July 20, 2024

Mistaken Beliefs Regarding Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test is possibly conducted when an investigator is confused about certain individuals as guilty of the case or not. A lie detector test is commonly known as a polygraph test and is carried out when there are some miscomprehensions related to the guilty person in the case. A lie detector test is generally conducted by the government authorities or with the permission of government officials. It is not always accurate in terms of results due to the fact that the health position of the suspect might be hampered while performing the polygraph test. This test solely depends on the certain diagnosis of the body conditions of the suspect because the polygraph test is highly dependable on the certain health factors such as blood pressure, breath rate, heart rate, skin response, sweat excretion, and many more.

Several aspects of conducting a polygraph test: 

  1. Time-saver: Generally, a lie detector test is conducted by a lie-detecting tool to save the time of the police and other official government authorities. It somehow works as a nice time-saving device that is generally used by the examiners to fasten the process of revelation of the guilty individual as compared to other methods of catching the criminal.

  2. Shows the intensity of case: Carrying out a lie detector test is basically a tip to display the seriousness of the issue involved in the case. The number of guilty people involved in the case becomes at low risk of getting accused. Hence, it is sometimes necessary for the investigators to perform the polygraph test.

  3. More precise results: Conducting a lie detector test is assumed to conclude much faster and accurate results as compared to other sources of identifying the guilty. It provides the most exact results regarding the happened event and provides details about the incident in minimum time.

  4. Accurate identification of convict: The chances of getting confused about the investigator and the authorities become lesser with the help of lie detector test. It allows them to get acknowledgment regarding the possible potentials that can happen in that case.

How much it costs to carry out a polygraph test? 

Basically, a lie detector test is carried out with an expense of $400-$1200, but along with it, it depends on the investigator too. If the test has been conducted by a certified professional, then it might consist of more expenses as compared to when it is carried out by a non-professional. However, one just needs proper machines and gadgets to perform a lie detector test such as breath recorder, heart rate recorder, blood pressure machine, etc. a moving paper is required to be attached with the electrodes that are connected to the body of the suspect with some wires. That blank paper records the fluctuations of high and low levels of each of the above-mentioned health tests.

What is the significance of sweat in the lie detector test? 

The lie detector test is solely contingent on certain factors such as breath rate, heart rate, and sweat amount. Therefore, the quantity of sweat being secreted by the sweat glands of the body of the suspect describes a lot about the innocent or guilty percentage of the respected suspect. But it is suggested to the detectives as well as to the investigators to not fall in the trap of polygraph test at the early stages of their case-solving levels. Because sometimes, a person can get extreme sweat due to several other elements such as fear from the questions or anxiety from the environment and many other factors.

How does a polygraph test actually work? 

Ten to eleven numbers of questions are allowed to be asked from a certain suspect. The investigator is permitted to ask a series of questions with a yes or no option, along with the one-word answer. The lie detector test, often called a polygraph, is a great way to find criminals. It is used by government authorities as well as by registered spies and detectives at a very narrow range. It is known to be the best technique to detect the guilty by conducting his polygraph test. But it is strongly advised to the conductors to not 100% rely on this test as the fluctuations in the health might be caused due to various other reasons such as fear from questions, fear from the environment of lie detection, anxiety regarding the results, etc. it is not said to be right to completely agree to the results of polygraph test because sometimes, it can show wrong readings of the health report.

In what cases can we use the procedure of lie detection test? 

Any detective, either private or government, and the government authorities itself can avail of the benefits of using a lie detector test when they find a need to do so. The requirements for performing a polygraph test are not limited to any criteria. It can be used wherever they feel the need to conduct it, such as: 

  • In case of theft: When the officials are needed to know who has done the theft or forgery, and of what amounts it has been done. The investigator can ask for the fixed amount of theft done by the guilty suspect. It provides extreme aid to the police and other authorities in finding their right accused person of a particular case.

  • In case of murders: When a murder is done by a specific person, and he comes in the eyes of the law, but it becomes difficult to find proofs against him, then lie detector test comes to rescue. By conducting a polygraph test, it becomes very easy for the legal officials to know about the details of the convict. Hence, it is of utmost importance in cases of homicides.

  • In cases of rape: There are becoming cases when women are taking false advantages of the rights being issued to them by the government of the respected country. They are availing wrong benefits by falsely blaming ale section of the society in many countries. The lie detector tests of such ladies can be conducted while finding for the real accused in the case of rape and molestation.

  • In cases of manhandling: When a group of individuals gets involved in the act of man-handling all of a sudden, then it becomes essential to carry out a polygraph test to know the beginner of such violent acts, by conducting the test of the possible suspect of the whole scenario.

  • In cases of divorce: When there are two parties in the case and the examiner is confused between the two of them, and to clear the misconception regarding the case, the judge of the court can also carry out a lie detection test in the court in front of general public, to know the true aspects of both parties.

  • In cases of refugees: The refugee cases are becoming so common nowadays; the legal authorities can also get benefitted from the procedure of lie detector test. They can ask a certain individual if he is actually a displaced person or not. This might help a nation in getting fewer refugees to provide them a place for living.