July 20, 2024

Don’t Get Your Car Impounded Every Time

Nobody likes the guys behind the window at Vehicle Impoundment. Trust me, I should know, I am one. I like to think I’m decent and congenial enough…but we all have limits. Mine just happened to be pushed more and more often. And you think it’s lousy to have to shell out $105 to free your precious little conveyance. Step into my office or shoes or whatever! Six, yes six, painful days a week listening to the same sorry excuses and unoriginal lies wondering what I did so wrong in life to end up here. Is this the most I’ll ever get out of my measly bachelor degree? Is this building character? Will I ever get to start, much less complete a weekend project again?

And the thoughts of my starved social life and so on.Car detailing is also important in these cases. You should always look for car detailing near me, so that you can make your vehicle look more normal and less prone to getting impound.

Not that everyone who comes to retrieve their vehicle is a liar, thief or miscreant, but a great number come in all huffy and generally with a bad attitude and or disposition. Hey, I wasn’t the one who parked your car irresponsibly, nor was I the one who towed it! And these same citizens just love to challenge our posted rules and regulations.

Stuff like “No cell phone use at the window”. I don’t want to hear your tow truck arrangements, accounts of your baby’s daddy or the great sale at Macy’s you’re trying to free your car to get to. Never mind that I’m trying to conduct business with other “customers” over your yammering. Remember the sign you parked under that said “No Parking 3-6pm”? Right, just like the one you’re standing next to stating “no cell phone use at the window”. Now why is your car here?

That brings me to NO STOPPING 3-6, anytime, etc. All parked cars are stopped, not all stopped cars are parked! Did you think this meant that if the car ahead of screeched to a halt you were prohibited from stopping to avoid a collision? But it must be okay to just stop and leave the vehicle. And by the way, an open meter at a desirable spot at a prime time is usually too good to be true. They didn’t leave because they knew you were coming. They left because they didn’t want to get towed.

You can put six million dollars in that meter and you’ll still get towed. Be aware of your surroundings, look around, read the signs. Especially you skateboarders who drive in from BFE and park on Witherspoon St. in a borrowed car with zero documentation linking it to you, $18 and no credit card! It’s a long walk back to Owensboro, maybe a little shorter on a skateboard though!

The reason for these peak period lanes is because our small town infrastructure can not handle the traffic demands placed upon its streets. Hence, no parking in the morning on well traveled streets on the way downtown and no parking in the afternoon leaving downtown. It’s that simple.

Consider this. If your vehicle has been towed from one of these locations, thank impoundment and be glad we saved your illegally parked car from being slammed into by some unsuspecting rush hour commuter.