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Break Time: Artist Incorporates His Pet Terrier Into His Work

These are darling.

From Rafael Mantesso on Instagram:

Rafael Mantessso via instagram

(Image via

Way more cuteness here.



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Break Time!

Take a look at these beautiful satellite images primarily from the European Space Station via

Electric blue-colored plankton blooms swirl in the North Atlantic Ocean off Ireland in this Envisat image. While individually microscopic, the chlorophyll they use for photosynthesis collectively tints the surrounding ocean waters, providing a means of detecting these tiny organisms from space with dedicated ‘ocean color’ sensors, like Envisat’s Medium.

Plankton Bloom via Envisat via

(Image Envisat via

The Spanish city of Barcelona is pictured in this image captured on Sept. 13, 2010, by Japan’s ALOS satellite.

Barcelona 10-10-13

(image European Space Imaging/Digital Globe via

This Landsat image of Oct. 3, 2011, shows the Mississippi River Delta, where the largest river in the United States empties into the Gulf of Mexico. In this false-color image, land vegetation appears pink, while the sediment in the surrounding waters are bright blue and green. (USGS/ESA)

Mississippi Delta 10-9-13

(Image USGS/ESA via

I don’t know where to stop!

See all of the 52 photos here.

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Jets Queue Up to Land at London’s Heathrow Airport

This is a cool video:

Via CargoSpotter on Youtube:

This is my first video from London Heathrow. This video shows how short the distances between approaching planes at LHR are. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.

I like it!

Love how the planes zoom into place and then slow down and glide in.

They way they’re buffeted by the wind makes them look like they’re toys attached to strings.

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Put It Into Perspective


(Image via

We saw the blue color from miles away. It was an iceberg made of dense ice, an impossible color beneath a leaden sky. I went to the bridge and cajoled the captain to take us in for a closer look. Astonishingly, he did.

As we approached this tower of blue, we spotted the penguins sitting on top. They were Chinstraps who had chosen this iceberg as the place to suffer through their annual molt, that

awkward time every year when penguins must grow new feathers to replace their old ones. It is a time when they cannot swim, and cannot eat, and essentially can’t do anything but stand around for weeks looking miserable.Yet although these may have been unhappy penguins, I was delighted to have them to provide a sense of scale for this magnificent iceberg. It was only after we sailed away that I began to wonder: “how did they get up there in the first place?”
Me too.

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One Amazing Animal

Mother Nature must have been in a very, very good mood when she designed the mantis shrimp:

(Image via

The mantis shrimp is one of the most incredible creatures found in our oceans. Over millions of years, it has equipped itself with an arsenal to rival that of any other organism, besting the limits of human technology on more than one front.

Firstly, it packs the biggest punch of any predator, with a sophisticated muscle mechanism allowing speeds in excess of 50mph to be attained. Couple this wit

h the ability to create extreme low pressure behind it’s extended arm, causing the water to spontaneously boil, no prey stands a chance. This action releases intense energy, enough to break sheets of glass.
That is not all. The mantis shrimp has the most sophisticated and extensive eyes of any known creature. With their unique shape and composition, the shrimp can see in most directions simultaneously, as well as observing more of the spectrum than us humans, both at the infra-red and ultra-violet ends. This excellent asset, coupled with the killer punch, makes the mantis shrimp one of the most effective predators in the world, as well as being one of the most beautiful.
The mantis shrimp has my full respect.  And yes, it sure is beautiful.  Mother Nature has a way with color that I envy.

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Ouch! Divorce Cakes

Check out these “divorce cakes.”  Woohah.  Vicious, but understandably so I guess:

(Image via

(Image via

More photos here.

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This is Not a Photograph

I’m rubbing my eyes. My brain can’t comprehend that these are d-r-a-w-i-n-g-s:

Many of portraitist Paul Lung’s subjects are his and his friends’ pets, which he draws with extreme care — sometimes taking upwards of 90 hours — using mechanical pencils.

Here are some of the cats he’s drawn over the last few years:

(Image via

(Image via

Lung must love what he does to have the patience to spend up to 90 hours on one drawing.

Good for him and good for us because we get to see the amazing, amazing results.


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