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Effective Types of Toe Fungus Treatment

Toe fungus settles down between the cracks and crevices of the toes. The most common type is Athlete’s Foot. The fungus makes the toes itch and if it is not treated properly it can lead to toenail fungus. If someone finds himself suffering from toe fungus, he wants to take care of it quickly. It does not take much to remove the fungus. Over the counter remedies and proper foot care will cure the fungus and keep it from returning. The process does not take much time to complete. If you want a quicker solution in hand, you can try using mindinsole foot inserts, which are highly effective at giving relief to your feet. 

The key to curing fungus is a simple anti-fungal treatment. The treatments come in the forms of creams, powders and sprays. The user applies a light coating to the affected area twice a day. He also needs to keep the feet dry. He should change his socks daily. If possible, he should wash his socks in chlorine bleach when he is done with them. It helps if he changes his socks every day. He may also want to apply a disinfectant to the inside of his shoes. The reader may be familiar with such a product if he has ever gone bowling. Bowling alleys spray their rented shoes with a treatment that kills bacteria and fungus. The shoes offered by the bowling alley get worn by many different feet each day.

It will take several weeks to remove the infection. When the toe fungus treatment ends, the sufferer will want to take steps to prevent the infection from coming back. The best way to keep the infection from coming back is to use a simple powder that absorbs moisture. Goldbond is perhaps the most famous brand name, but a user can find many generic products that work just as well. The product soaks up the excess moisture and make the environment more hostile for the athlete’s foot fungus and other common foot fungi. The foot has more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

The toe fungus treatment will not resolve toenail fungus issues. Although nail fungus and the athlete’s foot fungus are caused by the same organism, toenail fungus takes place when the fungus affects the skin underneath the nail bed. Creams, sprays and other items cannot reach this area. A user needs to find a special cure to prevent this type of infection. Tea tree oil is often used as an all-natural remedy, but doctors may prescribe a strong anti-fungal medication. The anti-fungal medications can damage the liver and should be used sparingly. A doctor who prescribes such medications to a patient will ask the patient about any drugs he is taking before writing the prescription.

Toe fungus treatment is a simple act that can keep a person’s feet in good health. A person who let’s the athlete’s foot fungus go may find out that he has to deal with more severe conditions. If he lives in a cold and damp environment, he may find that he succumbs to trench foot. Jungle Rot may occur in wet and humid conditions, but it is the same conditions.

Zecco Society: Friends or Foes of Your Money?

Today, is having difficulties posting stock orders and other availablity problems with their online stock trading system. They plan to address this problem immediately. Are their problems symptomatic of an active trading session or because they’ve added social networking functionality to their system? Or does it relate to their offer of 10 free stock trades a month? Probably the latter two.

I’m what I consider a beginner at investment in the stock market. My husband has had 40 years or more of practice in investment and his family typically has investment as a major topic of conversation. They care about how their money earns a return. For the investment, the person should buy instagram likes for the account of social media account. The likes will turn into the potential viewers of the stories. The buying should be done after considering the pros and cons of the sites.

I know I can trust them because they have my future close to their heart. From them I’ve learned that investing in the stock of a company is the same as being the owner of the company. If you believe in a company, its products, its management, its business plan, and are willing to lend them your money to get a good return for your money, then buying their stock makes sense. They learned their methods from Benjamin Graham, the author of The Intelligent Investor.’s social networking system has both pros and cons. They have many of the same features that I appreciate out of my online stock brokerage Charles Schwab, namely a research feature that allows you to look at the data about a company, read the SEC filing reports, and look at the basic data for a company. I also use Yahoo! for the same information, but sometimes their data isn’t available or up to date. Investors should be careful about the data on the internet. It is not always 100% reliable. Cross-checking basic data is a good modus operandi. Understanding Benjamin Graham’s stock analysis measures is a good start. Checking recent news and the SEC filings will get you added facts and data. My strategy is based on his methods.

Pros Behind’s Social Networking System

New investors can learn a lot about companies from other peoples understanding of the market. They can learn how to use the data reports. They can get insight about products a company makes and sells. Learning is a good policy for new investors. Stock market investment has no guarantees of quick gains nor does it protect against quick losses. Beware how you invest your money. People that are being helpful can lead you to understand a new business. People that are building a business on their advice are motivated to help because it makes them look good. Having knowledgeable guides is helpful for anyone.

Cons Behind’s Social Networking System

A person we know spent about three years telling my husband and I what “the word on the street” was about a variety of stocks he had invested in. He was buying low and selling high and making incremental gains that were substantial. If you’re paying for every trade, this is a good way to lose money in just the fees. The practice looked good while the stock market was going up no matter what. But when the market went down, and the price of the stock he wasn’t willing to hold as a valued company tanked, he lost his money. He looked upon his money as a gamble and treated it as such. A policy of 10 free trades a month nurtures this kind of thinking. Listening to people that have hidden motivations can lead one astray.

My strategy for Stock Investment

My strategy for stock investment parallels my husbands. I look for undervalued stocks-good company’s whose stock is selling at near book value. I want management that isn’t overpaid and isn’t selling all their stock options on a regular basis. This means they believe in their company, too. I also want management that has a clear idea of the business they are in and has clear goals for the future. I want a company that is making steady profits. I want a company whose sales are growing. I want a company willing to pay a dividend. The Benjamin Graham stock analysis measures tell you this information. He was a wise investor and his insight will provide you the best guidance. My advice is to make Benjamin Graham a friend and beware the “word on the street” at

Essential information regarding Buying Your First Motorhome or RV

Are you dying to hit the road? Get away from all this mess, Wallstreet and Washington DC? Funny how Wallstreet and DC can affect “Main Street” USA! But here we are completely affected.

Some people dream all their lives of hitting the road when they retire. Some manage to do so before retirement age………not just some but many. We were not so fortunate. December of 2001, right after 9/11, we got laid off and because of our age, no one wanted to hire us. We sat for several years right there in the middle………too young to retire or collect SSA and too old to be hired. There are thousands in this same fix. The smartest thing we ever did was sell our large home and downsized; paying cash for our smaller home. We moved outside the big city to another county even and saved thousands on taxes.

Ok, to make a boring long story short, we decided we might as well make our retirement dream come true and do some research on “hitting the road” and/or fulltiming it! Not a crazy idea but not for everyone either.

We seem to be the type of people that don’t really shop for anything. We do shop the internet but when it comes time to actually going out and looking at what is listed in classified ads, Craig’s list, or wherever, I just know we are going to buy. Not a good idea. You should have some perameters set and stick to them. It never hurts to go home, think about it and then go back. A login can be made at online sites like sell my motorhome. The site will make contact with the person interested in selling the houses and act as a link.  

First, you must decide if you want to buy new with warrantees, guarantees, etc. or if buying used is the way to go. New the RVs are ready for the road. They may need a little tweaking here and there but they are usually safe and ready for taking it out and starting to enjoy your new found life. Buying used from a dealer saves you lots and lots of money and normally is checked over and is ready for the road as well. Check to see if there’s any warrantees when buying used. When buying from a private party, you are taking full responsibility on getting the rig ready for the road and this sometimes can cost a lot of money. When we bought ours, we set a limit on what we would pay and a limit on how much we want to put into it to make it road safe.

Then you have to decide on whether or not you want something to haul like a trailer or a 5th wheel. Remember you then need a truck depending on the size of the rig but will need something to pull the trailer or 5th wheel with. These are liked by many because when you do set up your rig at your favorite camping spot, you still have a vehicle to explore, tour or just plain go pick up groceries, etc. Something to think about. Trailers are usually less expensive for obvious reasons but then you have the expense of the truck.

Many motorhome users, whether it’s a class a or class c, that’s another whole article in inself, tow a vehicle. I just can’t go completely into everything that involves because there’s just so much you need to know to do that. Right down to what type of vehicle to even consider towing.

So you can buy new, buy used, buy class a motorhome, class c motorhome, tow a trailer or 5th wheel or tow a vehicle behind your motorhome. The choice is everyone’s personal choice but please do your homework before and know what you want before buying. What you read here is just barely touching the subject and completely only my own opinion.

A Guide to Buying Steel Toe Shoes

Steel capped shoes are considered to be used for safety reasons and also are considered to be part of the punk style. With all these options you will get the best steel toe shoes with best shoe inserts for added comfort. You will surely love these shoe inserts with your brand new pair of shoes. Here are some of the best sites for you to find steel-toed shoes, whether you want them for fashion or for work that you can explore. 

    This site deems itself to be the largest source of safety shoes on the internet. The best part of this particular site was their return policy and how one can send back products that are damaged or incorrectly sent. Also, they have an understandable sales policy and you can tell that they believe in quality goods. The boots are made-to-order and will fit any size, no matter how big or wide. The shoes are also different for males and females, and they also have a sale section where you can see the prices. There are a lot of different shoes that range from unbelievably cheap to awesomely expensive. Almost everything you need regarding steel-toed shoes you will find here.
  2. Shoes for Crews:
    This is a site that caters to people who need steel-toed shoes for safety reasons in construction sites and such. The shoes on this site are slip-resistant, so they are very safe. They have a lot of different shoes for casual and work reasons but cater mostly to the workplace. All of the shoes on display are manufactured by Shoes for Crews.

  3. Hunts Supplies:
    They do not only sell steel-toed shoes, but they also have clothes for work, helmets and protective hats, as well as casual clothes. They have around 163 steel-toed shoes available from 14 different brands.
  4. Nextag.u.k.:
    Here is where they review steel-toed shoes from categories like type, material, and price. This is made for sales and does not have a lot of customer reviews. The strength of this site is that their shoes are clearly shown in pictures with details about the shoes, all of which are under £50.00.
  5. Northern Tool and Equipment:
    This site sells boots all created by Boss and Cat. The prices can go from a mere $15.00 to as much as $100.00.
  6. Walkerland:
    They only sell shoes that they manufacture themselves, and their safety standards are clearly set.
  7. Goodyear Welted:
    These shoes are oil and heat resistant all the way to 300 degrees centigrade. It does not have a lot of choices, but it is simple.
  8. Surplus Outdoors:
    This site is aimed towards women, and has shoes that are used for safety, army, and horse riding. Their sizing chart is easy to understand, and used for both their shoes and clothes. The customer service section is also worth recognizing, as you can tell that customers definitely have a say about the quality of their products. The downside is that the color scheme is somewhat unpleasant.
  9. Rocky Shoes:
    This is a site only used for reviewing different prices, products, and brands. There are a lot of choices, yet it is easy to find what you want making your search faster.
  10. Wild Chicken Online Store:
    This site’s forte is “muck” boots which are usually used in gardening. They are based in the U.K., but their boots are very good and popular.

Product Review: Bic Soleil Razor For Women

After trying out a variety of different razors, I have found one which I believe is truly incomparable to others. This is the Bic Soleil Razor for Women. Here, I will tell you about some of the things that I really love about this razor and why I will not be switching to a new razor any time soon.

With three blades and a moisturizing strip that is enhanced with aloe and shea butter, I have not found a smoother shave from any other razor that I have tried out. This is what has encouraged me to keep using the Bic Soleil Razor for Women. Although it does not seem fair, the truth in the matter is that men’s razors often work a lot better than women’s razors. Bic Soleil Razor for Women reminds me a lot of a razor that has been designed for men to use because it does have the ability to provide you with a very smooth cut.

Of course, a smooth cut is not the only thing that I enjoy about the Bic Soleil Razor for Women. Since I have began using this razor, I have found that I do not need to shave as frequently as I used to. With all of the other razors that I have used in the past, I had to shave at least every three days – and that was pushing it. By that time, my legs would begin to feel like porcupines again. With the Bic Soleil Razor for Women, I only need to shave about once a week. I assume that it is because this razor does such a better job than other razors. Through the bester epilierer, proper moisture will be provided to the skin tone of the person. A contact can be made to the previous customers to know the results of the saving through razor.

If you plan on using this razor, the one thing that I have to warn you about is the fact that its blades are very sharp. The first time that I ever used the Bic Soleil Razor for Women, I did not realize how sharp it would be. I ended up nicking my leg in about ten different places before I even realized that it was very sharp. I was so used to using dull razor blades from other shavers that I did not even realize that this one would be as sharp as it is. Now that I know, I do not nick myself, of course. My warning is just to be careful because the razor blades for this shaver may be sharper than you would have thought!

I highly recommend the Bic Soleil Razor for Women to any woman who wants to get the smoothest shave. If you are sick and tired of having to buy men’s razors and want to use one which has been designed for women that will provide you with the same shaving strength, then you will probably find that the Soleil Razor can work wonders for you! The smooth, close shave that I get from the Bic Soleil Razor for Women is the reason that I will not be trying out any new razors for a very long time!

Gynecomastia Surgery- A Worthy Choice for Patients

There are three places in this world that you never visit willingly or with a happy mood. On the contrary, you are both somber and tense whenever you have an appointment fixed with the people associated with them.

They are police station, courts and hospitals and the more you steer clear of policemen, lawyers and doctors, the better you feel in lives as visiting them for help means that you are currently in a soup and want to desperately come out of it.

Now, which of the three is the least favorite? Well, it entirely depends on the situation or circumstances but if you look at it from a general standpoint, the most important asset of all for human beings is good health.

Therefore, no one would want to fall ill and would want to remain in sound health all the time so that there would be no need to visit doctors and hospitals. Sadly, the current scenario is far from great as even small children fall victim to life threatening diseases these days.

However, there is a silver lining in such a grim atmosphere as today’s generation is far more health conscious and spends more time at the gym than at home as they have realized that they do not want to grapple with diseases in their old age like their parents.

Therefore, not only do they exercise regularly, but also eat healthy and nutritious food as they do not want to compromise with their health for anything, which is a step in the right direction where the future is quite bright.

Problematic Situation

The best laid plans of mice and men tend to go awry and therefore, no matter how careful you are in matters regarding health, the diseases somehow find their way into your body as they have an affinity for healthy system in humans.

Today we are not going to talk about diseases that snuff life out but those that are far worse as they have greater repercussions. Gynecomastia is one condition where males have enlarged breasts and can easily be mistaken for women.

It has been found out in a recent survey that two out of ten men are afflicted with this peculiar condition and have to go through various hazards in life, both social and health related.

Gynexol Reviews

There is a cream called Gynexol that has that provides temporary respite from the symptoms of Gynecomastia and is used by most people who have been afflicted with this condition. You must know that it is caused not by accumulation of fat but by extra breast tissues.

This happens because of a hormonal imbalance where the female hormone estrogen causes the breast tissue to grow than testosterone, which is the male hormone. When newborn male babies are born, nearly 60% of them have estrogen that they get from their mothers.

Gynexol has some natural ingredients in it like aloe vera, retinol, L-Argenine, extract from green tea, etc. to name a few.

Surgery Tips

There are certain cases where surgery is the last resort and therefore, given below are certain tips on how to prepare for such a surgery:

  1. Get to know the procedure that will address your genuine needs like excess fat or enlarged breast tissue
  2. Choose the right surgeon for the surgery that is certified by board and is experienced in treating gynecomastia
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Get rid of surgery phobia

Backyard Pool Safety Tips – Prevents from injuries and damage to health

When summer comes, we all look forward to being able to cool off from the torrid temperatures by putting on our bathing suits and jumping into the pool. Both adults and kids find it enjoyable and relaxing, but having a pool in your back yard can also be potentially hazardous, especially to children. Unfortunately, there are many stories this rime of year about accidents and tragedies that occur as a result of not putting adequate safety measures into place while doing pool activities.

Here are some things you need to consider to make certain conditions are at their safest for your littlest loved ones:

Put up a gate.

Small children are sometimes known to wander outside on their own and it can be tempting for them to go where the pool is, especially if you have toys sitting out in that area. Make sure you put a gate that is approximately 4 feet high or more between your house and the pool. You don’t want your tot to end up as a statistic. About 260 kids who are under the age of 5-years-old lose their lives in home pool related drownings annually. Putting up a gate is a good deterrent for curious children. The gate needs to have a lock that only you have the key to, so that your child can’t possibly be able to gain access to where the pool is, unless you are present.

Cover up

In addition to a gate, installing a power safety cover can aid in keeping children safe. The ones I’ve seen are made of mesh and held in place by metal anchors. Their chief purpose is to prevent drowning accidents. It’s best to have this in conjunction with the gate you put up, for the ultimate security. Along with the security, the covering up will help in group swimming lessons for the family members. It will save the time and money of the person.

Keep your child properly supervised when he or she is in your pool

When your child is in or near your backyard pool, you need to keep a careful watch out for him or her at all times. I’ve heard so many things in the news about parents who stepped away “for a minute”, to answer the telephone or to go turn the oven off, etc., and it was just enough time for their small child to fall into the pool and drown. Never take chances by walking off briefly or getting distracted. Put the answering machine on and don’t leave the stove or oven on when you are outside, so you can give your toddler your complete attention. Whoever is calling you on the ‘phone can call back, but you can never replace your child. If, for some reason, you have to be away for a slight amount of time, have a responsible adult supervise your child.

Don’t depend on “water wings”

You may think that putting “water wings” on your little ones will protect them from drowning, but, while it may keep them afloat, it can always get punctured, etc., so don’t let your guard down simply because you’ve put a floatation device on your child. It really shouldn’t be considered as a “safety” tool.

Be careful of pool slides

They look like lots of fun, but pool slides can do a lot of harm, if they are not properly used. Children should not slide head-first down them, as it could result in a serious injury that could lead to paralysis and the like. It’s probably better to just allow older children to use pool slides, since they are mature enough to remember the proper rules to avoid danger.

Learn CPR

If you don’t already know CPR, please learn. If an emergency situation happens, immediate intervention may be needed. It could be several minutes before an ambulance arrives on the scene, so time can be precious, in terms of getting the proper help. It can literally make the difference between saving and losing a life. Be sure that you have everything you need to be prepared for an emergency, as well. Always keep a cell ‘phone outside with you while you watch your children in the pool and have a life preserver close by. Consider yourself to be your child’s official “lifeguard” at home.

How Writers Make Money Editing Foreign Translations

For those with a real love for the perfectly rendered English word, there is a job market that will earn extra money while building a really nice writer’s portfolio. Literature, like business, has gone totally global. Because of the Internet and tech-savvy professional translators, foreign writers are foregoing fame before being prepared for the American publishing markets. A Russian writer wishing to see his work published in English may enlist the services of a professional translator who will transform the source text into a raw translation. However, most languages do not translate directly to English in a readable format, and this is where a writer with a good command of the craft will prosper.

Translators such as muama enence translator do the technical job of reading a text and writing a word-for-word translation of a text. This device is highly and specifically designed to translate one language to another. Even if a writer is an expert in transcribing their native tongue, a translation to English often makes for very clunky and unclear reading. The clients of professional translators often need an extra step in editing where a writer/editor reads the raw English translation and rewrites the text in a comprehensible and understandable format.

The work is not easy; it requires being able to read a raw translation, decipher the author’s message, and rewrite it using proper grammar, punctuation, and hopefully a nice dose of style. The work can be very dense, meaning that, often, an entire document may need to be rewritten because a raw translation may have no salvageable elements that are readable content.

Finding the work presents an added challenge. Translators sometimes advertise a need for good writers to massage raw translations into attractive English. However, the best way to find work is to search the Internet for translators and inquire whether they need the services of a good English writer/editor. An excellent way to get work is by offering initial work at a low rate – usually about $0.01 per word. A low rate will allow a translator to evaluate a writer’s skills. If a translator likes the finished product, they are generally willing to use an writer’s services during subsequent translation projects at a higher rate.

The going rate for this type of work is anywhere between $0.02 and $0.07 per word, depending on the scope of the project and the required depth of editing needed to produce a readable document. Rates can also be higher for larger bodies of work that require a thorough rewrite of the translated text. Quality editors with a mind toward stylistically superior English do best in this market. The better the writing, the more likely the author will be published, which, when publishing happens, is a great bargaining point for English writing experts looking for longevity in the foreign literature translations market.

Tips in Capturing the Best Stunning Photos by your own

Many people around the world love to take photos-including myself. I love being able to go out and capture a moment in time that many will never be able to capture again. Photography is an art form, and since it is so, it can be difficult to get good looking photos. There are many quick fixes, though, that can make your dull, drab photos POP and turn into beautiful shots that strike emotion in their onlookers. But of course, hiring professional headshots Naples FL among other photography services will surely bring big differences.

The first thing you need to know about taking better photos involves the camera. Your camera does not matter. You don’t need to get the biggest, most expensive camera to take good photos’ some award winning shots were taken on Holga film cameras which retail for about $25 new! In fact, if you have lackluster skills in photography, even the best camera will produce dull shots. I use a little point and shoot camera (Kodak v1253), and while I would like an expensive dSLR camera, what I have now suits me just fine. It is more important to know your camera and its features than it is to have an expensive camera. Know the menus, where different settings are and all that fun stuff. It will make you quicker when you are out on a shoot, so you never miss that one great shot.

Now that you are all set with your camera, let’s get into all that mumbo-jumbo you see on the screen. One thing you will most likely see is resolution or quality. This is a measure of how high of a quality your pictures are. You should set your quality to the highest possible so that you have more to work with during post processing. Another setting on almost all cameras is the white balance. This setting has to do with what kind of light you shoot in. Different light sources cast different colors of light, so the camera makes up for this by overlaying the opposite color that it being cast onto your entire picture. For instance: a tungsten light bulb casts a very yellow light, so in pictures, this can cause the whites to look more yellow than white; the camera overlays a blue to fix this yellowing. The next setting you should care about is ISO. ISO doesn’t mean anything, but it refers to the sensitivity of the imaging sensor to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the sensor is to light and vice versa. The higher the ISO, the darker the setting you will be able to shoot in. This is a double edged sword though, because higher ISOs also pick up stray photons that make your image very grainy. The opposite is true for low ISO settings: the pictures are smooth and often without any graininess. It is recommended that you use the lowest ISO that your camera offers, unless you are in extreme darkness. Now set your camera, and let’s go out and shoot!

When you find an object you want to photograph, make sure you compose your shot. Composition is how the items in your photo fit together. The most common ‘rule’ of composition is the rule of thirds. Imagine there is a three by three tic-tac-toe board laying on top of your LCD or viewfinder-whatever it is you use to view your shot prior to shooting. Now you should place any interesting objects at one of the four intersections you get between the lines. This will insure that there is a balance about your photo, and this rule alone will improve your shots. Another compositional trick is to look for lines in your photo. Use any visible lines around you to lead the eye to the main subject. This will make the image easier to look at, and it will force viewers to focus on the main subject. Now you have your shot, let’s run back to the house (or the car, I don’t judge) and get those babies on the computer and prepared for editing!

Post-processing is often what makes or breaks a photo now that we are in the age of digital photography, and this makes it very important. The very first thing you should do once you have your pictures uploaded onto your computer is go through them. Pick any that you find good and trash the rest, or you could save them, but what’s the point in keeping bad images clogging your computer’s memory? Don’t be discouraged if you only have one or two photos that you really like: that is normal. I have gone out and shot hundreds of photos only to come back with four or five that I really like. It doesn’t mean you are a bad photographer; it means the opposite. If you only show your best to others, they will think that those kind of pictures are your norm, and who doesn’t want people to think they are awesome? Okay, so now that you have three or four awesome shots, load up your favorite image editing program. There are tons of these out there, but my favorite, as well as many others, is Photoshop (I use Photoshop CS4). Now just experiment. You should always boost contrast and correct the exposure, but other than that, there is no sure fire method to editing your photos. do what you think looks good, and throw out what you don’t like. When you’re done with this step, you’re finished! You should now have a few awesome pictures. Share them with your friends, sell their prints on eBay, print copies for yourself, do whatever you want, and be proud. Happy photographing!

Best Gadgets For Students Going Back To School

It is that time of year again. Summer break is coming to a close and students are looking to go back to school. In the past, that meant stocking up on notebooks and such, but the shopping list looks different today.

The below six gadgets needed for back-to-school are listed in order of necessity. Not every student is going to need all six devices. However, is a good place to try fidning some.

1) Laptop

Desktops are okay, but laptops are easier on the student lifestyle. If you can afford the +$1000 price tag, the Macbook Air is excellent. It has the right shape, enough computing power, and plenty of battery life for practically any consumer.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum are the netbooks, including the ChromeBook. These are just enough for students that don’t program or design on their laptops.

There are many laptops between the Chromebook and the Air, and most of them will generally work, as long as you remember to research a laptop before purchasing.

2) Smartphone

The wealth of iOS and Android apps for students make them a brilliant tool for a student of any subject. You could choose to go with another mobile phone operating system, but the selection of apps will be fewer, and the phone may be less useful.

The only choices for iOS are the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad–listed in order of recommendation. the iPod Touch is good if you don’t want a phone contract, but a tablet is too much for a student without a smartphone.

For Android, there is a whole wealth of choices, with newer phones coming out constantly on many cell carriers. As long as you pick a relatively new phone, there should be no issue. Most Android apps work on most Android phones.

3) Portable hard drive

Students these days have a large number of important files that they have to protect from loss. The best way to do this is a strong backup solution. Portable hard drives are the most flexible solution to the problem, plus they go well with laptops.

At the time of this article’s writing, passport hard drives can go up in size up to one terabyte, which should be enough for any student.

4) eBook reader

Many schools are integrating eTextbooks into their curriculum, and there are also much other literature available for eBook readers. eBooks can also be read on smartphones and laptops, but many prefer a dedicated reader.

The two leading ebook readers are the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes  amp; Noble Nook. They are different from each other in many ways, but more or less equal in function.

5) Graphing calculator

Most students that know they are going to need a graphing calculator already have one picked out. For those that do not, picking out a good graphing calculator can be difficult, because some calculators are banned by standardized tests like the ACT.

The Texas Instruments TI-84+ is often touted as an all-purpose graphing calculator that is practically never banned by these standardized tests, but it is far from the most powerful calculator on the market. Texas Instruments lists the TI-84+ at $150, but you can find cheaper used calculators that are just as good.

If you don’t need to worry about calculator bans, you can use a graphing calculator app for your smartphone.

6) Presentation remote

If you are a student that is expected to give PowerPoint or some other type of slide-based presentation, a presentation remote is a nice thing to have if you cannot expect to be given one by the instructor.

For those that are unfamiliar, presentation remotes are cheap and simple devices held by the presenter, and used as a remote control for the presentation. Not every student is going to need one, but having one when needed is a sign of professionalism when presenting.