A Boulder County District Court judge has struck down Longmont’s fracking ban but said the ban can remain in place while the city considers an appeal.

Judge D.D. Mallard issued the summary judgment Thursday. In the ruling, she said Longmont’s charter amendment clearly conflicted with the state’s regulations and its interest in the efficient development of oil and gas deposits.

“While the court appreciates the Longmont citizens’ sincerely held beliefs about risks to their health and safety, the court does not find this is sufficient to completely devalue the state’s interest,” Mallard wrote.

The case had been expected to go to trial in 2015.

The ban, passed by Longmont voters in 2012, forbids the practice of hydraulic fracturing, which uses high-pressure water, sand and chemicals to crack open hard-to-reach oil and gas deposits.


Colorado Governor John Nickenlooper — known in these parts as Mr. Howdy Doody — a so-called Democrat — joined the oil and gas industry in this suit. I.e., he effectively sued the citizens of his own state because they voted against the corporatocracy he represents.

Who put “the state’s regulations and interests ” into effect?”  Corporate  lobbyists who own the Colorado statehouse and the governor.

Again, the citizens of Longmont voted NO on  fracking in 2012.   A judge nullified that vote today.

Why the hell vote anymore, huh? The system is so rigged, our votes don’t seem to matter.