Mon. Sep 23rd, 2019

Kratom Promises Excellent Health Benefits

A native of South-East Asia, Kratom has long been associated with amazing health benefits in the countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The West has discovered about the herb recently and today Kratom is a widely used health aide all over. Put simply, the leaf produces rewarding results for health, provided taken in a controlled dose. The post below sheds light on the major health benefits derived from Kratom.


This is certainly the #1 health benefit of Kratom. The leaf is rich in analgesic alkaloids which produce similar pain-relief effect as that of mild opioids. These alkaloids work on opiate receptors located in the CNS, which eventually releases endorphins and enkephalins. Both these releases can effectively numb the pain receptors of body.

In other words, Kratom has shown to offer moderate to mild pain relief benefits for a wide range of conditions. These include – osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, acute backache, osteoporosis, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

Fights depression, stress and anxiety

If you are feeling low, Kratom capsules or powder will be the thing for you. The leave contains psychoactive elements which release serotonin and endorphin that can enhance one’s overall mood. Not only it acts as a fantastic mood uplifter, but also calms down the nerves which helps to ease stress or tension. A calm mind is better able to deal with anxiety and related issues like depression. It’s a common custom to consume Kratom in social gatherings across many South East Asian villages. As the leave soothes the mind, it’s beneficial for people who suffer from social anxiety.

Excellent energy boost

I must reveal here I use kratom for an energy boost. The herb has shown to fight acute fatigue effectively and leaving users with solid energy drive. The leaf regulates blood circulation that enhances blood oxygen levels. As a result, the metabolic process receives a high and rewards user with solid energy for 2-6 hours. Then, it’s also to note here, Kratom releases certain neurochemicals that support your body with bouts of energy big time. Not only that, these neurochemicals even help to boost motivation and focus.

Helps with opiate withdrawal symptoms

This is another great benefit of Kratom no doubt. The leaf has long been in use to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms effectively. It’s to stress here Kratom is no opiate. But the fact is, the leaf can activate brain’s opiate receptors when consumed. It bonds up with these receptors and relaxes effects of opioid addition to some extent.

Kratom works on all the major opiate withdrawal symptoms:

  • vomiting
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • sleeplessness
  • cramps
  • nausea

Fights diarrhea

It’s the parasympathetic nervous line which influences gastrointestinal tract. Kratom can regulate that very nervous system which slows down peristalsis and eventually helps to fight diarrhea.

Good heart health

Kratom contains beneficial chemical compounds which are great for arteries, blood vessels and hormones. They help to lower down blood pressure, stress, anxiety which in turn eliminates various cardiac issues like strokes or heart attacks.