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Things I Didn’t Have Time to Write Up

No little puppies tonight, unfortunately:

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[Chris] Christie’s Lawyers Billed More Than $1 Million In January Alone.  And guess who’s paying the bill?  You got it!  New Jersey taxpayers.

My gut feeling is that Christie is about as corrupt as they get.  Mafioso-like.

This one has me SMDH.  I don’t get it.  Are Democrats sitting back, tuning out and thinking since Obama’s in the White House they don’t have to pay attention?  Geezus.  Really:

Scales of Justice Tipped

—–>  Conservative Supreme Court Seen Favorably by … Democrats?

And then there’s this beautiful photo from NASA that speaks to how fragile our atmosphere is:

NASA Photo of Atmosphere 5-7-14

(Image via

Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

International Space Station astronauts captured this photo of Earth’s atmospheric layers on July 31, 2011, revealing the troposphere (orange-red), stratosphere and above. Satellite instruments allow scientists to better understand the chemistry and dynamics occurring within and between these layers.




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Time to Clear the Deck

I’ve had a variety of screenshots on my desktop all week (or longer) that I’m tired of trying to work into posts but I want to put them up, so here they are:

Don’t ask me why (my hubby thinks this is stupid) but I love this because it’s, I don’t know, so sweet:

Spaghetti Os

I’ve followed for years.  If you care about what’s going on in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, — or about America’s invasions  — go there.  If you care (and, sadly, not many of us do unless we’re saluting our troops at the Super Bowl) how many people have died in those countries, go there.

Turns out, tracking troop and civilian deaths in wars doesn’t sit well with our militaristic government.  Imagine (1) feeling the need to file a FOIA request, (2) filing one, and (3) getting 50 pages of blacked out pages back.

AntiWar FOIA request

How did this happen?  I’m thinking a tax structure that’s maybe kind of (a lot!) geared toward the rich.


The hubby retired in 2011 and we pay taxes on every single dollar we withdraw from our pitiful savings  account to stay afloat.  We’re an inch away from financial disaster at any moment.  Literally.  So again, I’m looking at this and SMDH.  Something’s wrong with how our society’s structured:

Tweet of the Day 1-30-14

Colorado found a way to pay for gold leaf to be laid on its capitol dome in Denver.

Yeah.  Really.

Don’t ask me how many children will go without breakfast because of this or how many more people I will see at the food bank because “there isn’t any money” to help folks who can’t make it in this economy.  But gold leaf on the dome?  Hell yeah.  There’s money for that!

Denver Gold dome

(Image via Mike Nelson on Twitter)





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