June 18, 2024

Zecco Society: Friends or Foes of Your Money?

Today, Zecco.com is having difficulties posting stock orders and other availablity problems with their online stock trading system. They plan to address this problem immediately. Are their problems symptomatic of an active trading session or because they’ve added social networking functionality to their system? Or does it relate to their offer of 10 free stock trades a month? Probably the latter two.

I’m what I consider a beginner at investment in the stock market. My husband has had 40 years or more of practice in investment and his family typically has investment as a major topic of conversation. They care about how their money earns a return. For the investment, the person should buy instagram likes for the account of social media account. The likes will turn into the potential viewers of the stories. The buying should be done after considering the pros and cons of the sites.

I know I can trust them because they have my future close to their heart. From them I’ve learned that investing in the stock of a company is the same as being the owner of the company. If you believe in a company, its products, its management, its business plan, and are willing to lend them your money to get a good return for your money, then buying their stock makes sense. They learned their methods from Benjamin Graham, the author of The Intelligent Investor.

Zecco.com’s social networking system has both pros and cons. They have many of the same features that I appreciate out of my online stock brokerage Charles Schwab, namely a research feature that allows you to look at the data about a company, read the SEC filing reports, and look at the basic data for a company. I also use Yahoo! for the same information, but sometimes their data isn’t available or up to date. Investors should be careful about the data on the internet. It is not always 100% reliable. Cross-checking basic data is a good modus operandi. Understanding Benjamin Graham’s stock analysis measures is a good start. Checking recent news and the SEC filings will get you added facts and data. My strategy is based on his methods.

Pros Behind Zecco.com’s Social Networking System

New investors can learn a lot about companies from other peoples understanding of the market. They can learn how to use the data reports. They can get insight about products a company makes and sells. Learning is a good policy for new investors. Stock market investment has no guarantees of quick gains nor does it protect against quick losses. Beware how you invest your money. People that are being helpful can lead you to understand a new business. People that are building a business on their advice are motivated to help because it makes them look good. Having knowledgeable guides is helpful for anyone.

Cons Behind Zecco.com’s Social Networking System

A person we know spent about three years telling my husband and I what “the word on the street” was about a variety of stocks he had invested in. He was buying low and selling high and making incremental gains that were substantial. If you’re paying for every trade, this is a good way to lose money in just the fees. The practice looked good while the stock market was going up no matter what. But when the market went down, and the price of the stock he wasn’t willing to hold as a valued company tanked, he lost his money. He looked upon his money as a gamble and treated it as such. A policy of 10 free trades a month nurtures this kind of thinking. Listening to people that have hidden motivations can lead one astray.

My strategy for Stock Investment

My strategy for stock investment parallels my husbands. I look for undervalued stocks-good company’s whose stock is selling at near book value. I want management that isn’t overpaid and isn’t selling all their stock options on a regular basis. This means they believe in their company, too. I also want management that has a clear idea of the business they are in and has clear goals for the future. I want a company that is making steady profits. I want a company whose sales are growing. I want a company willing to pay a dividend. The Benjamin Graham stock analysis measures tell you this information. He was a wise investor and his insight will provide you the best guidance. My advice is to make Benjamin Graham a friend and beware the “word on the street” at Zecco.com.