April 16, 2024

Choosing a Nursing Home or Assisted Living for Your Loved One

As a former nurse in the Assisted Living community I would like to help make this situation less painful. Knowing you made the right decision is more comforting that you know. Choosing a Nursing Home, or as I like to call it, Assisted Living Home, is not an easy task. When we check our loved ones in, we know it will most likely be the last place they live. There are several things to take into consideration before making a choice like this for your loved one.

When you have made the decision or come to terms with the realization that you can no longer care for that special person, you must then decide which home is best for them. For living in the Nursing home, the person should clear the cna practice skills test. There should be possessing of specific skills for clearing the practice test. The decision should be taken after considering some facts –

We will take a moment to discuss some things that should make your decision easier.

Visit All the Assisted Living Homes in your area.

Take the time to go in and visit each choice. Don’t disregard based on outside appearance or location. A lot of times, the money goes to care of the residents and less is used to beautify the building. This can be a comfort to you. Take a look around each one.

Let your nose be your guide.

We all know the smell that welcomes us into some Assisted Living Facilities. It does not have to be that way. A strong or pungent odor when you walk in the door is unacceptable in my opinion. There should be a disinfectant smell. However, an overpowering odor of urine, for example, is not normal for this type of hospital. A strong odor may be an indication of residents not being changed frequently or the facility being understaffed. If the nurses are providing the excellent care your loved one requires, they would be clean and fresh. This is also an indication of the care the administrator has for the facility. Would you allow your home to be smell so offensive when you walk in the door? I have worked in facilities that make you gasp as you step through the door and also in those that smell pleasant.

Meet the Staff.

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the administrator and his or her office staff. These are some of the people who will be in your loved one’s life. They will make the decision regarding your nursing team and the care plans. It is appropriate to ask why they have chosen this career field. If loving the elderly and wanting to make their end of life process comfortable is not an answer, move on. Take the time to visit the nursing station. Is it manned? Is the phone ringing off the hook? Are the nurses unpleasant or grouchy with staff or residents? With this type of atmosphere, a healthy attitude makes all the difference. Your loved one, no matter their state of mind, will be aware of someone who is inconvenienced by their job.

Get to know the facility.

Some Assisted Living Homes have activities for the residents. Even the least mobile, coherent and disagreeable patient enjoys activities and events. Ask for a calendar of events for the residents. Most centers offer beauty services for their residents. This is something that the administrator would request from local beauty shops or stylists. The extras offered to the residents is also an indication of the care they will receive. Do they offer a movie night? Have a church group that comes in to visit weekly? Offer pet-visit days? The more they work to provide a less-hospital like environment, the better. Your loved one will be hesitant most likely, but these activities will make their transition much easier to cope with. Another thing to be mindful of are the medical service available. Most centers offer a physical therapist or physical therapy services on site. If they do, ask to visit this section. They should happily allow you to explore the facility. Pay attention to the residents as you explore. Are they dressed appropriately? Are they up and out of the rooms being allowed to mingle with other residents or sharing a day room on a nice day?

Narrow your choices.

By this point, you have visited several locations and met several parts of your potential care team. Now take those choices and do your research. Check them with Google, the health department and the BBB.

Make a decision and feel good about your choice.

Once you have settled on a place, be sure to visit. That is the most important thing you can do for your loved one. Bring items from home that they love and place them around their room. Bring pictures and books with you on your visit. Keep a positive outlook and enjoy the time you have when you