June 18, 2024

Benefits of Online Movie Rentals

What are online movie rental companies?

In the beginning, online movie rental companies maintained a website where users could order DVD movies online and have the movies delivered to their homes via the U.S. Postal Service. Netflix was the first company to offer such online DVD movie rentals.

As technology advanced and as access to the internet became more widely available, online movie rentals quickly became popular with the internet generation and the traditional brick and mortar movie rental companies, such as Block Buster, began offering online DVD movie rental options.

Today there are several online movie rental companies in operation who offer the option of renting DVDs through the mail, buying movie downloads, and/or downloading a type of pay-per-view movie rental.

They have indeed made movie watching a much more thrilling experience as we can now view movies of any time period, right from the latest ventures to the timeless classics of the bygone era that unleash a wave of nostalgia amongst us. Watch your favorite movies online on mediums like Netflix and relive those moments all over again.

Benefits of Online Movie Rentals vs. Brick and Mortar

The first and most obvious benefit of online movie rentals is that you don’t have to leave the house during any part of the rental process. You can simply go online, navigate to your favorite online movie rental company’s website, and place an order. The online DVD movie rental companies usually have multiple warehouses throughout the country, so you receive the movies within two business days via the United States Postal Service. The DVDs come with a return envelope, no postage required, that you drop back in the mailbox when you are ready to return them.

The next benefit of online movie rental companies vs. brick and mortar companies is that there are no late fees – ever. You can keep the movies as long as you like and return them when you are ready. There is no limit to the amount of time that you can hang on to a movie.

Online movie rental companies also have multiple, set pricing plans that fit virtually any budget or life style. If you have the time to watch only one movie a month, they have a plan. If you’re a movie hog like I am, they have a plan in which you can order 8 movies at a time with unlimited monthly rentals.

When it comes to the classic movies or the unusual, odd-ball movies, online movie rental companies most likely have the titles because their storage space is not limited by the size of a building.

In general, online movie rentals are more convenient, have no late fees, have multiple, set pricing plans, and have more titles to choose from.

Benefits of Online Movie Rentals vs. Pay-Per-View

Pay-per-view movies through your local cable company can become very costly at an average of $3.99 per movie. If you order only two movies in a month, you’ve spent more than what an online movie rental company would charge for a two movie a month price plan.

Additionally, the time you have to watch the pay-per-view movies is limited. You have only 24 hours to watch the movie from the time you order it. If something comes up that takes you away from the TV during that time, you are out the $3.99 fee.

Many online movie rental companies are now offering a type of pay-per-view option from their websites. There is a software download required, and as with the cable pay-per-view option, the movies average $3.99 each, and you have 24 hours to watch the movie once you press the “play” button. Additionally, you have to watch the movies on your PC.

In summation, online DVD movie rental companies have pricing plans that are more economical than pay-per-view, do not limit the amount of time you have to watch a movie, do not require additional software, and the movies can be viewed either on your TV or on your PC.

Searching for Movies is Easy

Online movie rental companies make searching for movies easy. First, they offer a search box which can be used to search by movie title, by the name of an actor, or by the name of a director.

Second, the movie rental website usually provides “lists” that can be used to browse for movies. Some popular lists include, but are not limited to, new movie rentals, top movie rentals, critics’ picks, and the usual genre and category lists.

In the end, the benefits of online DVD movie rentals far surpass the benefits of brick and mortar movie rentals and pay-per-view movie rental options.