January 16, 2021

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What are the Top 5 Annoying Video Game Cliches?

The video game industry has endured years of ups and downs dealing with home conversions, technology upgrades, the Internet boom and competing companies. During that time, video game enthusiasts have enjoyed hours and hours of classic gaming through action, sports and other gaming genres.

No matter how much the video game universe speaks out, five trends that continue to occur, but they need to end.

Movie-based Games

You can picture the titles now, collecting dust at the your local electronics store. Avatar, Batman Begins and some of the biggest movies off all time have encountered some of the crappiest games. How can you have clear crisp CG in a movie and provide blurry pixelated characters in a game based off that movie? However, the r3g boosting sites are building the interest of the gamers in the movie based video games. They will use the different techniques from the site and rank them from easy to hard.

Instead of creating video games based off movies, the game makers should implement the movie promotion in other ways. Short versions available for download, movie character cameos in real games or an interactive “Scene It!” type game instead. Platforming movie games should rarely be purchased or even played by true video game owners.

Mario Spin-Offs

Mario is the greatest video game mascot of all time, but Nintendo tries to hard to extend his franchise. Spin-offs like Mario Kart are great, but efforts like Mario Sports Mix or Wario Shake It! Are unnecessary. Instead Nintendo should focus on creating another New! Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Mario Galaxy Sequel. Fans will often return to the original formulas that work time after time.

DLC Content

Games cost enough as it is, but now companies are forcing players to shell out even more money for the “must-have” DLC content. Video games are often missing extra players and maps that used to be earned instead of purchased. It’s like getting a box of Lucky Charms but having to buy the marshmallows later. As the trend continues, it seems like more extras will be left out of games and at the cost to players later on.

The Ripoffs

This is true for every business, but video game players have to deal with “The Ripoffs.” For Sonic the Hedgehog there was Croc and Crash Bandicoot. For Grand Theft Auto there were several like The Getaway, Saints Row and the True Crime series. Rarely are these ripoffs ever as good as the original and when playing them you long for the real game instead.

The Yearly Sequel

With ever changing team rosters, stadiums and other factors, the sports genre has the annoying trend of the yearly sequel. Now to keep up with online play, players are almost forced to buy the new editions even though there are rarely any significant changes.

Does Tiger Woods’ PGA Golf really need a new game every year? Golf is golf. WWE has had yearly game releases for over a decade, but the game play has not had any major overhauls. If the developers do not have such a big time crunch, then the game could have a couple of years to grow and improve. Plus it would make the demand even larger for a new release.

Thin And Beautiful: The Healthy Way For Reducing The Belly Fat

Many of you are familiar with the various diet fads that sweep through our society, seemingly at lightning speed. New diets seem to pop up every week, on every magazine, each claiming to be the magical secret formula to keep you thin and beautiful forever with no commitment. Nearly all of these diets are unhealthy for your body and can often cause definite health problems down the road. Women especially in today’s world maintain the unswerving mindset that thin=beauty, and health is unimportant in comparison to one’s looks. The Atkins diet, the Slim Fast diet, the grapefruit diet, the give-blood-every-two-weeks-to-lose-weight diet… you’ve probably heard them all, and you may have even tried a few yourself. We’re the country that has more food to eat than any other country in the world, and with more diets to keep us from eating it. The fact is, these diets rarely work for the long term, and are by no means healthy for you.

So in the search for a diet that would provide me with a healthy body AND the slimmer physique I was hoping for, I found the answer. However, this answer didn’t come in diet form, nor did it come from the cover of Cosmopolitan. It came in the way of a new lifestyle and a new set of beliefs.

Organic eating is certainly one of the most talked-about topics circulating the nation these days, so it’s reasonable to be skeptical at first. I certainly was. My first experience learning about organic foods was during my senior year of high school. I remember a friend of mine explaining to me how her mother had filled their entire kitchen with only organic food and would accept nothing less than strictly organic products in her household. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Of course, the rich soccer moms of West Linn just couldn’t get over trying to micro-manage everything under the sage advice of their favorite 40s+ glamour magazine, I thought.

It was nearly a year later that I realized my mistake. While at the time it seemed that my friend’s mom had simply been fulfilling her role as the easily deceived, believe whatever Oprah says housewife, a trustworthy news article and a little further research on my part proved to me that indeed, organic food is very important to your health. If you want to get the diet plan, then click here now on the website. The experience of the person will be good for reducing the belly fat.

First off, organic farmers do not use pesticides on their produce. Studies have shown that out of the 28 most commonly used pesticides, 23 are carcinogenic. Yes, this means that they cause cancer in the human body. According to the National Academy of Sciences, inorganic food’s pesticide residues cause approximately 20,000 cancer-related deaths per year. One must wonder why the FDA is still allowing inorganic practices to remain legal.

Another great reason to buy and eat only organic produce is to support local farmers. Buying local produce ensures that transportation time was short and that there have been no toxic sprays put in your food or the soil it was grown in. Visiting your local farmers market will not only help out your neighbors and yourself, but it will also shift demand away from large-scale companies that maintain bad business practices.

Fruits and vegetables aside, meat is a hot issue these days. Countless examinations in studies of grocery meats show that non-organic meat can be very dangerous, as well as unethical. The dangers of non-organic meat has become well-known through the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and protein-only diets in herbivorous animals.

Secure Your Heating Oil this Winter in the Best Possible Way

Heating oil is the most essential thing for winter. You already know how merciless is the winter which covers everything in snow and spread freezing cold. It becomes impossible for one to survive without a heating machine at their home. Despite closing all vents and gaps in the home, it is impossible to live when the mercury reaches the sub-zero temperature. Hence, it is mandatory for every building, be it residential or commercial to have one heating machine.

You already know what a heating machine is but do you know how it works? Mostly people know that it is electrical appliance that heats up the environment inside home. But, how does it work? Here are some information for you from Oil Heating Specialists of North Jersey.

Oil-fuelled heating system is designed to spread heat in three ways – warm air through the vents, steam through the radiator and hot water through baseboards. These are the most common three ways. Thermostat or the heating machine is designed to sense the temperature of the room and with the signal of a fallen temperature it starts working to heat up your room automatically. It happens to the automated system which is a more popular one.

At the time the heating oil gets engaged, it travels through the tank to the burner with a pump and there it becomes a fine mist that is mixed with air. The mixture then is inserted into the burner for ignition in the combustion chamber.

Type of Heating Systems

Based on your system type, water-based or warm air, the system actually works accordingly to disperse the heat throughout your home. Typically two types of heating system are available in the market where either the water is heated in the cast iron or steel boiler before the dispersing.

Hot water system: In the hot water system, the water is circulated through the baseboards or radiators.

Steam system: In the steam system, the water is steamed and rises through the pipes into the radiator.

Warm Air System: Here, the furnace heats up the air and a blower sends the heated air through the ducts and vents in the walls or the floors. The air then gets back to the furnace through a return duct and cycle repeats.

Finally, the discharge of the hot air from the combustion of fuel and air gets released from the system though a pipe that emits the air through a chimney.

Securing the Heating Oil

As heating oil is the main fuel to let this entire thing work and keep your home warm and comfortable, it is of course holds immense importance in the winter. Because of its high demand and price in the winter, we suggest you to get it beforehand to avoid the price rise and save some bucks in your pocket. However, if you buy enough heating oil for winter, it is vulnerable because it is easy target for the thieves. The price is high and if a thief can steal substantial amount of heating oil from somewhere they can get some money by selling that is an even higher price. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your heating oil secure so that investment doesn’t go in vain and in the winter you don’t have to look for the same.

Here are some useful tips for you to keep your heating oil secured in this winter from theft.

Lock the Tanks

You must have a tank where you store the heating oil, right? Well this is the prime target of the thieves to access your oil and steal it. To protect it from the unauthorised access, you can consider locking up the tank. Locks are available in the market in various ranges and you can choose one as per your requirements. The locks are user-friendly and no hard and fast rule is there to install the same. In a very less time you can install the lock. To get the best lock, just keep in mind that the caps are all sturdy and they don’t break easily. A shackle padlock is better in this case the bolt copper is difficult to be broken. These are inexpensive so you can get it easily.

Tank Alarms

There are some electronic oil tank which can be linked to an alarm inside your home. The alarm notifies you if the oil level drops all of a sudden. Before winter arrives, make sure that the alarm is working properly; if not, call a repairer to mend it now. Check the alarm batteries and refill it before winter so that the purpose is solved when required. You can add a sign or sticker about the lock and alarm so that thieves can know about it and don’t try to steal your oil.

Security Lighting

Generally, thefts are performed at night when everyone sleeps. For this reason, you are suggested to install a motion-activated security light that will make you alert of any trespassers at your premise. The installation is not recommended if the tank is out of your view. The lighting wouldn’t help you to know about the thieves then. An outdoor camera can help you as well to see if anyone is stealing your oil.


Despite all these precautions, possibilities are there where you find yourself in such unpleasant situation. To address the problem, it is always better to cover your household with proper insurance plan. Check whether the current plan is covering your oil theft or not. If not, include that too because oil is expensive these days and an insurance will help you get the compensation for your loss. You can compare the coverage and price of various insurers available in the market and choose the best deal as per your requirements and preferences.

Hide the Tank

People hide their treasures in such place where none can reach it; the same is applicable for your oil tank. It is better to locate your tank out of the roadsight so that none can usually find the same in one glance. The fences should be properly installed so that one has to put a lot of effort to enter your premises. High fences often work well to keep your belongings including the tank out of the thieves’ reach.

In case you couldn’t stop the theft and lose a substantial amount of oil, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Calling the police is the first thing you have to do. You have to report the theft immediately. In addition to it, you must hand over the evidences to prove your belonging to the police. If the outdoor camera has recorded someone, hand it over too. Once you get the crime number, you will be provided with all possible assistance regarding it.

  • Check your insurance policy at once to know how much coverage you will get for your loss. Call the insurer and explain the enter incident to them.

  • Make your neighbours notified about the problem so that they can be aware of the same and take precaution to prevent such mishaps.

  • Check your tank. It is possible for it to be damaged during the theft. Repair it immediately and protect it to avoid such problem again.

Hope this guide has helped you. Share your thoughts on it.

Guidance about how a person gets a patent without using a Lawyer

For the average inventor, getting the willpower and drive to patent and manufacture an invention can be a difficult process. There are many obstacles that can frighten the innovator and may cause he or she to put a device, process or concoction somewhere it collects metaphorical dust. It’s no secret that becoming a successful inventor is as challenging – if not more than – as starting your own business. In fact, you may find that you have to start your own business to promote the product. Therefore, you’ll need to have a large monetary base to get your product out.

One place that commands a significant amount of money is the field of patent law. To the novice inventor, the idea of going through the patent application process – including paying the non-refundable fees, obtaining the correct terminology, following the correct rules and making sure that the invention hasn’t been reproduced – can be extremely daunting. Patent lawyers can often help out with this process monumentally. Patent lawyers are available all over the world and can be considered a tremendous investment for the inventor who has deep pockets. However, you may have the next revolutionary machine and not a lot of money to spend to make sure no one else claim it’s theirs. What can you do? The following is a set of steps you can take to avoid having to shell out $5,000 and up for a patent lawyer.

First: Can your invention be protected?

You know what your invention can do. You know how it is similar or different to the products you have seen marketed every day. However, you must be sure that a) it isn’t too close in functionality to another invention and b) that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can legitimately understand why it’s a unique product. In order to do this, you’ll need to do two things. First of all, run a search through the USPTO database to see if other inventions that are closely like yours exist. List how they’re similar and how they’re different. Be sure that when you fill out your patent application, you compare and contrast these inventions to your own and be clear about why yours fills a niche that the others do not. Secondly, learn what different classifications of inventions exist for the USPTO. This will help you fit your invention into a place where regulations exist.

Second: Is your invention modern?

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, it was revolutionary and it made him a household name. Today, if you were to go to the patent office with a new version of a light bulb that did not improve on his original invention, you may be shot down. Yes, you may have a novel idea, but if it couldn’t be found useful when compared to similar products that exist today, but if the USPTO doesn’t find it modern, then it may reject your application to patent it. The samples of modern invention can be checked at sonilaw.ca. The ideas mentioned at the site are creative and innovative. It will eliminate the need of the lawyers.

Third: Can your invention be commercialized?

You can pretty much tell what a marketable invention is by watching mail order commercials. Things like towels that hold ten times their weight and high-volume vegetable slicers are quick and easy sellers, whose patents were well-earned. If you have an invention you’re proud of, but you’re not sure if it will sell, it may be best to do a little market research. The best place to start with this research is to find what’s called ‘prior art’, which include inventions that are close to yours which you may have improved upon. If your invention doesn’t have enough appeal so that it could potentially grab market share from prior art, then it probably won’t get a patent.

Fourth: Can you fill out the paperwork?

In order to have a patent approved, you must be able to fill out a patent application successfully. This application will require quite a bit of information, including descriptions of the functionality of your invention, why it should be given a patent, and quality drawings of the invention and how it works. Instructions about how to fill out patent applications are widely available in libraries and on the web, so become familiar with USPTO terminology and rules before trying to fill the application out.

Although it can be tough when you first become an inventor to get your product patented, it’s a wonderful experience. Avoid paying for a lawyer and pave your own way to a patent!

Fitbit- How it can enhance the organizational health

Numerous people are not aware of the good side of the Fitbit. It is one of the best fitness trackers that can help you in changing yourself. Your bad habits can easily get fade away in no time, and good habits can take place. You can get any model of the Fitbit as it can help in tracking down your day to day steps. Not only will it help in tracking, but you can also get to enhance your health in your day to day life. You can read more about this further in the article or online. There are lots of activities like sleeping, moving, exercising, etc. that can be tracked by the device and will let you know about the outcome. 

It can change your bad habits in many ways, like you can start to keep checking your steps and fitness more often. On the other hand, you can get motivated all the time. You will not be able to find another way of calculating steps every day, so the fitness device is of your help.

It helps in focusing on your fitness goals or vision 

There are many things that are responsible for changing the behavior of a person, and Fitbit is one of them. It will help you in checking your steps regularly, and also you will get to know how disciplined you are. It can make you feel motivated by displaying your pending goals daily so that you can start working in order to meet your goals. Maintaining fitness is not an easy task because you have to make a lot of sacrifices in that. Fitbit can be work like your trainer that can tell you what exercise will be best for you and which is not. If you want to enhance organizational health, then you need to improve yourself first. It is because the organizational health is depending on you yourself.  

Helps in promote healthy behavior 

Fitbit is responsible for making you eating healthy diets, and also you can easily get to quit cheat meals in your daily life. Exercise, a perfect meal diet, etc. will be going to become part of your daily life. The use of Fitbit is so easy that you do not have to face any kind of issue. It can easily attach to your device, and you can check your tracked data using mobile. The device can be worn on the wrist, or you can attach it to your pants. It all depends on you as Fitbit can track your health by any means. Those people who have a heart problem or diabetes problem should definitely wear the device. It is because the device can guide them at every moment in their life so that they can live healthily. You can buy the Fitbit online as you can get to see various models of it.

What are the things responsible for enhancing organizational health?

First of all, it is just you who is responsible, and secondly, there are other factors too. Everything related to your health is responsible, like your disciple level, hard-work, etc. You will be able to work on your fitness with the help of Fitbit easily. Thus it is concluded that the tracking device is the best thing that can easily help you in changing your bad behavior to a good one. 

What Are The Common Myths Related To Motivation?

Motivation is the most important aspect of getting success in life, but people don’t have much knowledge about motivations as there are various myths floating in the world that don’t allow people to get properly motivated and achieve their goals and objectives. We either move towards something or away from something and to move towards it; we need some reason to convince our mind that it is beneficial to move towards it. That reason is the motivation that pushes us to do a certain thing. Motivation is necessary to achieve any gold, whether it is minor or major; motivation is the key to it.

There is a lot of confusion related to motivation as people believe the rumors and myths and don’t get the desired results from it. You can read some motivational quotes that will inspire success and will keep you focused on the track of success. Most of the people who fail to find the right motivation to achieve their goals believes in the myths which become the root cause of not getting the right motivation for success. There are umpteen myths that hinder you from staying motivated and acts as an obstacle to the way for your success.

Some of the biggest motivation myths and disbeliefs

Money is the most important

It is irrefutable that money is highly important and is a great motivator, but believing that it is the only important thing to focus on is wrong. There are other things too that are also important for your happiness and success. If you consider only money as a motivation to do anything, then in most of the cases, you will be motivated for a limited time only as if the other factors are not favorable, soon you will lose all your motivation. Getting motivated form the monetary rewards will not give you mental peace and will make you stressed and full of tension.

Thinking about success will make you successful

Most people believe that if they think about getting successful, it will be easy for them to achieve success, but in reality, it is a myth. If you think that you have become successful, it will make you lose all your motivation and fire to achieve a goal. Instead of imagining the success, you should visualize the steps to success as it will keep you motivated towards the next step and will gradually lead you to success. Focusing on the process of getting success is more beneficial than thinking about the end result.

You only need to try

It is a big myth that trying is enough as the popular quotes are; try your best, give you best, etc. These quotes motivate people, but it pushes them to try but doesn’t motivate them to get desired results. It limits them as they are motivated to try at their level whatever the results are, instead of it, the goals and objectives must be set high as more difficult it would be to achieve the goal, more top efforts a person will put into to get desired results. Whenever you set a goal, set it to achieve it, not to try it. Setting high goals motivates you more and helps you to create a mindset to put a higher amount of effort.

Wait for the right motivation

People think there is the right motivation for every task, and we shall wait for that motivation to complete that task, but it is a myth. Such motivation is great for your success, but waiting for them is foolish as time is precious. Motivation cannot replace the work you need to do to achieve something. So, instead of waiting for the right motivation, take whatever you have, formulate a plan, and start working towards your goals. You have to find the motivation for you as you can either find it in yourself or in any of your friends.

Popular motivation theories implements on all

No one thing fits all, and the same thing is with motivation. The same motivation technique cannot work for everyone, as each person has a different mindset, different views, and goals. You must find the most suitable motivation for you instead of copying it from others as it is not compulsory that if any motivation method is working for someone else, it will work for you as well.

Your Child’s School Backpack Should Fit Them Properly to Avoid Back and Neck Problems

A backpack is one of the first things on any back-to-school shopping list, and getting the right backpack for your child is one of the most important tasks of back-to-school shopping. An ill fitting, heavy backpack can cause back and neck strain that will eventually result in long-term back pain. Follow these guidelines for finding the ideal fitting backpack for your child.

Determine the size of backpack that your child should wear.

Small children should be fitted with smaller packs. The size of backpack that is safe to carry increases as your child grows. The size of the backpack can be discussed with the spine surgery expertise. A correct backpack will protect the child from the getting any back or nerve damage. The child should be comfortable in carrying the backpack to school.

The width of the backpack should be about 2-4 inches narrower than your child’s back, so there should be about 2 inches of space between the armpit and the edge of the backpack. The bottom of the backpack should be lower than the hip line or about 4 inches below the belly-button. Fitting a backpack according to these measurements will help transfer the weight of the pack off the neck and back and onto stronger core muscles.

A well fitting backpack has 2 padded shoulder straps.

While sling backpacks are stylish and popular, these single strap packs put the full weight of the pack on just one side of the body. Wearing a backpack with just one strap will usually result in the child leaning to counterbalance the load. This results in an odd, uncomfortable posture and will eventually cause muscle problems.

Private Jets: How to Travel in Comfort and Luxury

If you own a business that involves traveling to certain places regularly, then leasing a private jet will be a great investment. It will meet your standards when it comes to time, flexibility, privacy, and safety. Private jets are also referred to as the signature of executives and businessmen. If you want to lease it for personal use, a private jet is also both beneficial and luxurious. You need to know that leasing a private jet involves thousands of money, but every part of your investment is surely worth it. The leasing company that you choose may also give you safety and time-savings to help you pay it off faster. Here are some advantages of leasing a private jet, whether it would be for business or personal use.

1. No Hassle

Using commercial flights takes up a lot of your time and energy. You are required to be at the airport hours before the flight. Once you arrive at the airport, you have to go through a time-consuming security check. There are so many things that you are required to do, and it could be such a hassle. With private jets, there is no need for tight and time-consuming security check-ups. You do not even have to fall in line for anything! Say goodbye to delayed flights and endless luggage check-ups. Your own crew will even be available for you every time you need to use the aircraft; pilot, crew members, and stewardess will be at your service. It will definitely save you some valuable time.

2. Save Valuable Time

Time is very important when you are working as a top executive for a huge company. Arriving in a destination on time is very important, so dealing with delayed flights becomes such a big problem. Getting stranded in a commercial airport would be a businessman’s nightmare.

3. Luxury

Private jets are known for its luxurious interiors. The seats are very comfortable and are made of soft material. It feels like being in your own living room, complete with TV, phone lines, computers, and even a bar filled with all the drinks you prefer. There is also sufficient legroom to make things even more comfortable. Plus, jetlag will be put to a minimum since the oxygen flow inside the jet is much superior to commercial aircrafts.

4. Privacy

A business executive needs to work while flying. On a commercial plane, he opens his laptop to work only to find out that a lot of people can see his computer screen. This puts the company’s confidential information at risk. With private jets, you can work all you want without having to worry about privacy and confidentiality. You are assured that there are no more spying eyes, whether you are working on your computer or you are conducting a business meeting with other top executives from around the world.

5. Comfort

A private jet can hold all your comfort foods and drinks so they may be available during the flight. For additional pleasure, your preferred forms of entertainment are also ready.

6. Stay in Touch

There are many ways of communication available in a private jet. Whether you are conducting a conference inside one of the cabin rooms, or talking to people on the ground, there is a way to communicate through the advanced technological equipment available in a private jet.

A private jet will assure you that your flights will always be hassle-free, and that the amount of comfort you will receive in every flight is always superior to that of a commercial airplane. It gives your mind and your body comfort, and it saves you a lot of money through saving a lot of precious time. Whether it is for private or business use, a private jet will give you the best of comfort and luxury that you can never experience in commercial planes. Which is another reason why you should look for favorite senior trip idea and travel to those places in your own private jet. On the link you get the best and most popular destinations that you can visit. It is an easy way for you to enjoy the comfort of your jet without much of a hassle.

Wristwatch Review: Sharp Men’s Heavy Metal Digital Watch

Many watch owners take pride in owning a watch with the heft and solidity of a solid block of steel. Such watches are made to take the abuse and pressure of deep sea diving and other rigorous professions. But, not everyone can afford a limited edition diver-style watch and such watches can be a little over-engineered for everyday use around town. However, on a recent trip to Kmart, I found a men’s digital watch that has the look of a solid steel professional watch for less than $25.

I’m not usually into digital watches. But, this Sharp Digital watch definitely delivers in the looks department with a brushed metal finish, stainless steel caseback, stainless steel bracelet, and diver-style markings on a non-rotating bezel. The four-button digital watch has a conventional LCD display and gives the impression of being all stainless steel despite having a base metal case. While it is no diver’s watch, it is water resistant to 100 feet which makes it perfect for hand-washing, showers, and possibly swimming. The impression of heft is reinforced by a 46 millimeter diameter case that is about 13 millimeters thick, men should wear watches on daily basis, wearing watch can help a man to slay their look, here we have mentioned a brand which you can consider while thinking of buying a watch. Made by MZ Berger and Company, this Sharp Digital Watch certainly looks like a high end watch to me.

Unfortunately, from a functional perspective, I was less impressed by this Sharp-branded Digital Watch. Like most digital watches, this Sharp digital watch has a stopwatch and an alarm built in. It also has a digital chime. For the first several days of ownership, the watch beeped every hour due to a digital chime being set. I tried to set it using the instructions, but I never got positive feedback on the screen. However, I was actually able to stop the chime. The watch also provided the time in terms of both a 24-hour, military, clock and a more typical 12-hour clock that most of us use. It took me a while to figure out how to get the 12-hour clock consistently. While the watch comes with instructions, it can be difficult to interpret the fairly poor translations from Chinese. The watch bracelet and body were pretty smooth and the watch felt good on, but it was sometimes difficult to close the clasp properly. You definitely have to depress the buttons on the clasp so that it will latch properly. I found this a little disconcerting and sometimes had to try a few times to get the latch closed.

I really liked my Sharp Turbine-style Men’s Analog Watch and I was prepared to really love this digital. Unfortunately, for the first few days of ownership, I was stymied by the poor documentation and unresponsive controls of this digital watch. While the looks are completely awesome, I don’t like hourly chimes that are difficult to turn off. This affliction seems to be common among many low cost generic digital watches. Name brand digital watches from brands like Timex and Armitron usually have better documentation, a better digital watch module, and provide a little more of a visible cue when alarms and chimes are on or off.

I had packed this watch up and was ready to return it to the store. But, now that the chime is off, the alarm is off, and the watch is set to a 12-hour clock, I think I’m ready to move forward in my relationship with the Sharp Digital Watch. Overall, if you can figure out how to turn off the digital chime and get this watch to display 12-hour time, the watch looks and feels great and is a good value for $25 or less.

Numerology: What the Numbers Have in Store for the New Year in 2020

It is easy to determine the symbolic energetic essence hidden within in the numerological vibration of a particular year. And if you are a big believer in numerology they there you should definitely check out Mindfulnessandjustice. There you can all the necessary information that is there about the art of numerology. You can find your luck number and all other details that you need if you follow numerology.

To do so, simply add together all the numbers in the year reducing them to a single digit, according to the ancient principles of numerology an arcane belief in the mystical significance of numbers. The condensed number is the year number.

If at any point, when adding the year numbers together, the total delivers a Master number,…stop, and examine the number as a whole.

Never reduce master numbers such as 11, 22, or 33 to a single digit. They always remain intact, according to the tenets of numerology. They hold more evolved core energies. The master numbers resonate at a higher vibration and thus hold more complex energies than the energies imbued in the non-master numbers.

2009 is an 11 year.

The number 11 is determined by adding 2+0+0+9 to arrive at the total of eleven. The eleven is a master number. Therefore, do not reduce it to a two by adding 1 + 1. Although the two should still be a minor consideration when considering the significance of the 11, as well as the double influence of the number one.

The eleven’s vibration contains the potential to influence the progress and course of the entire year in a more magnetic, spiritually aware way. Its enlightened energy will inspire the pulse of the New Year to resonate with a higher form of knowledge. It facilitates a wisdom that surpasses common knowing and has the potential to generate the insight that will lead to peacekeeping gestures as well as perceptive approaches to problem solving.

The 11 holds both masculine and feminine properties. It can synthesize opposites and makes us keenly aware of universal relationships. It is a strong number. A number that vibrates at a higher octave thereby trumping the energy of the ten, a perfect number.

Regrettably, a master number’s potential often remains unfulfilled because master number forces are traditionally more convoluted and difficult to tap. Often the lower vibrations of the singular numbers within a master number are all that are ever realized.

The number eleven’s optimistic side brings the global promise of psychic awareness, sensitivity, open mindedness and idealistic vision.

Its darker side portends the global risk of enemies and suffering duplicity or disloyalty at their hands through gullibility and vulnerability.

In the year 2009, the world will have the greatest opportunity to harvest the maximum karmic reward from the year number 11 by having the conviction to trust the flickers of information accessible at the moment when intuition entwines with rational knowledge. Recognizing this fortuitously perceptive flash of comprehensive information will enable people to interpret the multi-dimensional aspects of a situation, as opposed to the one-dimensional aspects available when using only raw logic.

In the year 2009, the essence of the two, the nine, and the one also hold some symbolic capacity. Their individual influence, however, will not be as robust as the sum of eleven, in totaling the year 2009.

Still it is important to acknowledge the influence of all the numbers in any year evaluated because every number will have a degree of influence. The total number has a major influence, while all peripheral numbers wield minor power.

The number one possesses the potential for renewal and is symbolically suggestive of a metamorphosis. It can inspire individualism, self-assurance, creativity, leadership, self-development, and independence. It is a number of leadership and initiation. It is a very powerful number.

The number two is a diplomatic number. It owns the potential for pairings, partnerships, putting others first, dynamic duo. A balance with the two comes from the pairing of opposites. The two inspires people to seek peace in all relationships and situations.

The number nine signifies endings leading to new beginnings, social consciousness, improving the world, nobility, and idealism.

When calculating any number in numerology such as the year, the life path, or the name number, always remember that master numbers such as 11, 22, or 33 are never reduced to a single digit. They always remain intact.