April 23, 2024

Enjoy Stocking Stuffers Without A Mantel

Apartment dwellers, condominium owners and others without a traditional fireplace, take note: there is no reason to let the lack of a mantel keep you from enjoying yuletide festivities. Consider these five ideas for Christmas cheer without a chimney… and don’t forget to hang those stockings with care! They will give you the same feeling as a penrose Singapore and you will be able to enjoy just as much!

Banisters and railings

Many homes have banisters and railings whether going up stairs or partitioning off rooms. These present a great opportunity for Christmas decoration. Consider wrapping yours with evergreen garland and hanging stockings from the branches. Stockings can also be hung from a “naked” railing using inexpensive putty or by affixing colorful holidays ribbons.

Bookcases and Breakfronts

Take a new look at your shelving units. Often large bookcases, organizers and even china cabinets make great places to hang stockings thanks to the natural ledge they create. Consider buying some inexpensive stocking hooks (these often run around $10 and come in festive designs) balance them on your bookcase edges and hang stockings with flair. For enclosed cabinets the outside knobs provide great natural spots to hang stockings.


Just like bookshelves windowsills are often overlooked spots for Christmas cheer. If your home has higher windows with deeper than average sills you’re in luck. Hang stockings from the holiday hangers mentioned above or visible window handles if you have them. If the sill is deep enough you can further decorate it with red and green votives, garland or poinsettias.

End tables

End tables, especially round ones, provide a perfect ledge and surface area to hang stockings. Consider creating a small Christmas table. Round tables that can be dissembled and stored after the holidays and tablecloths to fit them in red and green can be found at craft retailers for $10 – $20. Add a small tree on top or if you’d rather your gifts, an arrangement of Christmas flowers or a display of your latest cookies and finish it off with stockings around the base of the table to add some cheer in even the smallest apartment.

On the Wall

Why not switch out your usual art collection for a holiday infusion? Rather than add new holes to your walls chose a selection of artwork, stow away the pictures and replace them with stockings hung by colorful holiday ribbon. If there are too many nails consider hanging your children’s holiday artwork or gingerbread men from the extra spots. And if you’re rather not have your stockings directly on the wall instead hang an evergreen wreath and affix your stockings to it using colorful ribbons.

If all else fails

If you really wan the feel of a fireplace but can’t alter the inside of your home, faux fireplaces that plug into the wall and faux mantels with an open center are available at most hardware stores for $100 – $200.

In the end it’s not about where your stocking is hung that really matters, it’s about bringing Christmas into your home in your own unique and special way. So gather your crafts, put on your thinking cap and start.