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Republicans Count on Us Being Stupid When it Comes to History

Republicans are counting on us not knowing or remembering these inconvenient facts about presidents taking executive action (from PewHispanic) and of course, far be it for the so-called (cough) liberal media to remind people:

History of Exec. Action on Immigration via PewHispanic on Twitter

(Image via PewHispanic on Twitter)

Larger version here.


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About Yelling at Immigrant C-h-i-l-d-r-e-n / My Tweet of the Day

So good:

Twet of hte Day 7-20-14

(Via Rex Huppke on Twitter)


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Immigration: What’s Really Going on in the Rio Grande Valley

Here is a letter (dated June 30, 2014) to the editor of the Texas Tribune from the mayor of McAllen, Texas, Jim Darling.  He sounds like a lovely man:

McAllen texas via wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

What’s Really Happening on the Border

The city of McAllen — grappling with the humanitarian effort brought about by the influx of thousands of immigrant families and unaccompanied youth into the country this year — has found itself at the center of an extraordinary immigration situation.

Our city is working with the U.S. Border Patrol, Hidalgo County, nongovernmental organizations like Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army, and dozens of volunteers to provide modest humanitarian relief to these immigrants, most of whom are from Central America.

After an arduous journey, many (but not all) of these migrants are detained and processed by the Border Patrol. “Family units,” mostly women with young children, are dropped off at the McAllen bus station, a modern facility that serves 3 million people a year. From that point, they are essentially guests [emphasis added] in our city — passengers waiting to be reunited with their families in other parts of our country.


1.  McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley are not facing a “health crisis.” Health professionals on the ground dealing with the families have not detected or reported, at this point, any serious health conditions. That does not mean we should not remain vigilant. We strongly urge a more robust health screening at the federal facilities.[…]

4.  There has been no uptick in criminal activity in our city, which is one of the safest of its size in Texas. Because of the influx of families and unaccompanied children, there is a threat of increased illegal crossing by people with criminal intent. But federal and state governments must deal with that threat, and we understand that they are.


In the meantime, our city and our Rio Grande Valley will continue to treat these temporary visitors the same as we treat all of our visitors — with dignity and humanity, with open hearts and a helping hand.


Guests?  Visitors?  Treat them “with dignity and humanity, with open hearts and a helping hand?”  Wonderful.  Again, Darling sounds like, well, a darling but I sure can hear some heads exploding about now because no, they’re “illegal aliens!”



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Eric Cantor Lost Tonight — Republicans Have Created a Monster

Eric Cantor via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Eric Cantor (R), the supposed next Speaker of the House, lost his re-election bid tonight in Virginia to a an even more extremist candidate, Tea Partier, David Brat.

Per the chatter on the MSN (which I take with a grain of sale), I’m hearing that Brat defeated Cantor because of Cantor’s willingness to entertain the notion of amnesty for immigrants.  I’m also hearing that, because of this result, any kind of immigration reform before the 2016 election is dead because Republicans are now scared shitless.

A time will come when Republicans can’t win without the Latino vote.  But hating on “illegals” is a central part of their message and it brings their voters to the polls, as in what happened today in Virginia.

So what do they do?

They’ve created a monster.

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They’re Taking Names and Kicking Ass in Mexico

Americans think of Mexico and Mexicans as a nation of wannabe braceros, itching to cross the border to suck the tit of the American welfare state.

Braceros via wikimedia commons

(Image via Wikipedia Commons)

Think again Americans!  They’re movin’ on up and getting things done:

Barring an unlikely court upset, the new year in Mexico will bring a national tax of one peso per liter — roughly 10 percent — on sugar-sweetened beverages and 8 percent on junk food. The legislation came about through a strong push by the Nutritional Health Alliance of 22 NGOs and networks representing some 650 nonprofits and grass-roots organizations, and an alignment of interests among President Enrique Peña Nieto, advisers in the Hacienda y Crédito Público (the rough equivalent of the I.R.S.), and members of the opposition parties.


The powerful Mexican soda and junk food industries were hardly asleep at the wheel this fall, and fear of losing their advertisers appears to have led major TV stations to refuse to run commercials advocating the tax. But several factors motivated Mexico’s president and legislature, including the fact that among populous nations, Mexico recently passed the United States to become the world’s most obese. Beyond that, there’s an increasing awareness that Mexico’s accelerating public health crisis could hurt its economy, and that only prevention would make practical the universal, single-payer health care system instituted last year.


Also critical to the new law was an agreement reached by the three major political parties, called “Pact for Mexico,” which essentially committed them all to not blocking anything that a majority wanted; specifically, if the party in office and one of the other two major parties wanted to pass one of 95 reforms necessary for the country to progress the third party would not resist. In other words, the nation’s future trumped partisan interests.


Imagine that.


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Scott Gessler, Colorado’s Secretary of State, is Having a Hard Time Finding “Illegal Voters”

Poor Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, he’s been watching too much Fox so-called news.  He’s just sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of “Illegal voters” out there — somewhere! — but gosh, golly, gee, he’s having a really hard time finding them.

Here’s the tale of the 17 he said were in Boulder County:

Scott Gessler image via

(Image via

Last month, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler gave Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett a list of 17 names, all suspected of voting in the November election despite being non-citizens.

Those names were among 155 people identified statewide as possible illegal voters.

But an investigation by Garnett’s office found that all 17 people were citizens and were able to easily verify their status, the district attorney said Wednesday.


“Local governments and county clerks do a really good job regulating the integrity of elections, and I’ll stand by that record any day of the week,” Garnett said. “We don’t need state officials sending us on wild goose chases for political reasons.”

Garnett said he believes that Gessler referred the names for prosecution because he made a big deal last summer about possible illegal voting in advance of the November election and had to produce results.


Garnett said he wasn’t sure how much it cost to investigate the alleged illegal voting in Boulder County, but he “certainly could have had that investigator work on other things.”


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House Republicans Getting Ready to Kill Immigration Reform

It looks like House Republicans are going to kill immigration reform so on that note, here’s my Tweet of the Day:

Tweeet of the Day 7-10-13

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