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Top 3 Tic Tac Toe playing apps

Are you bored of playing Tic Tac Toe on paper? Do you wish for a different way to play the classic game of X and O? How about playing tic tac toe online? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? You bet.

Well, the app industry is largely dominated by gaming apps today. In that light, it’s only obvious that the gaming gurus would come up with an app variation of the timeless game. The good news is you have a wide range of Tic Tac Toe gaming apps today that are available for both iOS and Android players. The post below offers a brief on the top Tic Tac Toe gaming apps that you will love to play with your friends or alone.

HotPaw XOCubed

This is one of the most popular Tic Tac Toe gaming apps that you have today. But it’s not like the classic 3×3 Tic Tac Toe grid. Rather, it’s a modern 3D game with 4×4 grid. Put simply, instead of 3-in-a-row structure you will get a 4-in-a-row grid nestled inside a stunning 3D playing field. You can play the game with a friend or alone against computer as well. 

There are 10 varied difficulty levels in the game which makes it even more exciting. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the player mode here, i.e. whether to play with another human player with 2-player mode or as single player with 1-player mode. Besides, the app also offer the facility to choose whether to play second or first. This is a great advantage especially when you wish to play in single player mode. 

Tic Tac Toe Free

It’s one of the bestsellers when it comes to Tic Tac Toe playing apps. And yes, the gaming app is available completely free of cost which is another major reason behind its high-end popularity today. 

Akin to the previous game, this one too supports both two-player and one-player modes. The AI player for single player mode comes with 3 interesting difficulty levels. This way, you have the opportunity to choose a level that matches your current gaming level. It’s suggested to start with the basic level. Once you get accustomed to the gameplay, you might gradually shift to the higher difficulty levels. The game app is backed by move randomization technology that will ensure that your machine won’t make same moves repeatedly. 

Tic Tac Toe Free isn’t just about amazing gaming levels. It also impresses with solid graphics and amazing audio effects. Besides, the game even allows players to configure player names as well as keep track of scores. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to undo your action if you have placed a letter in wrong place by mistake.

Tic Tac Toe Glow

Tic Tac Toe isn’t just about great gaming but also promises a wonderful visual experience. It will make the screen glow with each letter you will place on it while playing which makes the whole experience rather amusing. You can play this game in both single and dual player modes. Users have posted rave reviews about the AI technology of the app and you will have a great time with it while playing in one-player mode. The AI here offers you to choose from three difficulty levels as per your own experience level. Thanks to the glow effects, you are going to have a gala time playing it with your kids. 

Top 6 Hottest Clubs In Miami You Must Visit

Miami is famous for it’s thrilling nightlife and buzzing clubs which pump in music till the late hours. These clubs can get you grooving no matter what kind of day you are having. If you are in Miami, then visiting some of the clubs is a must or else you are missing out on a lot. So here are the hottest clubs in Miami you must visit.

Club Space

one of the most popular and renowned clubs in Miami, Club Space is the best place where you can enjoy your time to the fullest. It stays open on every night during the weekends and also in some days in weekdays. The wonderful light effects and grooving music will encourage you to dance your nighty away. You can get a lot of different drinks to make yourself tipsy and enjoy with fellow dancers!

Address – 34 NE 11th St, Miami 

Email –

Phone – 305-375-0001


also one of the best strip clubs in Miami, Basement is the place you want to be this weekend. Apart from dancing to the beats of the DJ, you can do a lot of other things like bowling and skating in the basement. The technicolor bowling lanes are a great place to have fun with your friends and drop the bowling pins. The dance floor is big enough to accommodate more than a hundred people and it is mostly filled in the weekends, so you need to visit early.

Address – The Miami Beach Edition, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach – 33140

Email –

Phone – 786-257-4548

LIV Miami 

for those of you who want to to experience the best in Miami, then the LIV Miami club is where you should be heading to. It is clearly one of the biggest clubs in Miami with big names such as Skrillex and Justin Bieber to have performed here. Every weekend the club hosts popular DJs and musicians to entertain the mind-boggling crowd that gathers here. You can also enjoy your favorite drinks made by master bartenders and champagne at the in-house bar. It is open on Wed–Sun from 11pm to 5am.

Address – Fontainebleau 4441 Collins Ave

Email –

Phone – 305-674-4680


some of the clubs in Miami do stand out from others in terms of ambience and their excellent musician lineups. 13,500-square-foot nightclub with all the elements that will get you going throughout the night, E11even is the place where you can enjoy dancing and drinking with your loved ones. The club also features an open rooftop restaurant where you can eat some delicious cuisine and order a variety of drinks. This club is open on all days and 24 hours every day which makes it an even interesting prospect.

Address – 29 NE 11th St, Miami

Email –

Phone – 305-829-2911


Twist is Miami’s iconic gay and LGBT friendly bar which hosts a number people from the queer community every day. Two different levels and 7 bars in the same building allows you to enjoy your night the way you want to. There is no particular dress codes when you visit this bar but the authorities organize different events like the Sabroso Thursdays, the Sazon Latino  and also Pusilla’s Underwear Contest. The bar is open on all days from 1pm to 5am in morning.

Address – 1057 Washington Ave, South Beach 

Email –

Phone – 305-538-9478


another excellent bar by the Miami titan David Grutman, the Story is his creation. The bar is spread across 27,000-square-foot and has more than 60 VIP lounges for those who can afford. The entire property gets grooving from the early night hours and keeps electrifying till the morning hours. The crowd is sophisticated and mostly the elite citizens of Miami, visit the Story on weekends. Famous underground performers and DJs entertain the crowd here. It is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 11pm – 5am.

Address – 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Email –

Phone – 305-476-4426

So, these are the top 5 Hottest Clubs in Miami which you should be keeping in mind. All the clubs guarantees a wonderful and exciting experience to their guest and now it’s your time to feel the nightlife in Miami to its fullest.

Review: iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum

We have a huge kitchen with hardwood flooring that calls for daily clean ups that at one time would be done manually by hand with a dirty mop and a dirty bucket of water. The mop did it’s job, but we’re busy people, and although the floor basically would scream ‘wash me’, our lives at times become so busy, and arranged with schedules, work and other errands, that the floor became a task that we would pass up, even though it clearly needed it.

We got the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum last week due to an awesome reward program given out at my moms job. She won the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum basically, otherwise we would of most likely waited for it to go on sale to buy one. We had out hearts set on this cute critter ever since we picked up the iRobot Vacuum in the beginning of the year. Due to it’s release price though of nearly $500, we had to wait for the scooba to reduce in price. Sure enough with time it did reduce in price, and you can buy it for a reasonable price now, but still we didn’t have the spare $300 to fling out on a robot vacuum. Cool beans on winning it though right?

Anyhow, the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum came in a large blue and white box, inside the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum sat looking like a large futuristic machine from Batteries Not Included. The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum also came with a virtual wall, a bottle of cleaner, a battery, and a charger.

What’s more, it is a vacuum cleaner made of canister with a bag that has made our job much easier (bodenstaubsauger mit beutel as the germans would say) as all the dust particles and other dirt can be stored inside the bag.

We didn’t know where to start with it really, we figured we could just turn it on, add some of the floor cleaner, and let the robot do its business.

Things weren’t that easy though. We first had to insert the battery and let it charge for 16 hours. Letting the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum charge for the 16 hours is recommended for best use and prolonged life of the battery.


The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum is mainly a dark royal blue in color. Its other parts are a lighter blue. For some reason it reminds me of a pool cleaner because of the blue colors used to put it together.

iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum is made of hard durable plastic, and even though the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum seems rickety, it really can take a beaten.

How It Works:

Simple! Once you have a full charge you simply add in some of the floor cleaning solution that comes with the vacuum. You may also just use water and or white vinegar. Using any other solution besides the solutions recommended could void your warranty and destroy the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum.

Once you have the vacuum filled with the proper solution you can then turn it on and let it go. The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum will bounce from wall to wall as it picks up dirt, sprays the cleaning solution, scrubs the floor, and then vacuums/dries up the liquid.

It’s a process really, and the process is thought out, and works like a freaking charm.

You can use the additional virtual walls to keep the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum in one area in the house, or to keep it from falling down any stairs. The virtual wall needs batteries which are not included.

We had no use for the virtual wall, but it was a nice addition in case we wanted to keep the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum in one area.

How Well It Works:

I must say, we were all impressed at how well the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum worked. The blue flying saucer vacuum rolls about the kitchen doing its job while you go about finishing up other household chores. The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum seriously simplifies life for those on the run.


Although the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum can suck up debris, it is suggested that you do a quick sweep of any excess dirt. We find that even without doing a sweep, the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum works all the same. Picking up larger items like socks or clothing is suggested though…and just common sense.

The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum can maneuver around and under chairs so long as the their is nothing blocking it. The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum measures in at about 4 inches tall. As long as the object is taller, the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum can get under it. If not, move chairs to make it accessible for the scooba.

Clean out the scoobas water holding chamber after each use. You will be amazed at how dirty the water is! That’s even on kitchen floors that appear clean….you will be surprised.

Is It Better Than Mopping?

You bet your heart on it. It cleans just as well as we could clean the floor using a mop. Best of all though it saves us time, that is really the key here. Time is precious this day and age, and anything that saves us time is worth its weight in gold.


The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum is probably the neatest gadget we have in our home, besides the original iRobot Vacuum. The iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum is by far the best thing that has ever happened to our kitchen and bathroom flooring. It also saves us a good 45 minutes to do things we couldn’t get done if we were to spend that time mopping the floors.

An excellent machine indeed.

Where To Buy:

I recommend buying the iRobot 5800 Scooba Vacuum online, only because they seem to offer them for less money then they do at stores. Amazon for instance sells them for fair prices.

How to Select the Right Cooking Knives

Getting yourself a good knife can help you with your cooking. And there are several things that you should consider as you buy a new knife. Since there are tons of brands that are available in the market it can be quite confusing for anyone to choose the best knife according to their needs. is your ultimate guide in choosing the best kitchen knife.

In order to get the best knife for your kitchen, you should always explore knife stores that are nearby rather than ordering it online. As you go to any store to buy a knife for yourself you get to feel the quality of the knife, feel how it handles, and if it suits your requirements. Buying any knife from an online store is just way too risky. You do not get to know how it feels and how the knife is going to perform.

Moreover, you should keep yourself open when you go out to buy a knife. There are tons of knives available in different shapes and designs and you never know what you like. You might get a better quality knife at a much cheaper price this way.

In order to determine the quality and performance of the knife, you can use it to mince parsley, chop onions, carve a melon, or you can cut carrots into thin slices. This is a really great way to know how a knife will perform in your kitchen.

There are several things that you should look as you get yourself a brand new knife:

  • It is important that you feel the knife in your hand. This way you get to know how much the knife weighs and if it is comfortable using it for long periods of time. As you choose a knife make sure that it feels good in your hand is not too heavy or too light. If you feel any discomfort with that you should immediately move onto your next choice.
  • Perfect balance is what you should look for in any knife. You judge a knife by its handle, shape, and design. If you feel that the weight of the knife is not perfectly distributed you should not buy that knife. Make sure that the knife you buy for your kitchen is well balanced and does not feel unstable at all.
  • Depending upon your needs you can either consider a 6”, 8”, or 10” blade. Each size has its own benefits and drawbacks. So make sure that you buy the one that is suitable for your kitchen needs.

So what are the components of a chef’s knife:

  • Handle
    Make sure the knife that you buy has a really good handle. This is how you can use your knife to its full potential. Some knives come with several attachments which is why it is really important that the handle of your knife is comfortable for you.
  • Bolster
    It is the thick part of your knife that comes between your blade and your handle. A good bolster is going to add strength and balance to your knife. If you need a heavy-duty knife you should always consider the quality and built of your bolster.
  • Heel
    This the part of a knife that is concerned with tasks such as slicing and chopping. A well-constructed knife is going to have a heel that is going to improve the knife’s handling and maneuverability.
  • Spine and Edge
    The top portion of the blade is known as the spine while the lower portion is called the edge of the blade. You should make sure that your blade has a thick spine and a sharp edge.

These are the different parts of a knife that you should have a look at as you go out to get yourself a new kitchen knife.

There is a variety of chef knives that are available in the market. You have german style knives, Japanese knives, and ceramic knives. Each one comes with a different style and shape and offers you a different feel as you use them. In addition to all this as you get yourself a new knife make sure that you sharpen your knife at regular intervals of time. This is a good way to improve the life of your knife.

Naples and Marco Island- Beaches To Behold

We are in the year 2020, which means that the second decade of the new millennium has begun and everyone is excited about what impact it is going to have on their lives or will it turn out to be mundane and boring like the previous one.

After a few days’ celebration, everything was back to normal in the sense that life became routine and monotonous as it was before with everyone slogging it out in the office from early morning until late in the night but there was nothing much to gloat about.

In such a scenario, everyone waits with bated breath for the month to end and when they will get the fruit of their hard work and efforts, which means their salary. Luckily, in current times, everyone should be (and are) extremely frugal about their savings and spend carefully, avoiding unnecessary squandering of money as much as possible.

But, can this go on forever? I mean, agreed that no one should spent lavishly every now and then and should keep the future prospects in mind, especially in such uncertain times, but what about the needs and desires of your family?

Don’t they deserve a well deserved holiday? Are they not entitled to a certain part of your hard earned money? After all, it is they for whom you are going to office and earning in millions, for their future needs and befits. Therefore, it is your duty to fulfill their needs and take them out for a vacation.

Beach Destination

As the winter season is coming to a close, summer is just round the corner and it is the time when you have to keep all the woolen clothes and blankets back inside your trunk and take out your knickers and sleeveless shirts. Also, the heat would be quite unbearable to bear once it is april and may, where things often take a turn for the worse.

How about a nice holiday abroad to get a temporary respite from work and enjoy with family and friends? It would be quite a thing to set the mind and body at peace so that work can eventually begin again with renowned vigor once the period is over.

Due to summer heat, it is natural that beach destination would be the right place to go and spend a well deserved vacation. There is little effort to think about the best when it comes to beaches and florida would win hands down among other states.

Marco Island and Naples- Spoilt For Choice

As far as beaches are concerned, the ones in Naples and Marco island would be enough to try out for a lifetime and still the heart would not be content as its impossible to visit all beaches in one trip. Everyone is wondering what to do in Marco island FL, but the answer to that is beaches.

So, here are some of the best beaches that you can try out in naples and marco island and they are as follows:

  1. Bonita Beach: The atmosphere is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop and it overlooks front park along with a boardwalk.
  2. Barefoot beach preserve: It has a wildlife sanctuary with the clear sand shining radiantly in the darkness that is a sight to behold
  3. Delnor state park: It is surrounded by mangroves and is a barrier island that is narrow in shape. 

The Hottest Fashion Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source

Payless Shoe Source has been one of the most popular retail venues for affordable and quality footwear. This season, Payless Shoe Source introduces some of the most fashionable and trendy boots along with some of the best insoles that you can find in a shoe this season without the designer price tag. You get affordable shoes with all the comfort and designs as well. Here are a few of Payless Shoe Source hottest fall boot collection.

The Hottest Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source: Tara Boot

The Payless Tara Boot is a polished faux leather boot that looks great with dresses, skirts and jeans. This stylish and sexy tall boot features soft faux suede, three pewter buttons on front, side zip, a padded insole, and a shaft that stretches for extra fit, a pointed toe design and a 2 1/2 heel. The Payless Tara Boot is available in sizes 5-12 and comes in colors black and gray.

The Hottest Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source: Hassel Collar Bootine

The Payless Hassel Collar Bootine is a soft faux suede platform bootine that looks great with skinny jeans or wide leg pants. This comfortable bootine highlights a fold over faux leather collar and a 3-½ inch heel. The Payless Hassel Collar Bootine is available in sizes 5-12 as well as wide width and comes in colors black and gray.

The Hottest Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source: Shiloh Cuff Low Boot

The Payless Shiloh Cuff Low Boot is very classic and chic low ankle boot that is definitely trendy and fashionable for this season. This flirty boot features a soft faux suede upper, a faux suede wrapped heel, a padded insole, three faux leather buttons on front, a side zipper and a 3 ½ heel. The Payless Shiloh Cuff Low Boot is available in sizes 5-12 and comes in colors black and blue.

The Hottest Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source: Savannah Boot

The Payless Savannah Boot is a beautiful and unique boot design that looks great with skirts and minis. This stylish boot has a tall quilted shaft, a pointed toe design, a side zipper, and a 3-½ heel. The Payless Savannah Boot is available in sizes 5-12 as well as wide width and comes in the color black.

The Hottest Boots This Season by Payless Shoe Source: Airwalk Regina Low Boot

The Payless Airwalk Regina Low Boot is a fashionable and comfortable boot for this season. This cozy boot has soft suede upper and inside out stitching with faux shearling lining. The Payless Airwalk Regina Low Boot has an EVA outsole that is lightweight and flexible that is available in sizes 5-12.

If you are looking for the hottest styles in footwear this season, Payless Shoe Source has some of the most sought after designs in boots. Visit Payless Shoe Source online or your local Payless Shoe Source store.

Sports Figures in 2020 Working With

Some athletes have no problem expressing themselves with a picture. Others have the wit to achieve controversy or attention with a string of 140 characters.

Twitter has opened up the possibility of the fan and athlete connecting in short bursts to grow their brand and popularity.

  • Ring in the New Year with Blue Bell: Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson tweeted from his personal account (@AdrianPeterson ) his New Year’s celebration from a hospital bed. He was hospitalized recovering from knee surgery. Peterson sustained the injury against the Washington Redskins on Dec. 24, 2011. While on his bed recuperating, Peterson tweeted a photo of himself holding a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Peterson has returned to have a great 2012 season and keep his Vikings in the playoff hunt.
  • Driving while Tweeting: Something that I certainly would never suggest a driver do, Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) tweeted while driving during the 2012 Daytona 500. It must have helped him as he went on to win the 2012 Sprint Cup series as the best racer in the circuit. Keselowski gained over 100,000 within the first two hours of that tweet. With that moment, he catapulted in popularity. Now, with social media and track cred, Keselowski his on his way to breakthrough to become the next great NASCAR star.
  • Love in the shower: In 2011, Minnesota Timberwolves F/C Kevin Love appeared in an advertising campaign for Right Guard body wash in a shower. However, in 2012, teammate Wayne Ellington (@WayneElli22) tweeted a photo of Love in a chamber receiving cryotherapy treatment in Dallas. With a sea of mist underneath Love’s head, seems that Love has become comfortable with being around mist in public. Cryotherapy treatment has a similar effect to ice baths, relaxing the player’s body and allowing for faster recuperation from the grind of a long NBA season.
  • Not able to outdo his ex-wife: Kris Humphries (@KrisHumphries) certainly is no stranger to the world of Twitter. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian), is one of the most followed people on Twitter. After getting assaulted by Rajon Rondo on November 29, Humphries tweeted his scratches from the locker room. Asking fans to help him find a location in Boston to get a Tetanus shot, Humphries was ridiculed by Jason Terry. Terry, a current Celtic and former Humphries’ teammates with the Dallas Mavericks, told the media that Humphries is “soft.”
  • Chiefs fans overrun the tribe: A simple Twitter direct message from the Kansas City Chiefs (@kcchiefs) to one of their fans, Travis Wright (@teedubya), helped ignite a fan revolt during the 2012 season. Though Wright started the firestorm with a profanity-laced tweet, it helped ignite the Chiefs’ fan base to rally to start a social media movement. One of the fastest-growing Twitter handles is Save Our Chiefs (@SaveOurChiefs). The organizers have rallied to try to run the coaching staff and management out of town with 80,000 followers. The people behind Save Our Chiefs even comforted Chiefs fans on Twitter after the murder-suicide involving LB Jovan Belcher. Aside from twitter, instagram is also a good platform where you can be up to date with the hottest news about sports and celebrity. Knowing how to buy instagram followers is a good action to take.

The Best Hair Clippers in 2019

With the aide of technology, it is now easier for us to cut or trim our hair without leaving the comfort of our home. This through the invention of hair clippers that allow us to easily cut our hair. Basically, hair clippers work on the same function as scissors, but are different in a way that they are specialized implement mainly used to cut human hair. This device provides wide variety of benefits to users such as quality result, cost effective and safe features. Surely, having this on your personal things will make your life easier. However, with several brands and models available in the market, choosing the best hair clippers for you can be very challenging since you also have to consider a lot of factors when choosing. So to help you out, this article will provide you with some of the best hair clippers in the market that you may want to consider.

Oster 76023-510

One of the most popular hair clippers in the market is the Oster 76023-510. This is because a lot of barbers and hairdressers use this clipper. Hence, you can certainly ensure that this clipper is quality and well recommended. This hair clipper is a powerful and reliable model in the market. It is powered by a quite yet powerful direct drive pivot motor and an 8-foot AC cord. This clipper also provides flexibility to users because it can be adjusted in a quick manner even though it is made from carbon-steel blades.

Remington HKVAC200A

Another great hair clippers model in the market is the Remington HKVAC200A. It is one of the cheapest hair clippers and yet it has the ability to provide you quality result. It performs well in cutting your hair and another well function in cleaning up afterward. One of the best features of this clipper is its built-in vacuum feature that offers a high-speed fan. So even though it is made from cheap plastic materials, you can still guarantee that this clipper works well in cutting hair. So if you are looking for a cheap one and  yet effective clipper, Remington HKVA200A is the best choice for you.

Remington HC5850

Next on our list is the Remington HC5850 which is considered by many as one of the easiest to use clippers in the market. It is perfectly designed to fit into your palm and the rubber grips can be held in a convenient manner. With its super torque moto feature, you can guarantee that it can deliver you the power to trim or cut hair. Another great thing about this device is that it can be operated easily with less vibration and noise.

Wahl 79602

Wahl 79602 is another great clipper that you may want to take into consideration. Just like any other clippers on our list, Wahl 79602 has a powerful motor and its blades are self-sharpening so you don’t have to worry much about its maintenance. However, this clipper is quite noisy compared to other clippers. This is because of its heavy motor and its heavier because of the long and thick cord. But in general, just like haarschneidemaschine with its powerful motor and sharp blades, you can ensure that this clipper works well in cutting or trimming hair.

Philips Norelco QC5580

Last on our list is the Philips Norelco QC5580. While this is quite expensive compared to other clippers, you can guarantee that it can provide you quality performance. This is made from quality materials and its blades are also self-sharpening stainless peel. It is rechargeable so you can use it cordlessly.

Essential Mobile Accessories You Should Buy

Without a doubt, modern smartphones are quite advanced and are capable of almost every task. You get great software and hardware options along with thousands of useful applications. As you set out to get yourself a good smartphone you always get the essentials in the box with it. But there are several other accessories that you should get for yourself in order to improve your smartphone experience. There are tons of accessories that you can get for your device although some of them might be compatible with some devices only. In this article, we are going to some of the most awesome yet vital accessories that you should buy.

  • Portable Chargers

These are quite essential for people that are always on the go. A portable charger is a gadget that you can use in order to charge your mobile phone as you travel. This is an essential gadget for all those people that use their mobile phones for long periods of time. This gadget will allow you to use your mobile phone up to its full potential. There are several portable charger variants that you can get for yourself from the market. You get a portable charger starting from 5000mAH to 20000mAh. This is enough juice for your mobile phone to get it through a day or two depending upon how you use it.

  • Back covers

Getting a back cover not only protects your device from bumps and scratches it also makes your mobile look more trendy. Since there are lots of mobile back cover sellers in the market it can be a little confusing what mobile cover is best for you. This is where you can check out Redmi Note 9 Pro Back Cover. You get a stylish and trendy cover in your budget. Moreover, if you have no limit on your budget you can also consider back covers that have a built-in portable charger in them. These covers are a bit expensive but are quite useful as there is no need for you to carry an extra charger with you all the time.

  • Car Mounts

Though they are not that important, as you drive a car getting a phone call can be a little distracting to some of us. Using car mounts is a gadget that is meant for people that travel a lot and need to focus as they drive. You can just place your mobile phone in these mounts and you can turn on navigation or music and drive your car with more concentration. You can get yourself a universal car mount that is compatible with almost every device.

  • Arm Bands

As it is not possible for all of us to invest in expensive fitness trackers, getting an armband is a solution to this problem. These are inexpensive bands that you can attach to your arm as you go out jogging or running. This is a way with which you turn your smartphone into your fitness tracker. Before you go out to buy an armband make sure that you check it properly. There are various models of armbands that are available in the market that are designed according to the size of the mobile phone they are intended for.

  • Selfie stick

Everyone these days is obsessed with taking selfies and photos. And not all can afford those fancy drones taking ariel shots of us. You can get a selfie stick to solve this issue for you. There are various types of selfie sticks that you can order for yourself. You have manual, Bluetooth, and wifi-enabled versions of these gadgets. These are inexpensive gadgets that have an adjustable handle that you use for taking awesome photos and selfies.

  • Camera lens attachments

Well not everyone can afford high-end mobile phones with excellent camera specifications. With the help of these attachments, you can improve the camera quality of your mobile phone significantly. There are various attachments that you can use according to the type of photo that you want to click. You get a fish lens, a wide-angle lens, and many other types of lenses that you can buy.

  • OTG Flash drives

This is a must-have device for all those people that are using android devices. This is a great and efficient way for you to transfer all your files and data to an external drive. And for professionals, they can use these flash drives to handle their work files and get a backup of their important files as well. You can easily get a flash drive for yourself as they are not that expensive as well.  For iOS users, these flash drives are available with lightning ports as well.

  • Headphone

Most of the smartphones come with a set of headphones in their package. But most of them are of basic quality only. Which is why one should always invest in a pair of good headphones if they are music aficionado. You can get wired or Bluetooth enabled headphones according to your needs and requirements. If you are not interested in headphone then you can even consider buying earbuds. These are trendy Bluetooth enabled earphones that have great sound quality and playback time.

  • Gaming Controllers

Although there are not many mobile apps that you can play with a gaming controller although, you can still get yourself a gaming controller if you enjoy playing games on your mobile phone. These controllers work really well with racing games and are quite fun as well. There are various controllers available now that are compatible with both mobile phones PlayStations, therefore you can choose what controller you need according to your requirements.

  • Miscellaneous accessories

There are various other accessories that you can get for your smartphone. You have mobile skis that you can use in order to protect your mobile phones from dust and scratches. With these skins, you can even customize your mobile phone’s looks in whatever way you like. You can get your company’s logo on your mobile phone as well.
A screen protector is another thing that you can get for your device. These are ultra-thin sheets of glass that protect your mobile screen from scratches.

  • Portable Bluetooth speakers

If you love to travel or host parties then you should definitely invest in a good Bluetooth speaker. These are Bluetooth enabled devices that you can connect with your mobile phones in order to listen to some music or talk to someone over the phone. There are speakers that are water-proof and shock-proof so you can get your hand on a one that is suitable according to your requirements.

  • Car Chargers

These are small handy devices that work as adapters for your charging cable. You can connect these devices in your car and charge your mobile phones with their help. These are quite cheap and you should always keep one in your vehicle if you are a frequent traveler.

  • Wireless chargers/stations

With the advancement of technology, we have wireless chargers and stations that you can use to charge your mobile phones. With these gadgets, you just have to place your wireless charging enabled device on the designated platform and your device with start charging. There is no need to connect any wire or cable.

These are some of the lastest and most useful accessories that you can easily buy in order to improve your smartphone experience.

Top Ways To Isolate Terpene Efficiently!

Terpene is a kind of organic compound produced by several types of plants. It is a unique compound and is known for its strong smell and odor. It is usually found in the plant of cannabis and is responsible for the strong smell and essence of cannabis or marijuana. Terpene not only ensures the flavor, fragrance, and aroma of cannabis but also has various other benefits too. They are immensely advantageous in to treat issues like inflammation because it has umpteen inflammatory properties that make it beneficial. Terpene is usually found in the plant of cannabis, and as it has umpteen health benefits, people have started to extracting Terpene out of cannabis to use in other products. This process of obtaining Terpene from cannabis is known as terpene isolation.

Terpenes have various such properties that help to improve human health, which has increased its importance and has attracted people towards terpene isolation. Terpene isolation is a unique process, and various equipment is used in this process. A specific process needs to be followed to perform proper extraction. However, there are multiple ways to isolate Terpene from cannabis plants, and everyone follows the method that is most suitable to them. Terpenes are also available in the different so you can shop Terp flavors and buy your favorite one.

Most efficient methods of extracting Terpene from cannabis

Extraction with Carbon Dioxide

There are numerous extraction methods for Terpene, but one of the most popular and used extraction methods is the Carbon Dioxide Extraction as it is highly efficient and leaves no unwanted particles or residue after the completion of extraction. Most of the ways leave some residue behind, but the Carbon Dioxide method is one of the cleanest methods and produces on residue. Carbon dioxide has a unique property, which makes it convert from its gaseous form to a liquid state when it is put under high pressure.

This property plays a significant role in the process of extraction of Terpene. To begin the process, the cannabis material is put into a tube, and then in that tube, carbon dioxide is being passed under high pressure. The pressure turns it into a liquid state, and when it passes through the tube, it gets converted back into its gaseous but leaves the needed compounds from the plant as a residue.

The Alcohol isolation

In this method, Alcohol is the most crucial thing which is used to extract Terpene from the plant. Another form of Alcohol, ethanol, is used in the process, and it is quite effective. There are umpteen ways to use Alcohol to extract Terpene, and the type of method that should be used highly depends on the temperature. There is various equipment used in the process of extraction, and one of the most important pieces of equipment is the extraction equipment. Ethanol is put with the plant using the extraction equipment, and in the end, the ethanol gets evaporated, and the required material or Terpene is left behind. It is one of the simplest and most effective processes for terpene isolation.

Extraction with butane and propane

Butane and propane both are extensively used in the extraction of Terpene from cannabis, but most of the time, propane is preferred more as compared to butane as it is believed to be better and highly efficient, specifically for the terpene isolation. Butane is also highly useful and is more preferred for purposes like extraction of cannabinoids as it is more suitable for that purpose. When butane or propane is used, a unique pressurized extraction system is used for the process, which takes the butane or propane as the solvent and uses them to extract Terpene, a kind of hash oil. It is a challenging task to handle propane and butane in this process because both of these gases are highly inflammable, and it is highly essential to handle them with care as any mistake and lead to a dangerous accident.

Expression method

It is one of the oldest methods of terpene isolation, but it is not much popular nowadays as various new and modern methods have been developed. It was used way back when people used the plant material and crushed them to obtain Terpene. Basically, people used to cut the plant of cannabis into tiny pieces, and they crush them completely. Crushing them led to the production of juice from the plant, which they collected. After obtaining the juice, it was put through the process of centrifugation at a high pace, which made it evaporate and leaves behind the needed material, Terpene.

Extraction with steam distillation

Terpene is usually produced in the cells of the plant, and they store it in their special glands. Steam distillation is used to collect Terpene when the plant releases it, and most of the time, a combination of hydro and water distillation is used to collect them. Distillation helps to separate the crucial elements and components from the mixture that is heated at a specific temperature. The steam’s temperature is adjustable and can be altered according to the needs, requirements, and sensitivity of the oils obtained.

What are the traditional methods for terpene isolation from cannabis?

There are umpteen traditional methods for terpene isolation, but some of the most used and efficient methods are hydrodistillation and steam distilling. In the steam distilling, the plant is collected in a basket, and it is suspended over boiling water. The steam produced by the water passes through the plant, and the oils like Terpene get dissolved in the steam. Moving further, the steam reaches the distiller, which condenses it, and the condensation converts the steam in the liquid state. Terpene is quite light, which makes it float over the liquid and east to collect.

The second important method hydrodistillation is quite the same to steam distilling, but the only significant difference is that in this method, the plant is directly put into the boiling water instead of a basket, but there are some downfalls of these methods too. One of the most significant disadvantages of these methods is that the cannabis plant is exposed to high temperatures that harm it.