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Get to Know the Koch Brothers

Get to know the Koch brothers via Brave New Films’: Koch Brothers Exposed.

Here’s the trailer:

Full length film available at the link above.

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Battle Royale Brewing in Wisconsin

Scott Walker Recall: Organizers Collect 1 Million Signatures, Far Exceeding Number Required

Democrats needed to collect 540,208 signatures to trigger a gubernatorial recall election against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). On Tuesday, they announced they had far exceeded that number, collecting more than one million signatures.

Tuesday was the deadline for recall organizers, led by the group United Wisconsin, to turn in their petitions. The number collected is 185 percent of the signatures required to force a recall election. Organizers also collected enough to trigger a recalls of the lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators.


While Democrats were announcing the results of their efforts in Wisconsin, Walker was on the East Coast. He has a New York City fundraiser scheduled that costs at least $2,500 per person to attend.

Here’s more on that fundraiser Walker attended today:

Tuesday’s Walker fundraiser, first reported by the New York Daily News, is hosted by no less than Hank Greenberg, the former CEO of American International Group, the global insurance corporation that needed $150 billion in bailout funds in 2008 and 2009 from the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve.

Here’s a copy of the invitation:

And this is how Fox is portraying the whole thing — from a Walker-as-victim perspective, of course:

Walker is owned by the Koch Brothers (and now, apparently, by I-love-Socialism-as-long-as-it-means-bailouts-for-the-rich-Maurice Greenberg (as in the above)) so this is going to be a vicious battle between the 1%ers who  pay to put stooges in office who will do their bidding, and the rest of us.

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What’s With Ezra Klein?

If you’re a news junkie like me you know who Ezra Klein is. And you probably think, like me, that he has the potential to be an up and coming liberal, soon-to-be star.

Photo: Via Twitter

But I must admit that when MSNBC signed him on as a “contributor” a month or so ago, I wondered why.  I mean, you don’t get to be a “contributor” on MSNBC if you’re a true radical lefty.  You have to have kissed some corporate a** somewhere along the line.

I’m not saying that this is the be all, end all article about Mr. Klein but I think it’s an enlightening glimpse into what he’s about: Ezra Klein’s Shine Job on the Kochs:

Ezra’s shine-job, headlined “How powerful are the Koch brothers?” does its Beigeist best to muddle the reader’s head into believing that, yeah, the Kochs are kinda bad ‘n stuff, but hey, it’s just how things are.

That ain’t good.

Just sayin’.


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