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I Just Put a Meatloaf in the Oven

I literally put a meatloaf in the oven just now, ten minutes before this passed by my eyes.  Ugh.  I have GOT to rethink eating meat.


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Feed Us Or Die

Here are my dogs giving me the death stare this afternoon telling me they want their dinner, NOW, and if I want to live a normal life, free from their ever-present, guilt-inducing (I should have taken them on a longer walk), penetrating gaze, I’d better comply.

I met them half way.


Spoiled (wonderful) brats.

Dogs Stare to Eat 2-7-15




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Parrot Imitates Couple Arguing

This is hilarious.  Notice the parrot’s body language.


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Beautiful Birds, Beautiful Colors

A photo from the American Bird Conservatory.

As usual, Mother Nature is an expert when it comes to mixing and matching colors.  What a beautiful soft brown.  I love the splash of orange, the creamy white and the look in these birds eyes:

viaAmerican Bird Conservatory on Twitter

(Image: The American Bird Conservatory on Twitter)




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Beautiful Morning Photo


Sunset in South Africa via GlobePics on Twitter

(Image via Globe Pics on Twitter)


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Dog Helps Man Rescue Him From Well

I came across this video over at One Green Planet under the title:  Man Rescues Dog From Old Well Using Just a Rope.  I clicked on the YouTube box and was taken to LiveLeak’s Youtube channel.  LiveLeak posted the video under a similar headline:  Dog Rescued from Old Well.

After I watched the thing, I realized the epic part wasn’t that a man rescued a dog from a well using only a rope, it was that the dog understood what the man was trying to do and he repeatedly held on to the rope with his teeth (he fell back in several times) until he was finally pulled all the way out.

It’s amazing.

I swear, we underestimate our animal brethren.

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An Ant Pushing a Water Droplet


Ant Pushing a water droplet via enthicingpics

(Image via EnticingPics on Twitter)



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