July 20, 2024

Using Feng Shui Colors for Harmonious Living

In feng shui the most important aspects are the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of the feng shui colors is an expression of one of these five elements. The feng shui colors are important because they influence the energy patterns in your home. Because balance is the key to the overall practice of feng shui the colors are used for balancing the influence of the elements, either for toning down or enhancing their influence. In feng shui color is not used to just add some color to make the home or office beautiful. They are used to create the desired environment in the home, office, or other spaces. Moreover, in order to get the best the best feng shui colors you have to select between kreg k4 vs kreg k5 that are the best tools out there in the market. This way you get the best finish and color as you recreate your living area.

Certain elements are inevitable in particular parts of the home, like fire in the kitchen and water in the bathroom. If any one or more of the elements are out of balance then the right color or a combination of colors can be used to bring back balance. Using the feng shui colors you can enhance peace, tranquility, creativity, prosperity, health in the home or office. The bagua determines the energy map of specific areas and is helpful in determining the use of color. The use of color in feng shui is easy to understand and with a little knowledge of the feng shui colors you can create a balanced and harmonious environment in your living and working spaces.

In feng shui fire represents high energy and passion. It is the element of South. Also the Southwest and Northwest areas of your space can benefit from the fire element. When the feng shui fire element is balanced its energy will support all you career efforts and help to bring you recognition for your efforts. The colors corresponding to the fire element are red, orange, purple, pink and the strong yellow color. Red is used to stimulate and intensify emotion. As it is a powerful color it should be used sparingly. Orange is associated with sociability, enthusiasm and optimism. It is ideal for the space where you receive visitors or entertain.

Purple is a psychic color and can be used for healing and meditation. It is a great color for health retreats and spas. It can be restorative and calming when used in the bedroom. For those who are on a spiritual path it can enhance the intuitive faculties. Pink is a feminine color and is associated with love and nurturing. It is helpful for calming hyperactive children and for those having sleeping difficulties, due to its sedative qualities. It is also useful in the southwest area of your home as it corresponds to love and marriage. Yellow is cheerful and uplifting and can brighten up any space create a welcoming and cozy feeling. It can be used beneficially in the family room as well as the children’s rooms as it is used to lift spirits, dispel negativity and raise the energy level. Its fire energy is gentler than red.

The earth element is associated with northeast and southwest as well as the center of your space. A strong earth element can help in creating stability protection and nourishment to your family and other relationships. The colors of the earth element are light yellow and beige. However beige is not used much in feng shui. The element metal in feng shui corresponds to the west and northwest. It brings in the qualities of clarity, efficiency, precision and sharpness. It is represented by the feng shui colors of gray and white. Gray is not used much but can be used sparingly in the north for career and life path, west for children and creativity, and northwest for blessing and helpful people. Avoid using gray in east and south, as it is inimical to wood corresponding to these areas. Remember, metal destroys wood. Feng shui color white is associated with purity, innocence, tranquility and cleanliness. It is most suitable for the west and northwest.

The water element corresponds to ease, abundance and freshness. Water is a powerful feng shui cure as it represents abundance. It corresponds to east for health and family and southeast for wealth and abundance. The corresponding colors for water element are blue and black. Light blue is good for study. It also means gentle growth and harmonious expansion whereas deep blue is for deep calm and serenity. Blue can be brought in the form of art, watercolor and other décor items. The combination of white and blue is very calming. The use of feng shui color black adds strength, depth and definition to any space. It corresponds to the water element in the north for career growth. It brings in energy of stability and grounding and should be used below eye level in the home. Used sparingly it enhances other colors. It can be brought in with frames, furniture and black and white photos. It should be avoided in the south, which corresponds to the fire element.

Wood corresponds to health and vitality and is beneficial in the east, southeast and south. It brings in vitality, health, growth and abundance. The corresponding feng shui colors are brown and green. Brown is best used in east for health and family, south for fame and reputation and southeast for wealth and abundance. It is good for the main entrance and kitchen. Brown is best used sparingly as too much can be depressing. The feng shui color green represents new beginnings, fresh energy and renewal. It is calming for the nerves, nourishes health and brings in vibrations that heal. The best way to bring it in is with plants. It can be used freely in the south, southeast and east areas.

Finally the choice of particular feng shui colors will depend on personal requirements and the experiences that the people living in a particular space are going through. As the purpose of using feng shui is to balance the environment you don’t need to make any changes if balance already exists. Make changes only where there is need for improvement.