July 20, 2024

What are the Top 5 Annoying Video Game Cliches?

The video game industry has endured years of ups and downs dealing with home conversions, technology upgrades, the Internet boom and competing companies. During that time, video game enthusiasts have enjoyed hours and hours of classic gaming through action, sports and other gaming genres.

No matter how much the video game universe speaks out, five trends that continue to occur, but they need to end.

Movie-based Games

You can picture the titles now, collecting dust at the your local electronics store. Avatar, Batman Begins and some of the biggest movies off all time have encountered some of the crappiest games. How can you have clear crisp CG in a movie and provide blurry pixelated characters in a game based off that movie? However, the r3g boosting sites are building the interest of the gamers in the movie based video games. They will use the different techniques from the site and rank them from easy to hard.

Instead of creating video games based off movies, the game makers should implement the movie promotion in other ways. Short versions available for download, movie character cameos in real games or an interactive “Scene It!” type game instead. Platforming movie games should rarely be purchased or even played by true video game owners.

Mario Spin-Offs

Mario is the greatest video game mascot of all time, but Nintendo tries to hard to extend his franchise. Spin-offs like Mario Kart are great, but efforts like Mario Sports Mix or Wario Shake It! Are unnecessary. Instead Nintendo should focus on creating another New! Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Mario Galaxy Sequel. Fans will often return to the original formulas that work time after time.

DLC Content

Games cost enough as it is, but now companies are forcing players to shell out even more money for the “must-have” DLC content. Video games are often missing extra players and maps that used to be earned instead of purchased. It’s like getting a box of Lucky Charms but having to buy the marshmallows later. As the trend continues, it seems like more extras will be left out of games and at the cost to players later on.

The Ripoffs

This is true for every business, but video game players have to deal with “The Ripoffs.” For Sonic the Hedgehog there was Croc and Crash Bandicoot. For Grand Theft Auto there were several like The Getaway, Saints Row and the True Crime series. Rarely are these ripoffs ever as good as the original and when playing them you long for the real game instead.

The Yearly Sequel

With ever changing team rosters, stadiums and other factors, the sports genre has the annoying trend of the yearly sequel. Now to keep up with online play, players are almost forced to buy the new editions even though there are rarely any significant changes.

Does Tiger Woods’ PGA Golf really need a new game every year? Golf is golf. WWE has had yearly game releases for over a decade, but the game play has not had any major overhauls. If the developers do not have such a big time crunch, then the game could have a couple of years to grow and improve. Plus it would make the demand even larger for a new release.