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Quickie: Daily Mail Article About Drug Settlement Doesn’t Name Drug

DailyMail Masthead

I go to the Daily Mail website every once in a while because I see it as my TMZ or my People magazine.  You know, gossip.

Today I noticed an article there titled:  Patients who claim they developed gambling and sex addictions after taking Parkinson’s medication are offered settlement by drug company.

I was drawn to it because my husband has dementia with “Parkinsonism” so the word “Parkinson’s” leapt out at me.  He takes a drug prescribed to Parkinsan’s patients for tremors so, you know, I was curious.  I wanted to know if the sex and gambling drug was the one he’s taking.

I looked for the name of the drug but after reading the article I shook my head and wondered if I’d missed it because I didn’t see it.  So I read it again and it wasn’t there.

I know the Daily Mail is trash journalism but my god, to write an article about a drug that causes compulsive gambling and sex addition and not to mention the name?  Really?!!

Isn’t the whole point of so-called news and so-called journalism to provide information and to inform people?

Geezus.  Unbelievable.



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I Just Bought Pot at a Colorado Pot Store

Receipt for Pot

Okay folks.  I did it.  I finally went to a pot store here in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado this afternoon so my husband could buy some legal weed!  Having lived through the good ol’ days when an ounce could net you three, five, ten years in the penitentiary, I still almost can’t believe what just happened.

The name of the store is “Terrapin Care Station.”  It’s located at the corner of Canyon Boulevard and Folsom Street in the downtown area of town (very prominent intersection), in a building that used to house a Dunkin Donuts shop.  (From sugar and fat to pot.  Hey, why not?)

There’s plenty of parking on the south and west side of the building (probably 25 spots) but only two were open when we drove up.

There was a guard outside the front door.  I couldn’t tell if she was armed because she had a jacket on.

There was another guard inside the front door (he also had a jacket on so I couldn’t see if he was armed either) who checked our IDs to make sure we were over 21 even though we very obviously are.  Groups entering were limited to a maximum of three.

We were to told to “take a number” from one of those round red machines you see at the deli where you pull the tab and a little piece of paper breaks off with a number on it.  Then we were offered a “menu” explaining the various forms of pot available.  It listed “Sativa Dominant,” “Indica Dominant,” and “Edibles.”  The edibles included candy, chews, brownies and 100 mg drops (Indica and Sativa).

There were approximately 15 people, all with numbers, in the front main waiting room.  The back half of the space is walled off and can only be entered via a door that remains locked. That’s were the pot is.

The “Sativa Dominant” type was advertised as an “energizer” as opposed to a downer-type and had the most comprehensive list, with 12 varieties named things like “Train Haze,” “Glass Slipper,” “Chrenobyl #1,” (not a misspelling) and “Coal Creek Skunk.”

When our number was up we were ushered through the usually-locked door into the back room.  Once through the door (which was locked behind us) we saw approximately four stations where other customers were being helped, as well as another security guard.  I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure he was armed.

We were told to go to station #3.  The woman who escorted us in then proceeded to talk to us about the varieties.  I told her my husband was interested in buying seeds but she said seeds were only sold under the auspices of medical marijuana, which they weren’t licensed to sell and for which one needs a license to purchase, which my husband doesn’t have.

After a bit more discussion my husband decided to buy 1/4 ounce of “Glass Sipper” and 1/4 ounce of “Agent Orange.”  The “Glass Slipper” was advertised as moderately strong while the “Agent Orange” is in the strongest class.  The pot was presented to us in two white, opaque plastic jars a little larger than a medium-sized prescription bottle.  We bought the smallest amount possible of both and the tab, including taxes, was $48.00.  They only accept cash (because banks haven’t been given carte blanche by the Feds to transact money from the sale of dope yet.)

Once we’d made our purchase we were escorted out into the main waiting room through the momentarily unlocked, locked door and we left.

The whole process took about 15 minutes.

I tried marijuana for the first time in approximately 1969.  I remember buying a “nickle bag” which I think was an ounce (for $5) and I pretty much smoked the whole thing over the course of a day or two but didn’t feel a thing.

I smoked pot on and off for the next five or six years but didn’t really like it and haven’t smoked it since.  Still, it’s really something, after more than 40 years, to walk into a store, buy legal marijuana, and not sweat bullets the whole way home…or even after getting home.

It’s beyond about time.



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Colorado Debuts New Ad Warning About Driving While Stoned

It’s going to be interesting to see how Colorado enforces its news laws against driving while stoned on marijuana/THC.  It’s my understanding that medical marijuana does not induce a high so how are they going to handle that?

Anyway, here’s a new ad released yesterday by the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Note the apparent demographic the ad is aimed at — middle age-ish men.  It’s pretty funny actually.


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Colorado’s Beer-Brewer Governor Warns About Marijuana

John Hickenlooper via Wikimedia Commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

When the media writes about Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (we call him Howdy Doody here in Colorado) objecting to Colorado voters legalizing marijuana, it should be ah, kind of relevant (to say the least) to note that Howdy Doody is a freaking beer magnate and of course he doesn’t want marijuana to take hold:

John Hickenlooper Warns Govs on Pot Legalization

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper urged fellow governors Saturday to be cautious about following his state’s lead in embracing marijuana.

The Democrat worries other states will legalize pot so that they can tax it and fill budget shortfalls.

“The jury is still out on this thing,” he said in between meetings at the National Governors Association in Washington . “It’s going to be one of the great social experiments of the 21st century. As we implement it, we want to make sure that our society is no worse off than it was before this was passed. If we were legalizing whiskey, I’d be doing the same thing.”
Gee.  We want to “make sure that our society is no worse off than it was before this was passed?”  Let’s talk Doody about the consequences of imbibing in general, including on alcohol.
And then there’s this gem:
“It’s like promoting gambling,” he said. “It always makes you nervous when you see government promoting gambling or any of those sin trades. They are revenue sources. … We know people are not going to be better off smoking pot. It doesn’t mean they should be arrested … but we know it doesn’t make you smarter.”
What?  Get me to that rum and coke.  I didn’t know alcohol makes you smarter!



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Black v. White Arrest Rate for Marijuana Possession


Black v. white Arrest rate

(Image via



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Fostering Female Body Loathing — Boob Deodorant

In its never-ending quest to create problems and sell us remedies, the “beauty industry” has decided that women need to wear deodorant under their boobs.  Yep, boob sweat is now a thing:

Fresh Breast for Women via

(“Fresh Breast for Women” via

We’ve heard about women tattooing their nipples, giving their vaginas facials and buying intimate cleansers, but just when you thought beauty products had reached their limits, out comes breast deodorant.

Not one, but three companies are promising their products will eliminate ‘swoobs’ AKA sweaty boobs. “Women can now rest easy,” promises Fresh Body as it advertises its Fresh Breasts deodorant. “We’re replacing ‘swoobs’ – dreaded boob sweat – with smiles!”

Erm … what?

I had no idea boob sweat was even a real thing, let alone something we should all “dread” and spend up to $20 (£12) to eliminate.



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John Hickenlooper: Colorado’s Beer Mogul Governor Wants to Quash Weed Sales to Protect His Alcohol Business

John Hickenlooper via Wikimedia Commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Oh the irony:  Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D), a guy who made millions and connected with the establishment by selling alcohol at his bars, is slamming the voter-approved legalization of weed in Colorado.

Yep.  Looper is one of those “new Dems.” Dems who aren’t really Dems and who I, for one, am stick as hell of.

Again, he’s a beer magnate.  He blows off the will of the people — Democratic values redux I guess — and now he wants to regulate weed “more strenuously” than alcohol.

Bottom line:  Colorado’s “Democratic” Governor wants to quash the will of the people in order to maintain his monopoly on the drug that made him rich.

What a guy:

As legal recreational marijuana settles in across Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper said he isn’t about to lead the way in promoting marijuana business.

“I hate Colorado having to be the experiment,” he said Friday in an interview with The Durango Herald editorial board.

Colorado has gained international attention for legalizing recreational marijuana sales Jan. 1. Some communities, including Durango, have moratoriums or bans in place.

Hickenlooper said he wants to reduce youth marijuana use, an ambitious goal in a time of greater availability. Hickenlooper pointed to evidence that smoking marijuana harms long-term memory.

“We should not try to get people to do more of what is not a healthy thing,” he said.

Hickenlooper opposed Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana in the state. Now that it’s on the books, Hickenlooper said he’s committed to regulating it more strenuously than alcohol.


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