July 20, 2024

Does As Seen on TV Smooth Away Really Remove Hair?

Last night I came across Smooth Away, which I have seen on many commercials these past few months. Although the As Seen On TV product failed to convince me through its advertising, I wanted to try it, because…well because I’m a sucker for As Seen On TV products.

I found a small box containing Smooth Away for only $9.99 at my local Target, and I figured if it didn’t work I’d just return the dang thing.

The kit included a larger pink rubber pad, and a smaller pad to be used on your face. The pads contain an easy to hold handle, and you have to apply these small sticky pads to the pink rubber pads. The sticky pads stick to the Smooth Away tool, and your job is to basically rub the tool around on your face, legs, etc.

On the commercials they make it look fantastic, as if the Smooth Away will quickly and painlessly remove all traces of hair for a baby soft smooth finish.

I knew that a lot of folks were gossiping on the Internet stating that Smooth Away was a rip off. This is both true, and false.

For one, they work. I don’t care how many folks say they don’t work when I personally got results. My results, though, took forever and only worked on one area!

I used the smaller Smooth Away tool on my face. I rubbed it around and around and could feel the padding grabbing onto fine hairs on my face. I don’t have a manly hairy face, but I have peach fuzz that I really don’t like.

It took a lot of rubbing, and eventually I began to see results, and I could feel that my skin was much, much smoother. The trick to obtaining results is to rub the Smooth Away tool around your face in a circular motion; you DO NOT need to scrub the tool into your skin. A small circular wipe and eventually the peach fuzz is smoothed away.

This just took forever though, and honestly I could have ran a razor onto the fuzz and it would have taken seconds, with the same results.

The larger Smooth Away tool in the kit is what really sucked. It did not remove hair from my legs, and do not even bother using it on your armpits, it just won’t work.

Overall Smooth Away actually works, but only on thin, thin peach fuzz hairs on your face. Don’t expect it to remove hair from your arms either.

For the price I can’t recommend it because it does not work as promised. When compared to the cost of laser hair removal in nj, this product is over priced. It only works on fine hair on the face, and it takes way too much rubbing to get smooth results.

My face felt sensitive after using it, so it does hurt, and if you have sensitive skin to begin with you will be cussing this product up and down. The feeling it left behind was similar to razor burn, if I wanted razor burn I would have just used a razor and saved myself a half hour.