May 19, 2024

Hydraulic piston system

Specialists- Hydraulic And Pneumatic Systems

When it comes to talking about industrialization, one doesn’t know where to begin as it is such a complex topic with many different branches. Its roots cannot be determined for certainty as even the stone age, with its unique inventions can be a part of industrialization as the inventions of those times were significant breakthroughs for the later ages.

The industrial revolution is attributed to the colonial times but it becomes evident, with further research that it began way back during the times of early man. The one that is attributed to US and Europe can be taken as the modern day breakthrough in manufacturing.

We have come a long way now and it is something that the average common man cannot understand unless he/she is well versed in the subject or atleast know the basics. Apart from manufacturing, there is also land, labor and capital that make up the hierarchy with production coming at the top.


Pneumatic and hydraulic system can also be classified under the same category, although it might not be specifically related to it, but still merits a topic of its own where the arguments generally hot up among experts in this field.

First of all let’s get to know what is pneumatic system-to put it simply, it is a system that is used to transfer energy from one place to another with the help of compressed air which it does remarkably by transmitting and controlling it in such a way that the air cannot escape out of hand.

The industries are flooded with numerous examples where pneumatic systems are used and are in constant demand amongst workers as they are completely dependent on a regular dosage of compressed air that is supplied in large quantities for the system to function regularly and flawlessly, which is done with the help of an air compressor.

Now, what is a hydraulic system? Well, as the name itself leaves a big hint so there is no prizes for guessing that it has to do something, or everything, with water. But it doesn’t have an exact definition to its name as it is used for various purposes due to its versatility and therefore, it becomes impossible to slot it any one category.

Fortunately, the basic premise is the same for all although the concept may vary at times depending upon the nature and usage for different tasks and projects. It is quite similar to its counterpart, pneumatic system, but different in function.

While both rely completely on pressure (greater than atmospheric pressure mind you), hydraulic system has the ability to function and do its tasks with the help of liquid fluid that is pressurized to give it a compressed feel. Here it is quite similar to pneumatics as it also keeps the fluid completely under its grip without allowing it to escape the clutches.

Hydraulic system is one that fully relies on hydropower, which comes in the form of liquid fuel that is a must for hydraulic study. So, you will find that this system is a common factor in those industries that practice the use of heavy equipment for their products.

The fluid, due to it being in liquid form, is contained with the help of intense pressure being applied upon it and the hydraulic system is able to transmit it from one place to another without any obstacle or hindrance as the constant flow helps in keeping it undiminished.

Meanwhile, pneumatic system is quite advanced in technology when compared to hydraulics as they are into tasks that require mechanical ability and impressive performance. 

Automated solutions are the norm for developmental leaps but the difference is that pneumatics depend on compressed air whereas hydraulics are more into liquid engineering.

True to its name (pneuma means air), pneumatic system can be called the front runner of energy that is transmitted with the help of air. It is a job at which it is quite good.

The experts, who are more of specialists, opine that while pneumatics and hydraulics are two different spectrums, they are equally committed to their jobs as they both are used to control and transmit energy in various forms but the way of working is entirely different but not the exact opposite.

But, how are they able to do so with such succinct subtlety? The answer is quite simple here and that is with the help of pneumatic and hydraulic tubes of the highest quality that is utilized by specialists of both branches depending on the situation at hand.

You can find numerous videos available on youtube which can give you a detailed account on both pneumatic and hydraulic system with the valuable inputs of experts who have studied the process from top to bottom and whose suggestions are quite good and nearly always on the right track.

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In conclusion, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are quite diverse in nature and one article is not enough to cover up every spectrum.