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The Problem with the Corporate Media in 26 Seconds

Yesterday MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupted a discussion about ending the NSA surveillance program for “breaking news” coverage of Justin Bieber’s bond hearing in Florida:


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What Fox Doesn’t Cover is as Telling as What it Does

Chris Christie is a Republican.

Tweet of the Day 1-9-14



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Talk About Lagging Behind

An NBC graphic used in a report about how American students “lag behind” their European and Asian peers in math, science and reading:

NBC Graphic re Americans lagging behind

In science, Americans are in “21th” place?

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MSNBC Fires Alec Baldwin

That was fast:  Alec Baldwin’s Show Will Not Return to MSNBC.

Alec Baldwin via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Poor Alec.  He’s slow to learn that saying every single itty bitty thing that pops into his head — sometimes in a really loud voice — isn’t always the best idea.

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Cable “News” Climate Change Coverage April 1 – August 14, 2013

Here’s a graph showing the number of minutes the cable “news” outlets devoted to climate change between April 1 and August 13 this year.  Note the stars on O’Reilly’s and Hannity’s shows. Those stars mean the coverage was dismissive of climate change (natch –  hey, we’re talkin’ Fox).

Oh, and CNN is supposedly a flaming liberal channel, right?  It looks like Erin Burnett’s show, OutFront, devoted about four minutes to the issue while Anderson Cooper didn’t touch it. Liberal?  What a joke that is.

Cable News Climate Change coverage

(Image via

What a sorry state of affairs.

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Watch an NRA Activist Shoot an Elephant in the Face

Elephants via

(Image via

Wow.  I hadn’t heard about the NRA-sponsored NBC show “Under Wild Skies” until today.  It features NRA proponents shuttled into “wild” hunting grounds so they and shoot innocent animals in the face from just feet away.

Cool huh?

Wanna see an elephant get blown away?  Go here.

The show makes it all about gun:

“Positively lethal. Great to handle.  Beautiful gun.  And the 577 was made to shoot ivory.”

“Made to shoot ivory?”  Behind that “ivory” is a sentient being with a life and a family.

This goes in my Outrage Overload category.

Oh, and just hours ago NBC canceled the show.  But what were they thinking when they debuted it?  Hey, I know.  They were PAID BY THE F’ING NRA.

Geezus America. You’re losing your mind!!!!!




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The Today Show Stoops to a New New Low

OMG.  Now they’re really insulting our intelligence:

Today Show Logo

NBC’s “Today” is turning to newborns for a programming stunt this week. Dubbed #BornTODAY, the stunt features correspondents and camera crews in maternity wards across the country tuning in as babies are being born, in some cases live, on-air.


I think “BoredTODAY” would be a better title.

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