July 20, 2024

Grow Long Hair With These Simple Steps 1 To 10!

Growing long, luscious and beautiful hair is the dream of many! While it’s not rocket science for sure, it’s not even as easy as people feel it is. Combining various aspects of hard work, determination, consistency, and use of health supplements, shampoo, oil, and other hair care products is something that gives you the ultimate benefits. Well, the biggest thing that comes with long hair is your patience. It takes years to grow hair and just a few seconds to cut them off. So, if you are dedicated enough and want to get perfect hair, here are the major 10 steps that you must follow, give your hair the right treatment and see them flourishing right in front of your eyes!

The steps to be followed for beautiful, long, healthy hair

  • Trimming is inevitable

regular trimming always makes your hair look healthy and beautiful. In fact, they resist the split ends to go high on the top and create more damage. Of course, we all hate split ends and the only way to get rid of them is regular trimming. Well, it will lead to some loss in the length, but if you give the ends more room to grow, you might need to cut much more of them. So, ask your professional salon expert to give you trim in every 4-6 weeks. You can even do that at home with battery operated hair clippers.

  • Shampoo twice or thrice a week that’s all!

a lot of people become really concerned of cleaning the dirt and dust that gets accumulated due to which, they start shampooing their hair every day which is a disaster. This rips off the natural oil formation of your hair, leaving them dry and unhealthy. So, make sure that you just shampoo them twice or thrice weekly.

  • Use conditioner every time after shampooing

from coloring, heat treatments and styling, your hair starts losing their properties and get thinner from the bottom. Thus, whenever you are shampooing the hair, it is important to go for conditioner as it restores the proteins as well as lipids that are found in your hair. A good conditioner also seals up the cuticles and maintain the health of your hair.

  • Use cold water when you complete your shower

it doesn’t matter how you take the shower; make sure that you give your hair a cold water bath to maintain their originality. Cold water generally lays the hair’s outer layer smoothly. It also prevents moisture loss, heat damage and snags that are highly desired. So, just do it for a few seconds and see the magic work.

  • Take healthy meals

your hair not only needs nourishment from the outside, but they eventually require healthy nourishment from the inside as well. Consume products that are rich in vitamin B, which can be found in fish, vegetables, seafood, meat and a lot more.

  • Use a good oil or mask treatment every week on your hair

apart from trimming them regularly with battery operated hair clippers it is essential to nourish your hair with natural oil treatments or organic masks. You can mix up various essential oils, onion juice, and aloe vera to give your hair length the boost which they need.

  • Always brush with proper care

always be gentle with your hair strands. Avoid brushing after you have oiled or shampooed the hair. While they are wet, they are at their weakest phase and thus the hair will simply fall down if you try to detangle them with any pressure. So, always let the hair dry naturally and then only comb them.

  • Don’t use a rough pillowcase

satin or silk fabric is much better for the health of your hair than anything else. Regularly woven cotton pillowcases will lead to less friction and your hair may get tangled every time you wake up.

  • Avoid using huge towels to wrap the hair

don’t wrap your hair instantly after washing, and even if you want to drain them, go for microfiber towels that turn out as highly beneficial and useful. Other huge towels force the hair shafts to come together that leads to breakage and other complications.

  • Maintain patience and repeat the above mentioned regularly!

the final step is to be patient. Your hair will grow regularly but they will definitely take some time to showcase a visible change. There is no point where you need to stop doing all the above-mentioned things. Just continue them with a routine and see how your hair will grow and improve effectively.

So, these were the top most important things that you must keep in your mind for healthy hair! And of course, never forget to use great battery operated hair clippers to trim and keep your hair healthy forever.