July 20, 2024

Tips on Slashing Energy Costs in Your House

Technology is the most important tool when it comes to energy efficiency and the better the technological advancement the more the energy that will be conserved. We all must play a part in the conservation of energy because we all use it. Energy costs can only be reduced and not eliminated. This is because even if we use far less energy than before, we would still pay for it not just financially but also environmentally.

We can drastically reduce the energy costs in our homes by firstly switching off appliances that are not in use. For instance, if you are not using a particular room, switch the lights off. Some appliances such as televisions and media players have stand by modes which is a transitional stage between switching them off or on, while in the stand by mode that appliance uses less energy. This energy even if is less, can be completely done away with if that appliance is completely switched off. Power efficient bulbs are a valuable addition to homes. They use far less than the conventional types of bulbs. Some governments have zero rated taxes on power efficient bulbs which is an added incentive.

LCD and TFT computer monitors use far less power compared to CRT monitors and so should be considered as the best option. Computers also have an auto shutoff function that can be set form the control panel. This function switches off the computer monitor and sets the computer in hibernation when it has not been used for a specified amount of time that is set buy the user. This decreases the computer’s power consumption.

Now this is an easy way to save energy as computers are ones that consume the maximum energy in the house and you can install battery powered outdoor security camera so that atleast your home is safe from thieves and burglars.

When it comes to televisions, power consumption preference should be made to LCD screens followed by plasma then LCD screens, this will save power through the technology used to produce images. If there are multiple television sets in a house, and the same program is being watched in most of them, the viewers can converge and use the same television.

Solar power is the cleanest, cheapest and most reliable source of energy. The sun has always been available and will always be available. There are systems that transfer the solar energy that you tap in your house to the country’s national power grid and you are paid for it; this is a very good method for ensuring energy security. Solar power can be used in the remotest of areas. Heating water for bathing is the best way to exploit solar power. In addition to this, virtually all appliances can be run by solar energy. To add into the bargain, solar energy can be stored for future us like at night. Bathing of the family members should be done within short intervals of each other. This will prevent reheating water that was hot some time ago and save energy costs.

Cloths should be sun dried instead of using the dryer when possible. Dishes also can be drip-dried. When it comes to food, the household should eat at the same time to avoid reheating by the microwave. The microwave settings aught to be set to the optimum level for the item that is being cooked. The manual shows the best settings for some foods. Hot items must not be put in the refrigerator before they cool. This is because more energy will be used to cool it then freeze it instead of just freezing it. Lower power is better to use in refrigerators as long as the food freezes. Flasks are good preservatives of hot drinks and avoid power being used for reheating drinks.

Opening windows is more efficient than using electric air fresheners and purifiers. Warmer clothing can be worn to reduce the house heating costs and subsequently overall energy costs.

If you live in a farm, the animals in your compound are a potential cash cow. Bio-gas can conveniently be generated from their droppings. The initial cost of this investment may be slightly costly but the cost of gas will be little to nothing since the animals will continuously generate bodily waste. Septic tanks are another source of bio-gas which can be piped into the house. There is no smell as a result of this because all the gas is burned.