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The American Military Industrial Complex is Smiling Tonight!

I read something a few weeks back about how ISIS in Iraq has commandeered a huge amount of military equipment we paid for with Our Tax Dollars during the 2013 invasion. The supposed “training” of the Iraqi army George W. and Co. said they were doing was a farce and when ISIS emerged, the so-called army cut and ran, leaving billions of dollars of weapons (like humvees at $200,000 a pop) lying around. So now we’re bombing Iraq again and the the billions of dollars of military equipment we paid for are being blowing up by the people we paid to build them in the first place.

Aye yie yie.  I’m sure the military industrial complex is drinking up a storm tonight but I’m SMFDH.  Our tax dollars down the shit hole, again:

Humvee via wikipedia

(Image via Wikimedia)

When President Obama announced US airstrikes in Iraq, most observers understood that the US would be bombing members of ISIS. What many did not know was that, in a twist of such bitterly symbolic irony that it could only occur in the Middle East, the US would also be bombing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of American military equipment.

Here’s why: in the decade since the 2003 US-led Iraq invasion, the US has spent a fortune training and arming the Iraqi army in the hopes of readying it to secure the country once America left. That meant arming the Iraqi army with high-tech and extremely expensive American-made guns, tanks, jeeps, artillery, and more.

But the Iraqi army has been largely a failure. When ISIS invaded northern Iraq from Syria in June, the Iraqi forces deserted or retreated en masse. Many of them abandoned their American equipment. ISIS scooped it up themselves and are now using it to rampage across Iraq, seizing whole cities, terrorizing minorities, and finally pushing into even once-secure Kurdish territory. All with shiny American military equipment.

So the US air strikes against ISIS are in part to destroy US military equipment, such as the artillery ISIS has been using against Kurdish forces.


If it weren’t for the military equipment the U.S. walked away from, ISIS wouldn’t be near as powerful and we might not be re-inserting ourselves into that country 11 years after I stood on the protest line doing what I could to stop it because I knew it would be a disaster.  But, voila, here we are.

That said, guess who’s on the corporate media? The people who want to make more war.





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In its “2013 Year in Review” Video, ABC Devotes Eight Seconds to Edward Snowden

I agree with Margaret Sullivan, the Public Editor at the New York Times, when she says the person of the year was Edward and the story of the year was the state:  Accuracy, Secrecy and Equality: What Mattered to Times Readers in 2013.

ABCNews apparently doesn’t.  Check out their “2013 Year in Review” video here.  They devote maybe eight seconds (maybe less) to Snowden. (If you want to fast forward, it’s at 5:14 minutes.)

ABC Year in Review screenshot from

(Screenshot from ABCNews.Go.Com)

They show video of Snowden saying, “My name’s Ed Snowden.”  Then they cut to a news reader who  says “The person responsible for one of the greatest security leaks….” and then to a clip of John Boehner: “He’s a traitor.”

It’s crystal clear what ABC News wants us to think of Snowden.  I’m so glad they, ahem, stick to reporting the facts and they don’t editoralize. I mean, if you have a point of view, come out with it and be upfront.  Don’t pretend to be a straight news organization while propagandizing like this.

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Four Dead in Typhoon Haiyan? ABC Gets it Way Wrong

ABC news LogoABC News Friday, November 8:

Typhoon Pounds the Philippines, 4 Dead

You’d think ABC would at least preface that headline with something like, “…early reports say 4 dead.”  But no.

24-hours on, here we are:


Typhoon Haiyan: at Least 10,000 Reportedly Dead in Philippine Province

Estimated death toll soars as path of destruction leaves many parts of Philippines inaccessible to government and aid officials.

Four dead. 10,000 dead. You go ABC.

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Get Ready For Two Years of Trump-Might-Run Coverage Even Though Everyone Knows He Won’t

It would be one thing if “E! News” did this but when the supposed “real” news outlets do it it’s pretty disgusting.  In short, get ready to get played:

Donald Trump's Hair

Here we go again.

More than three years ahead of the 2016 election, Donald Trump is already hinting at a presidential run, and the media — though certain this time around that he can’t be serious — are covering it anyway.

Dubbed a “sideshow” by NBC’s Chuck Todd and a “serial presidential campaign explorer” by CBS News, Trump is being accused by the press of engaging in yet another publicity stunt. “Folks,” the NBC News political team flatly declared this week, “he isn’t going to run.”

But don’t for one second think that means an end to Trump coverage. And lots of it.

Even as reporters suggest that Trump should not be taken seriously, many media organizations continue to cover him as a potential legitimate candidate, as they did in 2012. The reason for that is something Trump, the executive producer and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” is very familiar with: ratings.

“How many times do people have to fall for this game?” asked Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant. “Everyone knows this, and no one seems to be able to resist covering the spectacle, because Donald Trump – the brand – isn’t ever forced to post up against political reality. He’s a master marketer and brand-manager, and he’s learned that the media loves the bluster and the bullshit, even with the full knowledge he’s not going to ever, ever, ever pull the trigger on the race.”

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Doesn’t Fox’s Greta Van Susteren Get Enough Airtime Already?

Good question here in my Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 4-7-13I guess John McCain was busy.

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When Will We Have a Better Media?

Over at, under their “Medical Unit” heading, there’s an article titled:

Kids Watching TV via

That’s a screenshot I took because I have a feeling they’re going to change the title (or the first sentence) any minute now.

Anyway, check it out.  Read the headline and then read the first sentence:  “Young adults who spend more time in front of a TV during their childhood are significantly more likely to be arrested and exhibit aggressive behavior, a new study found.”

Disgusting.  ABCNews promotes television-watching in a headline while the first sentence of an article about television watching in kids immediately contradicts the headline.

Here’s a link to the original.


(H/t John K.)


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Alabama Television Station Won’t Tell Its Audience About Engagement of Sam Champion

It is my belief that one of the big reasons Americans are rather rapidly changing their perception of gays and lesbians, and coming to be more accepting, is because gays and lesbians are more out and visible in our society now than they were ten, 20, or 30 years ago.  People are saying hey, that so-and-so gay person seems perfectly normal to me so what’s the big deal?

The notion that all gays and lesbians look like this:

(Image via

which has been pushed by the anti-gay/lesbian crowd for decades, is being replaced by the knowledge that lots of them look like this:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper (Image via

or this:

Sex in the City’s Cynthia Nixon (via

So I’m wondering if what Birmingham, Alabama television station ABC 33/40 is doing is intentional:

Fifteen years ago, Birmingham ABC 33/40 TV station refused to air Ellen DeGeneres’ “coming out” episode. It “cited a need to respect the family values of the largely conservative evangelical community in the region as the basis of its decision,” according to its Wikipedia page.

It appears the station still has a problem with homosexuality, as it has pulled all ABC 33/40 Facebook and website references to ABC “Good Morning America” weatherman Sam Champion’s upcoming marriage to his boyfriend.

A Romenesko reader writes: “This is the link to the FB thread that was pulled. This is where the “Sam Champion Engaged!” story was on ABC 33/40’s website. On this Facebook thread, you can see the link to the “Sam Champion Engaged!” story worked at one point, and Facebook is still pulling the proper thumbnail for that story. But if you click the link, it goes to a ‘Page not found’ error page on the ABC 33/40 website.” (They didn’t get around to deleting all of the stories, though.)


I obviously don’t know if they have ulterior motives but how insulting is this?  The station admits it’s censuring the news to protect the delicate minds of its “conservative evangelical community.”  WTF?  If I was in ABC 33/40’s television audience, that would piss me off way more than the fact that Sam Champion is engaged.

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