks in large part to a huge gender gap.


Nunn has 47 percent in the new WSB-TV Channel 2/Landmark Communications poll, while Perdue has 40 percent. The big reason: The gender gap.


“There’s a widening or stagnant gender gap. Mr. Perdue does not seem to be moving or closing his number,” said Channel 2 analyst Bill Crane in a story posted on the WSB site. “He’s about 20 points behind Michelle Nunn in females.


Sorry, I know it’s tacky but I can’t help it:  Hahahahahahahah!


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