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Why Wingnuts Want to See Obama’s College Records

Ever wonder what the big fuss over on the right is about seeing President Obama’s college records?  Me too.

Now we know:

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In context of the “mounting pressure” for Mitt Romney to provide more tax and employment records, a reporter recently asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney whether President Obama would set an example in transparency and release some of his records that critics have asked for.


When the reporter got specific and asked if Obama would release his college records, Carney replied: “Right, this is the Donald Trump question.  It is preposterous.  This is from the guy who insisted he didn’t believe the president was born in the United States.”

Asking for college records is preposterous?

Writing for the, Jason Howerton suggests:

Carney was obviously trying to lump those who are interested to see what types of college courses Obama took in college into the same category as ‘birthers.’ However, many who want to see the president’s college transcripts say wanting to see the president’s transcripts has nothing to do with his citizenship. Rather they argue it could help provide insight into the types of courses Obama sought out while in college, which some believe promoted radical ideologies.

Yes, many want to see Obama’s college records for grades and courses (as with G.W. Bush and others).  But in Obama’s case, the primary reason to see his college applications is to learn whether the president applied for college in the U.S. as a foreign student.


Imagine thinking that’s the most important, urgent thing going on around here.

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Bye-Bye Rush

Rush Limbaugh is another one of those idiots who wants to flee the country because of rampant socialism — flee that is, to a country with ah, rampant socialism:

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June 29, 2012 at 7:22 AM 1 comment

Bryan Fisher is Romney’s CEO

So, Mitt Romney is supposedly the big, bad CEO honcho huh?  I don’t think so.  Looks to me like winger Bryan Fisher is his boss:

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It was just last week that Bryan Fischer was declaring that if Mitt Romney wants to win in November,  he’d “better start listening to me.”  And the first thing that Romney needed to do was fire Richard Grenell because all week Fischer had beenrelentlesslyattacking the campaign for having hired an openly gay man to serve as the foreign policy and national security spokesman.

Today, during the second hour of Fischer’s daily radio broadcast, the news broke the Grenell had in fact resigned from the campaign and Fischer could barely contain his glee, declaring it a “huge win” for the Religious Right because it means that they have forced Romney to back down and taught him that he cannot do anything like this again.

See video here.


May 1, 2012 at 3:48 PM 3 comments

Monica Crowley — Professional Hater, Professional Victim

Yesterday, professional hater Monica Crowley sent this tweet about Sandra Fluck:

This morning she sent this:

“My tweeted question?” Give me a break.  You weren’t tweeting a question.  You were tweeting a slur. You were tweeting hate.

Geezus.  You guys are always the victim.



April 27, 2012 at 8:53 PM 1 comment

Stay Classy Monica

This would be my Tweet of the Day.  Monica Crowley is a Fox News “contributor” and a professional hater (of course those two go hand in hand).

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Limbaugh Says Protests Against Him Aren’t Working

…so the obvious thing to do is hire a crisis management firm.  Makes sense, right?

While [Rush Limbaugh] publicly scoffed at the notion that the reaction to his misogyny [and his three-day rant against “slut” Sandra Fluke] is having an impact, he’s quietly hired an expert in crisis management to handle the fallout.

Brian Glicklich has been acting on Limbaugh’s behalf since at least March 8. Glicklich is a former vice president at Premiere Radio Networks, and currently heads the firm How Handy Is That, which specializes in reputation and crisis management and “gadfly defense.” He previously worked as counsel to a firm that provides crisis management to clients like David Copperfield and Paris Hilton. Glicklich also has an extensive relationship with Glenn Beck, and is thanked in the acknowledgements of several of Beck’s books.


Repeat after me:  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!

Man, there’s no end to the lying coming from the right these days.

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Quote of the Morning


And make no mistake: Limbaugh’s audience is very old. One station manager quipped to me, “The median age of Limbaugh’s audience? Deceased.”


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