July 20, 2024

TechTips – Free Computer Help with Almost Any PC Issue from GeeksToGo.Com

It’s no secret that I like to get something for nothing as often as possible and I think a lot of others are in the same boat. So when I found GeeksToGo.com I was very impressed with the site and what it offers. GeeksToGo.com is a totally free website that assists users with computer problems; they focus mainly on spyware and viruses but also branch out into other problem areas. The best part about GeeksToGo.com (other than the fact that the help is free) is the entire site is run by professionals, all content is checked by experts and they don’t stop helping you until your problem is fixed.

I am very impressed with the work I have seen done by the people at GeeksToGo.com. I have browsed their forums and read posts by their experts with clients where they will work for days within the forums to get a problem fixed for someone. All for free out of the goodness of their hearts, try to get geek squad to do that, you will drop $70 just for them to verify you have a problem and then they will probably lie to you and say you need additional services. I have to stop before I go off about how bad Geek Squad truly is, and focus on how great GeeksToGo.com is.

Now as with any free service there is always a catch, the catch is that often times working with an expert from GeeksToGo.com can take some time to get a resolution to a problem. How the site works, you post your problem to the forum and then a “geek” takes on the task of helping you. They will have you run different programs, log collectors, etc…so they can diagnose the problem and help you fix it. They provide excellent directions and won’t stop trying to fix the problem until you are happy! The problem is that this all takes time, these experts post back as quickly as they can but they are doing this generally as a side gig and so you might have to wait for the reply.

So you are getting your computer fixed for free but you might have to take a few minutes, hours, days to get the solution (this all depends on the issue and how hard it is to solve). I have seen some posts where the “geek” fixed the problem in less than 4 posts and only took an hour. I have also seen posts where the tech had to have the user run 10 programs, post all sorts of logs, fix other issues in between and the post was 25 pages long and took around 5 days (they did fix the problem though).

So you have to weigh the options, you can pay someone to help you clean up your PC (probably at least $30 bucks if you check your local craigslist ads, or $70++ if you take it to Geek Squad) or you can take your time with one of the GeeksToGo.com experts and get it totally free. It’s really your preference and if you have the money or want to spend the money to get the problem fixed.

The site isn’t limited to the forums section where users go for help, they also have a great section on how to prevent spyware and malware and another guide on how to clean up spyware and malware. The entire site is dedicated to helping you out for nothing, which is a great concept and they seem to be doing a great job from what I have seen on the site.

They even have a free live chat function for users to try to trouble shoot issues. I bet you can’t find another website that has a free live chat support function that doesn’t charge you to at least buy a warranty first.

The site also has a great download section that gives you access to all sorts of free tools that the experts use often times to fix issues, just as the Asus laptop repair technician Perth do but they cannot match these professionals quality management faculties that are really quicker in terms of providing result to the customer. Within each download section for the free tools there is a short explanation of the tool and how to download and install it. The site is built for people with very little knowledge of computers so some of the instructions might seem basic but they are meant to be for the everyday non-technical type of user.

So go check out the forums and see how the “Geeks” interact with the users and see how great they are. They really do a great job of explaining things and telling you exactly what to do to solve your exact problem that pertains to your machine and your setup. It is a truly personalized fix that they experts craft for you and they will not stop until you are happy.

I am very impressed with GeeksToGo.com and the way they do business, test them out and hopefully they can solve your problems and save you some money!