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Drug Company to Sell Hepatitis C Drug in India For $82,200 Less Per Regimen Than in the U.S.

Yep, you read that title right:

Gilead logo via

(Image via

Sofosbuvir, the wonder medicine for Hepatitis C that costs $84,000 … for a 24-week treatment regimen in the US, will soon be available in India for about $1,800 … for the same regimen. The patent holder, pharma major Gilead, announced on Monday that it would be selling the drug at this price in India and also giving voluntary licences to seven Indian pharma companies to produce it.


This is outrageous and it’s where we need government regulation where there is none.  This is extortion thinly disguised as capitalism but also looking a whole lot like raw greed.

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The Tea Party Thinks Obama is Dumb to Try to Stop Ebola in Africa, a “Disease Not Affecting the United States”

Ebola Virus via

(The Ebola Virus via Wikipedia)

If the Ebola virus comes to the United States, it’s easy to imagine tea partiers yelling and screaming about how Obama didn’t do enough to stop it, right?  That could very well happen.  But this is what they’re saying now:

As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) takes over large swaths of the Middle East and beheads American journalists, our Commander-in-Chief is putting “boots on the ground” to fight, not ISIS (or, as the Obama regime calls the Islamic terrorist group, “ISIL”), but to somehow fight a deadly, highly infectious disease on foreign soil.


As reported by FOX News,  Obama is diverting up to 3,000 of our U.S. military to “combat” the Ebola virus in West Africa:

President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that he’s sending up to 3,000 military personnel to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Obama will announce the stepped-up offensive against the outbreak, which has killed more than 2,200 people in five West African countries, in an appearance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

So while Obama admitted that he has no real plan to combat the Islamic State, he does have a plan to use our military to “fight” a disease not affecting the United States.


Small minds.

The unspoken word, of course, is that since Obama is from Kenya he’s looking out for his fellow Africans, wasting resources that could go toward defeating a rag tag band of maybe 30,000 people in Iraq and Syria who, ahem, intend kill every single white person here in the U.S.

After a quick perusal of the stats regarding our military forces, it looks like we have about a million people at the ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. 3,000 is a pittance which actually kind of worries me because if the CDC is issuing time-to-prepare-warnings, I’m thinking it’s about time to prepare.  They’re usually so cautious so I’m kind of scared.  I’d just as soon the virus get nipped in the bud in Africa instead of here in the U.S.

(My husband was a U.S. Letter Carrier during the anthrax scare and it was terrifying.)

Anyway, tea partiers are all about the USA, USA, USA huh?  If it isn’t here in Amerrica, forget about it, unless, that is, it’s ISIS and defense contractors making billions and Obama being a Muslim-loving Kenyan.




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Get a Flu Shot

(Image via Wikipedia)

(Image via Wikipedia)

The hubby and I got our annual flu shot this morning, one that supposedly contains a vaccine against four strains.

A friend of ours died in January from the flu. It was almost literally a case of him being fine one day and dead the next.  It was very fast.  His lungs filled with fluid and that was it.

A flu shot doesn’t guarantee a person absolutely will not get the flu but it does reduce the chances, maybe by as much as 50%.  We think if our friend had had one, he might be alive today.  Such an easy thing to do to possibly prevent your own death.

So, do it. Please.

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Robin Williams is Dead

When in the hell will we take mental illness seriously in this country already?!

I lost a brother to suicide in 1988 (age 32).  His name was Eric. He had a degree in wildlife biology. He once rode his bicycle from Colorado to California.  He was crazy about recycling and not paying taxes for war.

It would be so great if he was still here, fighting for We the People and for the planet and sitting in the sun in my backyard.  He loved sitting in the sun.  And he loved white bread rolls with lots of butter.



If in fact Robin Williams committed suicide, I know how his family and friends feel. They’ll never get over it.  Suicide is so abrupt and it generates so much guilt and anger in the survivors their emotions just sort of hang there forever.  People don’t “get closure.”  I hate that phrase.  Who gets “closure” over the death of a loved one?

Anyway, R.I.P Robin.  So, so sad.  Depression is a monster of a disease.



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In Face of Ebola Outbreak, Liberia’s Medical System is Collapsing

This is not good:

Monrovia liberia via wikipedia

The health care system in Liberia is collapsing, hospitals closing down and medical workers fleeing from the Ebola epidemic, which is poised to worsen, Liberia’s foreign minister said on Thursday.

“People are dying from common diseases because the health care system is collapsing,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan said in an interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“It is going to have a long-term impact, even after this crisis is behind us.”

Treatable diseases such as malaria and diarrhea are left untended because frightened Liberians are shunning medical centers, and these deaths could outstrip those from the Ebola virus by three or four fold, he said.

But his biggest concern is the spreading epidemic.

“We are hearing it is going to get worse before it gets better.


The country entered the epidemic with only about 50 doctors for 4 million people, he said.

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Body Scan of a 250 Pound Woman Versus a 120 Pound Woman

Via Science Porn on Twitter:

Two Women Body Scans via SciencePorn on Twitter

(Image via SciencePorn on Twitter.)


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Obesity in China is Exploding

When you picture Chinese people do you picture fat people?  When you picture Chinese food, do you picture fatty meats?  Me neither, but I guess it’s time to.  Look at this chart showing how the Chinese obesity rate has exploded since 1980:

Chinese Obesity via

(Image via

More than a quarter of the adult population, or roughly 350m people, is overweight or obese (more than 60m squeeze into the latter camp).

The Chinese are not actually eating more as they get richer: the average daily intake has dropped a little over the past ten years, from 2,100 calories in 2002 to a little more than 2,000 today. This suggests that a sedentary lifestyle may be hurting people’s health as much as changes in diet. Rapid urbanisation means more people are leaving the fields to work in less strenuous manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile in the cities, walking and biking have been replaced by driving cars and sitting on public transport. Recent surveys show that less than 10% of urban dwellers exercise regularly.

Childhood obesity has grown hugely in richer coastal cities. During summer breaks parents send off their pudgy little emperors to weight-loss camps that have sprung up everywhere. The exam-oriented education system doesn’t help matters either: although schools are required to set aside at least an hour for exercise every day, they routinely cancel gym classes to make room for other courses. In May the Lancet, a medical journal, published a study showing that the obesity rate among Chinese boys is 6.9%, almost twice as high as that among adult men.



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