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Boehner Turns 65: Going With Obamacare Instead of Medicare

John Boehner Crying 12-22-10

OMG.  House Republicans have voted something like 54 times to repeal Obamacare.  Today, their leader did this:

Boehner Opts for Obamacare Over Medicare

House Speaker John Boehner became eligible for Medicare when he turned 65 years old Monday, but he’s not planning to sign up.

Instead, Boehner is going to keep his “expensive” Obamacare insurance plan.

The Affordable Care Act required members of Congress to get off the federal government’s insurance plan and, in most cases, enroll in an Obamacare policy. When members turn 65, they become eligible for Medicare as well.

When asked at a press conference on Tuesday about his health care coverage plans, he paused and laughed.

“I’ll continue to purchase my expensive health care coverage,” he said in an obvious nod to his Obamacare policy.


In a perfect world this would be front page news all across the country tomorrow.



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Sweet, Sweet Story (Involving Animals and Old People)

I came across this out of Australia a few days ago:

Rescued Farm Animals Bring Joy to Nursing Home Residents

Many of us are familiar with the idea of therapy animals, particularly friendly dogs and cats who visit sick children or victims of abuse and neglect. However, dogs and cats are not the only domestic animals that can provide us humans with great comfort and happiness.

In fact, if only we’d allow them more of a chance, we’d see that farm animals can also bring joy into our lives.

Take for instance the group of “kindness crusaders” out of Edgar’s Mission farm animal sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, made up of Timmy the sheep, Miss Chief the goat, and little Ginger Chicken.

It’s primarily a photo essay and the pictures are priceless.  The nursing home residents look like they’re vibrating with joy:

Edgar's Mission 1

(Image via



Edgar's Mission 2

(Image via

If I was in a nursing home I’d love this.  Heck, I’d love it right now! and I’m not in a nursing home.  And isn’t this a great idea?  Think of all the animals that could be rescued and live a great life going to nursing homes, getting showered with attention, and bringing joy and a bit of levity to the residents.

Hey, maybe we could cut a million or two out of the military budget and do that!  Make joy not war.

More photos and info here.

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Sentence of the Day

From David Sirota over at in an article titled:  For Economic Stimulus, Pensions Beat Stadiums and Server Farms.

Detroit Protestors via Voice of

(Image via

There [in Detroit], as if proudly advertising its reverse-Robin Hood class war, the city is simultaneously seeking bankruptcy to avoid pensions payments, while pledging $400 million to build a new hockey stadium.

I would much rather have my tax dollars go toward pensions instead of a hockey stadium.  Geezus.  It’s a no-brainer.

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GOP Head Slams Obama Over Chained CPI

Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

Here’s Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, who chairs the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC), talking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

Greg Walden via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

“His budget kind of lays out a shocking attack on seniors, if you will,” says Walden. “I’ll tell ya, when you’re already going after seniors, the way he’s already done with Obamacare, taking $700 million out of Medicare to put into Obamacare, and now coming back at seniors again, I think he’s crossing that line.” Prodded by Wolf Blitzer, who (wrongly) says that Paul Ryan’s budget also reforms Social Security (it actually just cuts taxes and expects more revenue to flow in), Walden says again that Obama is “trying to balance this budget on the back of seniors.


Shocking, isn’t it?

Then again, if Obama hadn’t come out in favor of Chained CPI, they’d slam him for that too.


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Obama: Don’t Walk Away From the Promise YOU Made

A few minutes ago MSNBC went live to a speech President Obama was giving about gun control.  Yes, it was all lofty and sensitive — vintage Obama.  MSNBC’s chyron read:  “We will not walk away from promises we made.”

Yeah?  This is Obama in January, 2011 clearly saying he will not cut Social Security benefits.

Social Security Card via Blogs times

(Image via

Fast forward to today, and this is the word on the street about the budget Obama will release on Wednesday:

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Mark Takano and leaders of organizations that oppose President Obama’s anticipated assault on Social Security will go to the White House Tuesday to present petitions signed by more than one million Americans who reject the president’s proposal for “Chained CPI.”

The “Chained CPI” scheme would restructure cost-of-living adjustments in a way that cuts Social Security benefits for millions of seniors and veterans.


Obama knows exactly what to say to make people melt but his actions speak louder than his words.  He better not only talk the talk when it comes to Social Security, he’d better walk the walk too.

If he doesn’t, I don’t think I can believe a word he says anymore.

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Republicans Were Against Medicare Cuts Before They Were For Them Before They Were Against Them Before They Were For Them

That title is no joke.  Read on:

Paul Ryan Looking Smug via Politico

(Image via Politico)

What Do You do When One Party is This Dishonest?

We’re still waiting for a full rollout of House Budget Chair Paul Ryan’s Republican budget, but there’s confirmation now that it will once again rely heavily on retaining the Medicare cuts passed in the Affordable Care Act (even as Ryan’s budget repeals the rest of the law).

[E]veryone is under-appreciating just how outrageous this is. For the second time in a row, Paul Ryan and the Republicans have run a national election campaign (the 2012 presidential election) in which the main theme was bashing the Democrats … for a policy which Republicans support — and indeed are making a key part of the most important policy blueprint that they will roll out this year.

This is no garden-variety flip-flop. It’s a fundamental decision to govern one way and campaign the exact opposite way.

This is one of those cases where it’s so audacious that reporters just don’t want to believe it.

I really can’t think of any comparably dishonest episode in recent American political history. To base not one but two campaigns on attacking the other party for a policy which, between elections, they support…it’s well beyond chutzpah. Oh, and that’s without even beginning to reckon with the fact that the House GOP’s larger Medicare plans call for much bigger long-term cuts than Obamacare made.


1)  This wouldn’t happen if Republicans knew, for sure, without a doubt, that the media would report this kind of bait and switch clearly and repeatedly.

2)  We’ve got to invent a new word.  Outrageous, audacious, dishonest and chutzpah don’t describe what the Republicans are doing now, and have been doing for years.  I guess the big takeway is that they’re willing to lie to the American people and tell them during campaigns they’ll do the exact opposite of what they intend to do if elected.

Way to corrode the democratic process guys.


They’re disgusting.

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Open Letter to Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO)

Dan Vowell

Dan Alan Vowell (Via

I emailed this letter to Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) today:

On Tuesday, 2-26-13, my husband, a 61-year-old msn who delivered mail in south Boulder for 36 years, was diagnosed with a brain disease called frontotemporal degeneration.  In essence, his frontal lobe is disintegrating.

No known cause.  No known cure.

The trajectory of this disease is, unless he dies of some other cause [my husband] will linger for 8 to ten years in a state of incoherence while I spend my time caring for him and paying for his care.

The insurance retired Post Office employees get is good, but it doesn’t, by any means, cover extraordinary expenses like we’re facing.

When was the last time you held a freakin’ town meeting?

Not only that, but the treat of breaking up the P.O. adds an incredible amount of stress to our lives because taking away letter carriers’ benefits is part of that whole deal.   [As in the Republicans’ plan to break all of our backs].

The only way I can pay for my his care is to try to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid.  That means we sell all the assets we’ve built up over the years and put all that money into caring for my sweet Dan.

When he dies, I have nothing.  I’m on the street.

What the hell are you all doing in Washington when we are desperate out here?

I want to offer a (slight) apology to Udall.  I’m angry and I lost my temper.  I could have worded this a little better but at the same time, I’m furious.  As in seeing red.

Where are you Marko?

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