July 19, 2024

Real Estate Investment- No paying for Capital Gains

There can be (and have been) a lot of arguments and discussions as far as real estate investment is concerned. A topic of contention that has been talked about so much and since quite a long time it feels like flogging a dead horse.

It has been beaten to death and still not come to any constructive conclusion as to whether it can be entirely relied upon to meet the required expectations or not. Even amongst businessmen, there is has been heated sermons and counter-arguments regarding this issue and are still not universally agreed or disagreed upon.

Real Estate Investment has a lot of challenges, risks and obstacles to its name that need to be looked into properly and analyzed from top to bottom before taking the plunge into the murky world of business.

Investing into business is nothing new. Even the risks involved and potential setbacks are quite part and parcel of any business venture, only that with the passage of time, they tend to become more and more complex and threaten to destabilize and even destroy any business if not executed and implemented properly.

To be on the safer side, most upcoming and budding businessmen avoid investing into any big project as they are not very familiar with the market in question and far too less experienced to understand the tricks and trade of business and this is where they metaphorically shoot themselves in the foot and allow other, more confident ones the golden chance to succeed.

Bear in mind that business and risks are interlinked to each other and one cannot exist without the other being involved as far as business and finance are concerned. So it needs to be seen whether the potential investor is ready, both physically and mentally, in dealing with the challenges and pressures involved and willing to put it all on the line.

Now, let us discuss about Parc Canberra. It is a new and upcoming condominium found and established in Singapore with a land that is covering an area of nearly 200000 sq ft. that is surrounded by lush green trees with different types of fruits and gardens that contain flowers of numerous colors and species.

It is a perfect holiday destination for travelers who are looking forward to some peace and quiet, to get a temporary respite from the hustle bustle of city life and work pressure.

Parc Canberra:

Parc Canberra is the place that will solve their problems as it provides them with a mental peace that is impossible to get in urban areas and sometimes even get into severe depression that can lead them to take any extreme step.

Fortunately for them, Parc Canberra, with its lush, green gardens, a quiet atmosphere full of tranquility, serene lakes and water fountains, overlooking its massive hotel that is a visual feast that you won’t feel ever leaving once you go inside.

A lifestyle that is sought by everyone that is worth living or experiencing at least once in their life is one that has to be seen to be believed.

Here are some points on how to invest in real estate without paying for capital gains:

  • Breakage of tax: A potential investor, who is also a taxpayer, sells his property and generates returns. There are certain rules created by the government where selling of real estate is quite common in business trade where he is given a specific time period to invest a small part of capital gain so that he need not invest all the sale proceeds.

  1. QOZ Fund: It is basically a partnership investment that helps in investing into property and other assets where the investor can get funds without having to live in an area or QOZ locality.