April 23, 2024

Five Best Hanukkah Gifts For Men

Hanukkah is a wonderful eight day Jewish celebration that begins in December. Gifts are typically given during the duration of the celebration and if you have a man that you want to get a gift for, you should start planning on buying your gifts now instead of waiting until the last minute. It can be difficult to decide what to get a man for Hanukkah. You could go with something traditional that is Hanukkah/Jewish related or you could get him something that you think he’d like. This article will give you five suggestions on what would be an ideal gift for men this Hanukkah.

Oy Vey Wristwatch

Amazon.com sells a wristwatch that would be perfect for the man in your life. The wrist watch has a black band, stainless steel frame and white face front with the words “Oy Vey!” The numbers are in a jumble at the bottom of the watch. The watch is water resistant and comes in a gift tin. You can buy it from Amazon for $28.50.

Stainless Steel Electric Menorah

If you want to give a gift to a male friend or relative that may live on his own and doesn’t like to mess with stuff around his home, you can get him a stainless steal electric Menorah that will allow him to celebrate the holidays with the traditional menorah but won’t make the mess that candles make. Target.com sells an electric Menorah for $99.99. It is eleven inches high and will fit perfectly on a table or on the top of an entertainment center.

Chocolate Hanukkah Coin Box

Give a sweet treat during Hanukkah this year by purchasing the chocolate Hanukkah coin box from Lake Champlain Chocolates.com. They sell a decorative gift box in blue and brown that has a picture of a lighted menorah on the side. Inside the box is several foil wrapped coins to savor and enjoy. The chocolate is all natural and gluten free. One box sells for $8 dollars.

Personalized Happy Hanukkah Wine Art-Menorah

If the man in your life enjoys a cup of wine now and then, buy him a personalized bottle of wine. The wine is a California red variety but the bottle can be personalized, which makes it extra special. A menorah will be hand painted onto the bottle along with Happy Hanukah and a short message or name of your choice. If the person you’re gifting doesn’t drink, you can buy a non alcoholic version. You can buy it from Personalization Mall for $74.95.

Happy Hanukkah Soap and Shower Gel

Not Soap Radio sells bottles of Happy Hanukkah Soap and Shower gel that would be an ideal gift for anyone, including the male you want to buy a present for. The shower gel smells like a cinnamon doughnut. The gel comes in a plastic bottle with an attractive blue label that says “Happy Hanukkah” and other text talking about Hanukkah. You can buy the soap and shower gel for $14 dollars.

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