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CBS’s Scott Pelley Implies The World Has Turned Against Wikileaks

Just minutes ago I was watching the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.  Pelley was reporting on Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, and his impending extradition to Sweden, “to face rape and sexual molestation claims.”

Photo: Graeme Robertson, The Guardian (UK)

Toward the end of his report, Pelley said Wikileaks funding has “dried up,” implying that the world as a whole has turned against the organization.  What Pelley didn’t tell his audience is that there has been an organized campaign by the 1%-ers to starve Wikileaks of funding because the documents Wikileaks has leaked (and has the potential to leak) threatens their control of the planet:

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal And Other Payment Companies Still Choking Off Funding to WikiLeaks, Threatening Whistleblower’s Survival

Gotta love the “liberal media,” huh?

November 2, 2011 at 7:13 PM 2 comments

Republican Hypocrisy on Parade in Maine

Republicans make me sick:

AUGUSTA, Maine — Members of the coalition hoping to restore same-day voter registration in Maine released a list Tuesday of legislators who voted to eliminate same-day registration but registered to vote on or near Election Day themselves.


The names of legislators released includes three state senators — including Senate President Kevin Raye of Perry, a co-sponsor of the bill that eliminated same-day registration — and seven members of the House of Representatives.


In addition to numerous members of the House and Senate whose registration would not have been allowed under current law, Gov. Paul LePage, who signed the bill eliminating same-day registration, registered to vote in Waterville on the day before Election Day in 1982.

Several members of LePage’s senior staff also registered on or near Election Day, including his press secretary and legislative policy coordinator.

Republicans specialize in a blatant, raw, naked form of hypocrisy that is supremely nauseating.

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Rick Perry Has “Presidential Hair”

Remind me — please — not to watch Fox because I don’t have time to post about their crapola every time I do, be it for a second or ten.  That said, I turned to BillO tonight as I was wrapping up in the kitchen and lo and behold, there was Charles Krauthammer, touting Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) for president:  He has “presidential hair.”

So, per the wingers, 2012 is a vote for the best “presidential hair?”


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WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

This is going to drive a lot of people nuts:

A Norwegian lawmaker has nominated WikiLeaks for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, saying Wednesday that its disclosures of classified documents promote world peace by holding governments accountable for their actions.

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Steve Kroft — You’re No Julian Assange

OMG.  I just watched Steve Kroft’s 60 Minutes interview with Julian Assange.

HO; Sara Jaye Weiss

Right off the bat Kroft set Assange up to be hated:  He’s “eccentric” and he has to wear an “ankle bracelet” because of [he didn’t say dubious] pending charges against him.

Along the way Kroft said, “People in the United States think” you’re a “traitor” and, “There’s a feeling within the community [the corporate media] that you’re not one of them.”

I’m a “people in the United States” and I don’t think Assange is a traitor but then again, my head isn’t stuck in the toilet of DC power politics,  protecting the 200-some families who rule the world.

Assange isn’t a member of the corporate media suck-up-to-power club?  That’s the biggest complement anyone could pay him.  You go guy!

Aaaaaahhh!  More later but suffice it to say, Julian Assange will be remembered as a journalist but Steve Kroft won’t be.

Oh, and BTW, per the wingnutOsphere, this is the liberalist of the liberal media we’re talking about here.

More via Glenn Greenwald:



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Julian Assange on “60 Minutes” Sunday

On Sunday, corporate media giant CBS will host a man who “some say” should be assassinated point-blank, forget due process and the right to a trial by a jury of his peers.

Can’t wait to see how this unfolds:

January 26, 2011 at 10:47 PM 1 comment

Jane Hamsher Harassed and Detained by Military Brass at Quantico


Jane Hamsher is with David House who is trying to visit Pvt. Bradley Manning at Quantico today while carrying a petition with 42,000 signatures requesting humane treatment for Manning. The military isn’t making it easy at all and detained Jane and David for two hours. We’re publishing her tweets as well as David House’s tweets here as a post in case you haven’t been able to follow them on Twitter @JaneHamsher and @DavidMHouse.

More on the concern for Bradley Manning here.


January 23, 2011 at 3:30 PM 1 comment

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