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Huge: WordPress Moves to Block Government Spying on Its Sites

Wordpress liogo

Even though the word “WordPress” doesn’t appear in my Internet address here, this site is in fact hosted by WordPress.  So, I say big, big bravo to WordPress: Check out this statement it released today titled, Reset the Net:

A year ago today, we joined the world in shock on learning that governments were spying on internet users around the world. Tapping internet service providers’ undersea cables, intentionally and secretly weakening encryption products,  surreptitiously collecting everything from call metadata to photos sent over the internet by US citizens — nothing was off limits.

Just as troubling as the revelations themselves is the fact that since last summer, little if anything has changed. Despite a lot of rhetoric, our three branches of government in the United States have not made many concrete steps toward truly protecting citizens from unchecked government surveillance.

❖   ❖   ❖   ❖   ❖   ❖   ❖   ❖   ❖

If we properly encrypt our sites and devices, we can make mass surveillance much more difficult. We’ll have SSL in place for all * subdomains by the end of the year.

Again, go here to read the whole thing and again, bravo to WordPress.  I love seeing big corporations acting up!  (I know they’re doing it for their own financial good but still…)

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Obama’s Laughable Faux Concern About Freedom of the Press in Venezuela

This is a tweet from the U.S. National Security Council, you know, the folks who are spying on everyone in the world (literally0:

National Security Council Tweet re Press freedom in Venezuela


Did you see this:  Thanks Obama!  U.S. 46th in Press Freedom and Dropping Like a Stone.

The United States isn’t the beacon on the hill anymore when it comes to freedom of the press.  As a matter of fact, it’s deviated so much from that standard that it’s paved the way for countries around the world to clamp down on the freedom of speech and the press everywhere.  Not long ago (six, ten years), countries feared the U.S.’s wrath if they strayed too far afield.  Not anymore.

Per Reporters Without Borders, press freedoms are ranked below:

Finland (#1)

New Zealand (#9)

Germany (#14)

Canada (#18)

Slovakia (#20)

Namibia (#22)

Cape Verde (#24)

Ghana (#27)

United Kingdom (#33)

Spain (#35)

France (#39)

Botswana (#41)

Papua New Guinea (#44)

The United States ranks #46 in the world.  Go here for more.

So that NSA tweet above?  Laughable.


With POTUS 44, there’s nothing more galling than his shattered promises to make his the most transparent presidency in history, to cherish the public service offered by whistleblowers and to enshrine the American ideal of a free and unfettered press. It was all a lie, and now the people who compile the World Press Freedom Index have made it official: Our 1st Amendment rights are only a monument to American exceptionalism if you mean that we’re barely more exceptional than Haiti:

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If You’re a Parent and You Care About the World Your Kid Will Live in, Read This

About spying and a corporate-controlled internet:

Spying What I worry About from Bernie Sanders



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This Reminds Me of Nazi Book Burnings

Watch this chilling video of editors at the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper cutting up a computer on which documents provided by Edward Snowden were stored.  Fuzzed out are the faces of two agents from the “Government Communications Headquarters” (GCHQ) who watched.

Here’s a screenshot from the video:

BBC Snowden computer

(Image via


Again, go here to see the video.  This reminds me of Nazi book burnings wherein books were burned under the fantastical notion that destroying them would destroy ideas, beliefs and knowledge.

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The Problem with the Corporate Media in 26 Seconds

Yesterday MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupted a discussion about ending the NSA surveillance program for “breaking news” coverage of Justin Bieber’s bond hearing in Florida:


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What if the NSA is Spying on Congress or the President or Your County Clerk?

If the NSA is spying on journalists, on congress, on the president, on members of the Supreme Court, on governors and county and town councils, and you and me, they rule the world because?  Blackmail.

Spying via U.S. Navy Airman Ricardo J. Reyes via Wikimedia Commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Is the NSA spying on Congress?

“Has the NSA spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?”

This is the huge question U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is asking the National Security Administration in a new letter to the agency’s chief, Gen. Keith Alexander. If at first glance this seems like a legislator’s blind fishing expedition prompted by fact-free conspiracy theory, think again. As I noted in a NSFWCORP report back in August, there’s very good reason for every elected official in Washington to suspect – and fear – that the NSA is surveilling them.


Wow.  Talk about rogue.  The NSA could potentially usurp the authority of our duly elected officials and control them through fear and hey, do whatever they want.  If the entire U.S. power structure is afraid of the NSA, who wins?


The NSA.

I think we might be there already.

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In its “2013 Year in Review” Video, ABC Devotes Eight Seconds to Edward Snowden

I agree with Margaret Sullivan, the Public Editor at the New York Times, when she says the person of the year was Edward and the story of the year was the state:  Accuracy, Secrecy and Equality: What Mattered to Times Readers in 2013.

ABCNews apparently doesn’t.  Check out their “2013 Year in Review” video here.  They devote maybe eight seconds (maybe less) to Snowden. (If you want to fast forward, it’s at 5:14 minutes.)

ABC Year in Review screenshot from

(Screenshot from ABCNews.Go.Com)

They show video of Snowden saying, “My name’s Ed Snowden.”  Then they cut to a news reader who  says “The person responsible for one of the greatest security leaks….” and then to a clip of John Boehner: “He’s a traitor.”

It’s crystal clear what ABC News wants us to think of Snowden.  I’m so glad they, ahem, stick to reporting the facts and they don’t editoralize. I mean, if you have a point of view, come out with it and be upfront.  Don’t pretend to be a straight news organization while propagandizing like this.

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