May 19, 2024

Guide In Making Your Cbd Oil Cartridges Last Longer

Yes, the best CBD vape cartridge and vape pen lets you have the most benefits from CBD oil. But there are instances when you notice the cartridge running out faster than it should. In many instances, it seems impossible to completely get the remaining oil at the bottom of the cartridge too. You may simply discard the cartridge and buy a new one, but that leads you to bigger expenses along the way.

Good thing is, there are ways for you to save CBD oil in vape cartridges. No, this is not about puffing less CBD e-juice. It is about following a good guide to make a CBD vape cartridge last longer.

How to Get the Most out of CBD Oil Cartridges by Making It Last Longer?

The key of making an e-juice cartridge last longer is to use all of its content down to the last drop. Thing is, improperly using or vaping with a cartridge causes some waste of the e-juice. Leaking e-juice and failure to consume little oil remains at the bottom are classic examples. Here are few tips to help you avoid such problem:

  1. Buy the Right Equipment

First, begin by finding the right equipment to use for vaping. Be sure all parts have high quality, including the pen, the batteries, atomizer, tank and even the cartridge. High quality parts are less prone to damage and other technical problems.

High quality tanks, for example, protects the e-juice when you’re on higher altitude. When you go way above sea level, pressure pushes more air to the cartridge. Cheap tanks won’t stop such air from mixing in the oil.

Then, be sure to purchase matching parts. Say, avoid using a vape pen and a cartridge from different brands. This is to make sure you’re getting the right fit of parts.

On a side note, keep an eye on any leaks you see from the cartridge. Contact the manufacturer immediately for replacement. Don’t use leaky cartridges.

  1. Store the Cartridge Properly when Not in Use

Always remember to unscrew the cartridge from the pen when you’re not using it. Then, keep it in a cool, dry spot. Note that heat causes the e-juice to vaporize. That is helpful when vaping, but isn’t great when simply storing the cartridge.

Buying cartridges with special cases are helpful as well. Most of these cases are cool inside, which is great in storing the cartridge.

  1. Clean your Vape Pen Properly

When any particle or substance is blocking the connecting point between the cartridge and the pen, you won’t get the most vapor from the CBD concentrates. Thing is, oil residue may block the connecting point of your pen. So, clean your pen properly with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

  1. Gently Heat the Cartridge

If you use thick concentration of CBD oil, there’s a good chance of having a lot of remains in the cartridge. To prevent this, gently heat your cartridge before using. You can use a lighter to spread small bit of heat all over the cartridge. Or, dip the cartridge in hot water for few minutes. Goal is, you must somehow melt the thick oil in the cartridge for better vaping.

  1. Vape Properly

Lastly, remember to properly use your vape equipment to get the most out of your CBD oil. First, keep the cartridge pointing upward so the oil would go down. It is even better to point your entire pen vertically up, instead of holding it like a cigar. Then, keep an eye on the wick, and be sure the oil is soaking it.

There you have it. These are the best ways for you to make the most out of your CBD oil e-juice. Key is, you must vape down to the last drop without wasting any oil.