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Visualizing The Thickness of Ice During the Ice Age

I had no idea any ice anywhere on Earth ever got this thick.  Ever.


Ice Age Ace via Robin Whlie on Twitter

(Image via Robin Wylie on Twitter)




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Thursday, October 9 Could Be a Big Day in Miami

Miami Flooding via wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

This should be interesting:

MIAMI BEACH Fla. (Reuters) – Construction crews are wading into chest high pools of muck in a race against time to install pumps Miami Beach officials hope will help control an annual super-high tide threatening to flood south Florida’s popular seaside city next week.

Around Oct. 9, a so-called “King Tide” is expected to push almost an extra foot (30 cm) of water onto streets, going over sea walls and forcing residents to wade through flooded streets, an annual event causing widespread damage.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said Andreas Schreiner, who has seen past high tides bring water up to and even inside his group of neighborhood restaurants, causing tens of thousands of dollars in losses due temporary shut downs and cleanup.

The event, caused by the alignment of the sun, moon and Earth, provides a taste of the potential impact of a longer-term two-foot sea level rise predicted for south Florida by 2060, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The low-lying greater Miami area, with a population of 5.7 million, is one of the world’s most at-risk urban communities, scientists told a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing in April.

The King Tide is expected to rise to almost four feet. With seven miles of coastline, Miami Beach is already seeing more frequent salt-water street flooding at high tide, according to Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales.


Florida Governor Rick Scott doesn’t believe in climate change.  Maybe he will by the end of the week.

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Image: 35,000 Walrus Resting on an Alaskan Beach

What an amazing photo but the story behind it is heartbreaking:

Image NOAA via

(Image: NOAA via

In this aerial photo taken on Sept. 27, 2014, and provided by NOAA, some 35,000 walrus gather on shore near Point Lay, Alaska. Pacific walrus looking for places to rest in the absence of sea ice are coming to shore in record numbers on Alaska’s northwest coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirms an estimated 35,000 walrus wer photographed Saturday about 700 miles northwest of Anchorage. The enormous gathering was spotted during NOAA’s annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey.


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The Permafrost is Probably Quietly Melting Away Today in Canada

Wow.  Look at the heat in Canada.  It’s far warmer there than it is in Texas or Cuba for god sake.


Heat in Canada 9:19:14

(Image via ColoradoWX on Twitter)

Much larger version here.

And here’s why it matters if the permafrost melts.

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The United States is Way Behind China in Preparing for Climate Change

Let’s ponder the long run for a sec here:  Who’s smarter?  Who’s doing the best job planning for the future?

Military v. Climate spending via Degrist on twitter

(Image via @Drgrist on Twiter)

I vote for China.

This is what the U.S. gets allowing itself to become a corporatocracy run by lobbyist$ who drain it via endless war.

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The U.S. Leads the World in Climate Denial

USA!  USA!  USA!  We’re #1 all right, at being idiots when it comes to climate change:

This may confirm suspicions that many of us have already had. Besides leading the world in consumer debt and military spending, the U.S. can now add climate denial to that list. That is, according to a Global Trends survey by the U.K.-based market research firm Ipsos MORI. The study polled 16,000 people in 20 leading countries on eight different topics, including the environment.

Climate change denial in us via

(Image via

Not only was the U.S. last, but it was last by a considerable margin. Consider the following question: “To what extent do you agree or disagree, the climate change we are currently seeing is largely the result of human activity?” A mere 54 percent of respondents from the U.S. agreed. Compare that with 93 percent from China and 84 percent from both Argentina and Italy. India, France, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, South Korea and South Africa all scored 75 percent or higher.


Tied for second-to-last with 64 percent were Great Britain and Australia. What do these three English-speaking countries have in common? Among other things, global media holding companyNews Corporation, the world’s second-largest media conglomerate, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Canada, which is also blessed with Murdoch’s version of the news, was only slightly better, with 71 percent agreeing.


Just think, Rupert Murdoch’s greatest legacy might be that he brainwashed four of the leading countries on Earth into believing climate change was a hoax — to benefit his corporate oil and gas buddies — thus leading to the destruction of the planet itself because the world waited too long to take action.

The Antichrist incarnate.

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Weather Junkies – Bookmark This Page

I live in Boulder, Colorado and we get A  Lot.  Of.  Wind. Man-oh-man do we get wind.  In 1982 we had gusts of 132 mph one night in February.  The destruction was immense.  It’s kind of a joke around here to weight things down — deck furniture especially — because of it.  We have an ugly as hell “side” table on our deck that’s made of two by fours that weighs about 60 pounds but hey, it won’t blow away (fingers crossed).

Anyway, I came across — this site – Earth Wind Map — after seeing a post about hurricanes heading toward Hawaii tonight (good luck ya’ll!).  But then I realized — with a flick of the ol’ cursor (drag it around on the site) — wind speeds and directions all over the planet could be accessed and visualized.  Really, really cool.

Here’s a screenshot of what’s happening over Hawaii tonight:

Wind over hawaii 8-7-14

Image via EarthWindMap.)

Here’s what’s happening over eastern Antarctica tonight:

Wind over antarctia

(Image via EarthWindMap.)

So, so interesting.

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