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Made a “Shooters Sandwich” the Other Day

Break time!

A few days ago I came across a recipe in at the Guardian that looked fun and good and easy:  a “Shooters” sandwich.  On Sunday I made a personalized version.

They made theirs with steak but I didn’t.

What I did was buy a loaf of “Shepherd’s bread”

shooters sandwich before

and I hollowed it out.  I drizzled some olive around the bottom and added a pinch of salt.  I added a layer of salami, some Havarti cheese, fresh basil leaves, a layer each of thinly sliced ham and turkey, a sprinkle of smoked Paprika, a layer of roasted garlic, a layer of tomato slices, some sliced Kalamata olives, another layer of Havarti and finally, I spread horseradish cream on the underside of the top.

I put the top on and leaned into the sandwich and flattened it as much as I could by hand.  Then I wrapped it in aluminum foil, put it on a plate and placed an inverted plate on top.  I put all that into the frig and placed a cast iron pan on the top plate and I put two bricks inside the pan.  Then I let it sit overnight.

The finished product looked a little like this:

shooters sandwich

and it was soooooo good, and again, so easy.  It took all of twenty minutes and the beauty of it is, you can put whatever you want inside.

I’d love to hear suggestions as to variations on the theme.  I’m thinking meatballs, spaghetti sauce, a gob of basil and Provolone?  (Have to heat that one up.)

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