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The Problem with the Corporate Media in 26 Seconds

Yesterday MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupted a discussion about ending the NSA surveillance program for “breaking news” coverage of Justin Bieber’s bond hearing in Florida:


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Get Ready For Two Years of Trump-Might-Run Coverage Even Though Everyone Knows He Won’t

It would be one thing if “E! News” did this but when the supposed “real” news outlets do it it’s pretty disgusting.  In short, get ready to get played:

Donald Trump's Hair

Here we go again.

More than three years ahead of the 2016 election, Donald Trump is already hinting at a presidential run, and the media — though certain this time around that he can’t be serious — are covering it anyway.

Dubbed a “sideshow” by NBC’s Chuck Todd and a “serial presidential campaign explorer” by CBS News, Trump is being accused by the press of engaging in yet another publicity stunt. “Folks,” the NBC News political team flatly declared this week, “he isn’t going to run.”

But don’t for one second think that means an end to Trump coverage. And lots of it.

Even as reporters suggest that Trump should not be taken seriously, many media organizations continue to cover him as a potential legitimate candidate, as they did in 2012. The reason for that is something Trump, the executive producer and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” is very familiar with: ratings.

“How many times do people have to fall for this game?” asked Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant. “Everyone knows this, and no one seems to be able to resist covering the spectacle, because Donald Trump – the brand – isn’t ever forced to post up against political reality. He’s a master marketer and brand-manager, and he’s learned that the media loves the bluster and the bullshit, even with the full knowledge he’s not going to ever, ever, ever pull the trigger on the race.”

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Oy, The Second Presidential Debate

Heading into this new week I’m already exhausted because all the attention in the US media is on Wednesday night’s second presidential debate.  Nobody knows what will happen of course. It’s all about speculation.  Predictions.  What ifs.  Could be.  This or that.

We’re watching talking heads justify their own existence and their own paychecks.

A friend of mine had some simple advice for me last week:  Don’t watch any of the debates so you can…sleep.

I’m thinking she’s right.

And another thing:  So much is going on in the world but in order to save/make money, the MSM has laid off their foreign correspondents and the campaign is all they’ve got.

So, here we are.  The Debates.  That’s it.

If only we could train them to to think we care about real news.

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Watch Cable News Outlets Cover for Paul Ryan’s Lies

Watch his painful mashup of cable newsers covering for the lies Paul Ryan told last night in his speech at the Republican National Convention.


Ryan wouldn’t tell lies like this if he wasn’t pretty darn sure he would never be called out on them so thanks “liberal media!”

Geezus.  The cables are so terrified of being called “biased,” pointing out a lie and proving that it’s a lie is off limits.  In my opinion, that’s the definition of news.  Pointing to the fuc*ing facts and ah, hello, informing people for God’s sake.

Can you hear me screaming now?


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This is News? Really? REALLY?

If we didn’t click on headlines like this, “news” organizations wouldn’t publish them:

Geezus.  Thoughts about the collapse of civilization come to mind.




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News Outlets With Agendas

This is crazy.

Check out this headline at the Daily Mail,

over this picture:

Caters News Agency

An otter looks to the heavens and prays for food?

Forget the headline.   Read the article:

‘I took the photos at Whipsnade Zoo, which has this island with a purpose built moat for the otters. I had to hide there for a long time to get the shot.

‘The otter was running around cradling a stone under his arm when he was surprised by another otter jumping out of the water which caused him to jump and throw the stone in the air.

When he started trying to grab it I took the snap.’

Gee.  Imagine what your memory of this would be if all you read was the headline.

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Colorado News Channel: Sonogram Shows Baby Tebowing

Say it ain’t so already:

You expect to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, but you might not expect what one local family saw in their sonogram this week. It showed their baby boy “Tebowing” in the womb.

“I think it really hit us kind of when we came home and looked at it because we had just got this on Tuesday; and the weekend before we were all ‘Tebowing,’” Elizabeth Vigil said. She added that the baby is already a part of her Broncos family.

“You’re born into the Broncos when you’re born into my family, pretty cool,” her husband, David Vigil, said.


What with so many things happening in the world that the corporate media would rather not touch, I guess you’ve got to fill the time any way you can.

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