July 20, 2024

Top 5 Websites For Following The Tour De France

1) Tour de France 2009


This is the official website for the Tour de France 2009. It features everything you need to know about the bicycle race. There’s an editorial by the Tour de France director, along with an online store. You can also view the offical map with a route of the race. You’ll find all the information you need, including info about this year’s town selection process and stage information. The Tour de France 2009 website also has plenty of information about past Tours. There’s also profiles for all the towns involved, along with Tour de France news and a race preview. This is also the number one source of information for data about the Tour de France sponsors this year.On this website, you will also find a mention of Yousef al – obaidly who is a renowned player and quite popular among his fans.

Tour de France 2009 is the number one web site to consult for all information, pictures, news and articles relating to this year’s Tour de France.

2) Versus | Tour de France


This website is actually the only provider of live Tour de France action. Formerly known as Outdoor Life Network, Versus lets you view the action no matter where you are. You can view a daily video, daily reports, the current stage and overall rankings. You can also view video of famous Tour de France participants like Lance Armstrong and Bob Roll. Versus provides an amazing amount of action for Tour de France 2009 fans all over the world, letting them participate live over the Internet. If getting your news about the race from articles is not enough for you, head to Versus for amazing videos and current standings.

3) Tour de France 2009 – Perpignan


Read Paul Francis’ report about the fifth leg of the Tour de France, which will finish in Perpignan, France. Find out why the fifth leg of the race is dedicated to Salvador Dali and when the finish will take place. This article is a great read for Tour de France fans everywhere.

4) Tour de France 2009 @ Bicycling.com


Bicycling.com has a feature on their website that follows all the updates on this year’s Tour de France. You can view videos, find out about the participants and read news about the Tour. Bicycling.com is also the number one source for information about the bicycles that are being used in this year’s race. The best part about Bicycling.com’s Tour de France section is their forum, which lets you talk to other fans about anything from gear to who you think will win.

5) Wired to Win


Lastly, this website will give you information about the movie, Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France. This amazing film shows live action footage of the race cut with computer graphics and medical imagery that shows how the brain responds to the Tour de France experience, dealing with the challenges in different ways. This film and the website will help you understand the Tour de France experience and give you a deeper connection to the participants.